Meet the World’s Greatest Elvis Impersonator

We asked him to not become just like the impersonate King of Rock ‘n Roll. Shawn Klush, a native of Pennsylvania, convincingly portrays him as the hero named Elvis, the world’s greatest. Even when he’s not on stage, he speaks with Elvis’s unmistakable drawl.

I always found Elvis playing in the house. He was my dad’s idol, and little by little, I became a genuine fan. I still remember Elvis singing when I was just three years old.

It was a massive success. “Edge of Reality” was the song that stood out. I had no idea what to expect and I was walking in a dimly lit room, I didn’t think I would make it. It was my first performance at a function in school.

A lot of this stuff comes naturally to me. I was fortunate enough to be able to do this. I am a very lucky guy. I started performing across the country, including on the stage in Las Vegas, after playing Elvis. Soon after, I won a competition in Montreal and performed in the Poconos before going on a tour in Canada.

You know what, “holy crap” is all it is. I love it. It’s a huge buildup. It’s excitement. I feel whatever pops up. It helps me show it. I can’t control it. It scares me, almost like death, when I go on stage. Every time before I go on stage, something happens. But I don’t know how I’ve gotten to the point where I am, where I’m not doing anything or practicing. I didn’t watch anything to do or practice. I didn’t stand in front of a mirror. I’ve never done that.

I feel a connection with him. I wish I could explain it to you. Maybe you’ve never expected everything. It’s okay if you’ve never expected anything. I can stay true to myself. It needs to be known who he is. The original guitars suit the boots. I took a pair to a boot maker, but they couldn’t replicate them in my size. “No problem,” he said. That’s what sets us apart. Today doesn’t mean anything. Nobody is going to spend $5,000 on a pair of boots. But that’s the way it is. The guitars are worth $5,000 each or maybe $4,000. I can’t play them, but I love and respect them.

The person who believes in your love will always remember you. It’s okay to believe in yourself and express your feelings. Don’t fool yourself or anyone else. Everything about being true is important. Elvis didn’t go for that, but some people are. Sing “Spinout!” And feel the warmth when she purrs. Don’t go out in the middle of his performances in a jumpsuit. It’s no longer considered a song movie. “Reality Edge” is no longer a performance that I do.

It’s unusual but beautiful. I’m just grateful for it; it’s amazing how everything has happened like this. I never thought I could come so close and become a stronger and bigger person than myself, as Elvis always regarded me. It’s challenging to take their breath away. It’s hard to live up to someone else’s image, and it’s very difficult to walk in someone else’s shoes.