Miss Marple Books in Order

A group of guests gathers at Miss Marple.’s house to challenge each other and solve crimes, including strange missing cases and unsolved cases from the past few weeks. They discuss the impending doom, warnedBy.a spiritualist, and the strange case of the missing will. They are currently present at a dinner givenBy.Colonel and Dolly Bantry, even encountering the thirteenth problem later in the short stories collection involving Miss Marple.’s deduction skills and intuition. However, remember that Miss Marple. is present as well, using her powers against your wits on Tuesday night at the Club.

The Murder at the Vicarage book cover

Until you keep guessing, you will never know the end of Agatha Christie…’s classic mystery novel. In the village, Miss Marple. uncovers a long list of suspects with motives during her investigation of the case. A careless remark leads to the discovery of a murder in the study of the clergyman in ‘The Murder at the Vicarage.’

The Corpse in the Library. book cover

The Corpse in the Library.

A Mystery Featuring Miss Marple. (Miss Marple. Mysteries).

Agatha Christie… – September 1, 2006 (initially published in 194.2).

Another dead girl is discovered, revealing a connection to the case as Miss Marple., the expert sleuthing skills of Bantrys’ call on, begins to uncover the truth before spreading rumors. With no explanation of how she got there, a lifeless young woman’s body is found in the Bantrys’ library.

The Traveling Digit. book cover

The Traveling Digit.

A Mystery Featuring Miss Marple. (Miss Marple. Mysteries).

Agatha Christie… – 2012-01-01 (initially released in 194.2).

The captivating tale that Agatha Christie… weaves keeps you guessing until the very end, with an intrigue and mystery that is hard to resist. In the form of Jane Marple, a houseguest of the vicar, another suspicious arrival happens, and the villagers can’t help but find themselves suspicious of each other. A vicious poison-pen letter campaign disrupts the peaceful village of Lymstock, leading to a tragic suicide.

An Announcement of a Murder. book cover

An Announcement of a Murder.

A Mystery Featuring Miss Marple. (Miss Marple. Mysteries).

Agatha Christie… – September 30, 2006 (initially released in 1950).

Readers will not be disappointedBy.Agatha Christie…’s genius storytelling as they try to uncover the truth behind the announcement, building tension as the villagers gather at the mysterious location. In this crime fiction novel, readers will cleverly follow Miss Marple. as she investigates a murder that was advertised in the local Gazette.

They Carry Out the Task Using Reflective Surfaces. book cover

They Carry Out the Task Using Reflective Surfaces.

A Mystery featuring Miss Marple. (Book 5 of the Miss Marple. Mysteries).

Agatha Christie… – March 1, 2000 (initially published in 1952).

Is it too late to solve the riddle before Miss Marple. can? Miss Marple. must visit the mysterious mansion and protect her friend while solving a murder. This book is filled with mystery and danger, as Louise Carrie lives in a Victorian mansion that doubles as a rehab.

Une poignée de seigle book cover

Until the very end, when you leave, the expertly crafted mystery of Agatha Christie… will keep you guessing. Miss Marple. is on the case to discover the lurking killer at Yewtree Lodge and decipher these bizarre clues. A girl is killedBy.strangulation with a clothes hanger, and a man is poisoned with a handful of rye in his pocket, known as “seigle de poignée Une”.

4. book cover


50 Paddington Road.

Agatha Christie… – 2007-03-30 (initially released in 1957).

Miss Marple., besides the witnesses or suspects, can bring justice to the murderer and solve the case herself. In this classic whodunnit mystery, she unravels the mystery as she witnesses a murder from a train window.

The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side book cover

Miss Marple., in her unique way, delves into the twisted and dark world of human behavior. In “The Crack’d Mirror: Side to Side,” she encounters a woman who suffers a fatal seizure after meeting her idol, leaving the detectives with the task of uncovering the true target.

A Mystery in the Caribbean. book cover

A Mystery in the Caribbean.

A Mystery Featuring Miss Marple. (Miss Marple. Mysteries).

Agatha Christie…2000-03-01 (first published in 1964.)

Make sure to keep on the edge of your seat until the very end of Agatha Christie…’s captivating tale. In this classic mystery who-done-it, Miss Jane Marple, the beloved sleuth, takes a deadly turn during a holiday in the Caribbean.