MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack

MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack

Description And Comments

MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack is an exciting and interactive sequel ride to the hit sci-fi franchise. The ride brings together Will Smith and Rip Torn, reprising their roles as Agent J and MIB director Zed, for an immersive experience that will thrill fans of the movies.

As you approach the ride’s building, you’ll notice its design pays homage to the architecture from the 1964 World’s Fair. The building features elements inspired by the observation towers from the New York State Pavilion, which were prominently featured in the thrilling finale of the 1997 film.

The theme of the 1964 World’s Fair is carried over to the attraction’s pre-show, which is a perfect parody of the style of Disney’s Carousel of Progress. The pre-show sets the stage for the adventure to come, as you are recruited as a Men in Black (MIB) trainee. You receive a warning that aliens “live among us” and learn about MIB’s mission to round them up. MIB director Zed provides further information on alien spotting and familiarizes you with your training vehicle and your weapon, an alien “zapper.”

After the pre-show, you load up in a 6-passenger spinning ride vehicle, ready to embark on your mission. The vehicle takes you into an innocuous “training room” shooting gallery, filled with plywood targets shaped like aliens. Your training is abruptly interrupted when it is revealed that a real alien spaceship has landed in New York City and you are needed to save the city.

The heart of the ride takes you on a thrilling journey through the streets of Manhattan in your MIB vehicle. Your mission is to shoot as many aliens as possible. The targets come at a fast pace, and there are more than you could possibly shoot. Each ride vehicle is paired with another vehicle running alongside on a parallel track, and both vehicles compete to see who can shoot the most aliens.

At a certain point during the ride, you have the opportunity to shoot at the “fusion exhaust port” of the opposing ride vehicle. Hitting this target causes the other vehicle to spin momentarily, disorienting the other riders and giving you an advantage in the alien shooting competition. However, be prepared, as the other riders (and even some of the aliens) can shoot back at you.

What sets MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack apart is its interactivity. Your marksmanship and ability to navigate through tricky situations will determine how the story unfolds. You are awarded both a personal score, similar to the scoring system in the Magic Kingdom’s Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, and a score for your car. The ride offers about three dozen possible outcomes and thousands of different ride experiences, depending on your performance, pluck, and even your intestinal fortitude in the final challenge.

Regardless of your score, all recruits are deemed not ready to join MIB at the end of the ride, and everyone’s memories of the game are “wiped” to maintain the secrecy of the Men in Black organization.

To add to the immersive experience, the post-ride gift shop sells candy with actual bugs stuck inside. This playful reference to aliens as “bugs” in the movie may intrigue some visitors. However, if you’re not interested in trying out bug-filled candy, it’s advisable to distract small children from the food displays by throwing a wad of $1 bills just outside the gift shop’s doors. It’s a cheaper and more stomach-friendly alternative.

Touring Tips

  • This attraction offers Universal Express, which allows you to skip the regular queue and enjoy shorter wait times.
  • If you don’t mind splitting up your group, the attraction also offers a Single Rider line, which can help reduce your wait time.

During the ride, each alien figure has sensors that activate special effects and respond to your zapper. Aim for the eyes and keep shooting, as you can score repeatedly on the same target. Your zapper has auto-fire and unlimited ammo, so keep the trigger depressed throughout the ride. You’ll even get a small number of points for missed shots. To maximize your score, look for targets above you, as they score the most points. Keep an eye out for aliens behind second-story windows.

At the climax of the ride, listen carefully for Zed to instruct you to “push the red button.” When he says the “b” in “button,” press it to score a bonus 100,000 points. If you have the skill, it’s possible to “max out” with 999,999 points. Trust us, it can be done!

To avoid long wait times, it’s best to ride MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack during the first two hours the park is open. Alternatively, you can try the single-rider line if you don’t mind splitting your group. However, note that both the single-rider and Universal Express queues skip the pre-show, which is worth seeing at least once for the full experience. If you want to ride multiple times, you can follow the signs for the child swap at the top of the exit stairs.

If the park isn’t too busy, it’s worth asking the attendant out front if you can have a free “Immigration Tour.” If you’re lucky, they’ll take you into the large preshow room below the queue, where you can take selfies sitting at an agent’s desk and get a close-up look at the animatronic alien twins.

MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack Wait Times

The wait times for MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack can vary depending on crowd levels. The chart below gives you a rough estimate of how long you may need to wait for the ride based on the Universal Studios Florida Crowd Level. The blue bars represent the average “peak” wait time, which is the busiest time for the line. The bottom and top black lines represent the range of peak wait times to expect (5th percentile and 95th percentile). Please note that these are estimates, and for more accurate wait time forecasts for your travel dates, it’s recommended to check the MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack Wait Times.

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Special Comments

  • We highly recommend MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack as an attraction not to be missed. It offers an immersive and interactive experience that will thrill fans of the Men in Black movies.
  • Keep in mind that the attraction has a minimum height requirement of 42 inches. Guests below this height may not be able to ride.
  • Rider swap is available for families with small children, allowing both parents to experience the ride while taking turns caring for the child.
  • It’s important to note that the ride may induce motion sickness in some individuals. If you are prone to motion sickness, it’s advisable to take precautions or consider skipping this attraction.

Special Needs

  • Assistive Listening Devices are available for guests with hearing impairments.
  • Guests who use standard wheelchairs will need to transfer to the ride vehicle.
  • Please note that service animals are not permitted on MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack.

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