Michael J. Fox Shares His Idea for ‘Back to the Future’ Remake and Talks Christopher Lloyd Reunion (Exclusive)

Michael J. Fox says he has received a proposal, and he even has a fresh concept for the revival of the Back to the Future series, and he can certainly envision a future where reboots and remakes are extremely popular.

Fox expressed to ET’s Brooke Anderson during a recent interview that if the movie were to be remade, it would be beneficial to cast a female in the role of Marty. Fox revealed that this idea had crossed their mind.

“He added that he has a sense that the franchise will resurface once more. There is a certain quality about it that resonates with individuals on all levels.”

The actor Christopher Lloyd and Parkinson’s activist, back together with his co-star from the movie “Back to the Future”, celebrated their reunion at New York Comic Con earlier this month and couldn’t have been more thrilled.

Because I saw Chris at Con Comic, I threw my arms around him just when I saw him, and I’ll continue to do so every time I see him because I was so happy to see him. It reminds us of how much we enjoy being together and how much we like being around people like them.

The actor said that fans of the sci-fi trilogy, which was released between 1985-1990, still impress him to this day.

He added, “It’s amazing what’s most incredible about life – it has nothing to do with me, but it has everything to do with embracing the future and celebrating it. People don’t just remember it, they also get it tattooed on their leg and embrace it. It’s not just good, it’s crazy, I mean.”

He continued, “I have only recently been able to fully embrace it, and I love it.” “I didn’t fully understand how much it meant to them or how much people related to it, but I wasn’t proud of it or rejected it before.”

The recent event that took place in New York City on October 29th was the Parkinson’s Cure Gala, which raised over $1.5 billion for Parkinson’s research. This organization, The Michael J. Fox Foundation, has become his life’s passion and has given him the opportunity to do meaningful work. In addition to his fame from the franchise, he has also celebrated other roles in City, Spin Ties, and Family.

“According to Fox, the patients are indispensable in finding the answer, but often they are overlooked as researchers rush to find answers through various disease studies and research. This neglect of patients has been a common occurrence in the field. The foundation has realized that progress cannot be made without the involvement of patients, with the ultimate goal of finding a cure and advancing Parkinson’s research. The foundation initiated this effort over 20 years ago in 2000, and the experience has been incredibly humbling.”

He continued, “I stumbled into this situation like a goofball, and I’m an actor. I immediately recognized it as a real opportunity,” he continued. “All of these people coming to me and sharing their stories, I identify with them and relay their stories with my sympathy and empathy – we don’t often get this opportunity. We launched into it and some smart people grabbed it and I do my best to seize it as well, because we don’t often get this opportunity.”

When it comes to his acting career, Leonardo DiCaprio, who played the character that melts down in the trailer after botching his lines, shared a frustrating scene in Hollywood’s Once Upon a Time in Time. He started acting by holding smaller things and making them bigger, but he always found it frustrating to be influenced by the way his character, which he just got set on, would hold him back. So, he started involving himself in things that involved retracting, binding, and releasing, and letting go of stuff, which has always been freeing for him. “Acting is retiring,” he says, but when it comes to his acting career, he considers himself to be “forever,” saying that nothing’s “retiring.”

Fox recollected, “I experienced a comparable instance.” “I couldn’t recall my dialogue,” Fox remarked. “I gazed at my reflection in the mirror and chuckled, saying, ‘Well, that’s it. You’re unable to remember your lines. It’s finished.'”

He continued, “They choose you because you’re not smart enough to choose them. It’s a huge door that opens up with Parkinson’s, and another door that opens and closes every time, but it’s kind of a recognized cliché because it wouldn’t be acting anymore.” “I was relieved about it, I was happy about it,” I was happy about it,” I was relieved about it. He said he’s thrilled to be spending time with his family and working with his foundation, Fox. Tracy and his wife celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary this year, and they have four children: Schuyler and Aquinnah, twin daughters aged 27, Sam, a 33-year-old son, and Esmé, a 21-year-old daughter.