Marvel Snap destroy deck guide (July 2023) | The best destroy decks in Marvel Snap

Standard Destroy

The Destroy Standard deck already has a steady pick of cards in the meta that you can use to your advantage, triggering the effects of a handful of cards as well as utilizing the mechanic of Destroy to potentially gain massive Power.

Killmonger can destroy all one-cost cards from both sides of the locations. Death..lok, a card with a power of five-three, can also destroy Venom and Carnage cards, which enable the mechanic of destroying your cards to gain power. Nova gives a power of one plus the power of all destroyed cards when destroyed. Winter Soldier, a two-cost card, can create six Power when Barnes Bucky and Wolverine, Deadpool, and some other cards that gain power when destroyed are included.

In the game, Knull.., the source of massive potential power, destroys all cards, gaining a total of Power. Both sides have the ability to destroy a card in the game, with each card costing one less Power than the destroyed card, and Death.., an eight-cost card, gains 12 Power. Additionally, the ability allows you to merge and revive a destroyed card, granting it five Power. In the late game, you can also put Force Phoenix into play, which destroys a card and revives it. Yondu has the ability to destroy the top card of your opponent’s deck.

Win condition cards for this deck

The cards that can maintain a consistent winning condition for this deck are:

  • Phoenix Force.
  • Death..
  • Knull..
  • Phoenix Force. provides more unpredictability for your side, especially with the bonus move ability it can give to the revived and merged card. So, it is also a need to choose which cards you would want to destroy since Phoenix Force. randomly chooses a card for its effect.

    As for Death.. and Knull.., these are your other Power sources in the late game. Maximize your early and mid game to build up the destruction mechanic to boost these two units’ abilities and Power which can potentially outpower your opponent in the end game.

    Shuri../Nimrod. Destroy

    This involves using Shuri..’s Power card to double the effect, playing it next in order to target Nimrod. strategically. When it is destroyed, it can spread Power across all of your locations, which can be a great way to destroy two other locations. It is another variation of destroying the deck.

    Additionally, in the final turn of the game, you can use other strategies that involve Taskmaster. She-Hulk., Shuri.., or Taskmaster. Skull-Red. You also have the option to resort to using Destroyer. or Zola Arnim if you want to trigger the bonus Power double effect with Shuri.. being targeted by Nimrod..

    Since Nimrod. can destroy the current Power cards, Venom is also a great card to destroy. You can build up Zola Arnim in six turns to play (Red Skull./She-Hulk.) Power, which doubles the targets of other players or Nimrod.. Additionally, you can use Shuri..’s move to use Iron Fist.. In order to build up your game early, you can put on Lizard Armor and Wolverine.

    Win condition cards for this deck

    The victory condition cards for this deck are:.

  • Shuri..
  • Nimrod.
  • Destroyer.
  • Arnim Zola.
  • Red Skull.
  • Taskmaster.
  • She-Hulk.
  • The Shuri.. and Nimrod. combo could produce the most consistent Power boosts for all of your locations. Pulling this off with either the Destroyer. or Arnim Zola. package can provide unpredictable plays for the opponent in the final turn, especially with how they set up their lanes to create Power on their locations.

    The Shuri..-Red Skull.-Taskmaster. strategy, on the other hand, is still a reliable combo that you can do in the late game. Though, this is more of a predictable strategy, and the opponent may be able to counter it especially if they have cards like Shang-Chi. She-Hulk. can also be a great alternative to Red Skull..


    During the major June patch, he was nerfed, but even after that, Galactus. is still a good deck that can be used to climb the ladder. Additionally, this deck can still be used to climb the ladder. The two other locations where cards are placed will also be destroyed through this method, as the card title’s effect of destruction can count the locations as ways to trigger the Destroy mechanic.

    But one interesting trick players can use is the Iron Fist. and Shuri.. combo. This can help Galactus. have a ridiculous 14 Power, making the chance of triggering its destruction effect higher than its normal seven-Power. You can also use the Iron Fist. and Shuri.. combo for a ton of strategies, such as doubling the negative Power of Hobgoblin. or powering up Doctor Octopus or Death…

    Electro and Wave can be added to lower Galactus.’ six-cost. Shang-Chi, on the other hand, can help you clear lanes with high-Powered units for your opponent, as well as to boost Knull..’s Power. Spider-Man. and Doctor Octopus are great turn-five options especially if you want to secure a lane already with a turn-four Galactus. play.

    Cap off the deck with America Chavez for a sure six-cost, nine-Power card by turn six, as well as other destroy staples such as Yondu, Wolverine, Knull.., Death.., and Destroyer..

    Win condition cards for this deck

    The victory condition cards for this deck are:.

  • Galactus.
  • Iron Fist.
  • Shuri..
  • Hobgoblin.
  • Spider-Man.
  • Knull..
  • Death..
  • Galactus. is the heart and soul of this deck. The destruction of locations (and eventually cards) can pave the way for a lot of possibilities, especially in how the cards of the whole deck would synergize with one another. So, it is always a priority to pull off the massive Galactus. play, and using the Iron Fist. and Shuri.. strategy would be much better. But in any case, that his effect won’t trigger, there can still be some alternative win conditions you can do in the late game.

    As mentioned, Hobgoblin. can be another great alternate pick for the Iron Fist. and Shuri.. strategy. As for Spider-Man., you can use him to secure at least one of the locations. The combo of Knull.. and Death.. gives you massive Power sources, especially if you are able to do the Galactus. play.

    How to counter Destroy decks in Marvel Snap

    If your opponent plays specific decks that are most effective in certain patterns, you can respond accordingly and try to guess their deck quickly. If your opponent plays cards like Wolverine, Hood, Barnes, Bucky, or Nova in the first few rounds, there is a chance that they are using a deck focused on destroying your deck.

    The best way to counter the opponent’s strategy is by preventing the destruction of their cards. Cosmo and Armor Cards, such as Barnes Bucky or Nova, are perfect to play in the same location. If you manage to avoid the destruction of Deadpool, it is possible that your opponent will retreat. You need the priority initiative to activate Cosmo or Armor before the opponent.

    Final turns for destroy decks are often geared towards playing powerful cards like Death.. or Destroyer.. The best way to fight them is to destroy them with Shang-Chi. Remember that to be able to destroy a Destroyer. on turn six, make sure you are the second one to reveal your cards. Leech can also defeat the Death.. strategy but ends up helping the Destroyer. by removing its effect.