Most valuable quarters in circulation worth up to $9,500 after Maya Angelou & Wilma Mankiller coins are…

The inaugural quarter, created in 2022, showcases poet Maya Angelou, who also advocated for the civil rights movement.

Mrs Angelou becomes the first black woman to be featured on a quarter


Mrs Angelou becomes the first black woman to be featured on a quarter

Furthermore, Angelou has achieved the distinction of being the inaugural African American woman to be showcased on a coin.

Wilma Mankiller, a Native American and advocate for women’s rights, became the first female principal chief of the Cherokee Nation, and the US Mint started manufacturing coins that showcased her.

Mankiller led the Cherokee Nation for a decade from 1985 to 1995, with the Cherokee population more than doubling in that period.

The coins were produced at the mints in Denver and Philadelphia.

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Both coins are included in the American Women Quarters Program, which showcases renowned women in the history of the United States.

The US Mint has announced that there will be additional quarters released in the coming years, featuring notable American women.

According to the U.S. Mint, Maria Tallchief, Eleanor Roosevelt, Edith Kanakaʻole, Jovita Idar, and Bessie Coleman are set to be included in the 2023 lineup, alongside other significant women from history.

As those quarters continue to be released, we have compiled a list of some of the most valuable quarters in circulation.

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However, as always, keep in mind that the worth of the coins may vary based on their grade and condition.

1. 1896-S BARBER QUARTER – $3,333

This is one of the scarcest pieces from the Barber series


This is one of the scarcest pieces from the Barber series

The Barber quarter began to be produced in the 1890s.

One of the most uncommon ones showcases the year 1896 with an S symbol, which represents San Fransisco.

Approximately 188,000 coins are believed to have been minted.

One instance with the 1896-S coin recently sold for a grand total of $3,300 on eBay following 24 bids.

It was not officially certified, but the seller asserts that it is in an “XF+” condition.



This coin gets its rarity from the aftermath and the effects of the US civil war

A quarter from the Liberty seated series, dating back to 1860, was purchased for $4,265 on eBay.

According to USA Coin Book, if this coin remains in an “uncirculated (MS-60)” state, it has the possibility of reaching a value of $57,085.

Its value comes from the aftermath and the effects of the US civil war, which drove circulation, particularly in the western states.

In a depiction of the coin, President Ron Guth of Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) stated, “The 1860-S is an uncommon year that is extremely difficult to locate in mint condition, similar to the 1859-S quarter dollar.”

It is considered one of the most important rarities in this series of 1859-S and 1870-1873 Carson City par issues, with such significant condition-related concerns.

It is said that a total of 56,000 seated Liberty S coins were minted in 1860.



This coin was surrounded by some controversy

The coin from 1916 marked the initial year of the standing Liberty coin – however, it was not without certain disputes.

In a later part of the series, Liberty’s breast became concealed by a shirt made of chain mail. The 1916 coin left Liberty’s left breast uncovered temporarily.

Additionally, there were legal concerns – since the coin was not intended to be in circulation until 1917.

Mr. Guth wrote a description of the coin, stating that the Mint began producing Hermon MacNeil’s new design in December of 1916.

“The production was restricted to 52,000 coins, primarily due to time constraints.”

It is claimed that the standing Liberty quarter of 1916 has the smallest production quantity in the series.

A 1916 Liberty coin was recently purchased for $5,101 on eBay.

The coin received a “VG 8” grade certification from PCGS.



Just 22,850 of these coins have been minted

The 1872 CC Liberty quarter is even rarer in terms of quantity.

Only 22,850 specimens have been produced.

If you happen to have a quarter from 1872, you’ll want to look out for a “CC” on the reverse side of the coin, as this version contains the lowest mintage of seated Liberty quarters for that year.

The CC represents the mint location, Carson City.

One instance authenticated by PCGS in an “F 15” grade was purchased for $5,600.

5. 1901 BARBER QUARTER – $6,401

The mintage of the 1901 coin sits at 72,664


The mintage of the 1901 coin sits at 72,664

Another Barber twenty-five cent coin has the potential to be worth thousands.

If you want to find out the date, look for the date 1901 with an S mintmark, which can be found at the bottom center of the reverse and obverse sides respectively.

This coinage only amounts to 72,664.

On average, the item is valued at $11,086 and can reach up to $53,392 in uncirculated conditions.

In an August eBay listing, a previously owned instance was purchased for a grand total of $6,401.

The seller characterized the item as a “Circulated state that exhibits black patina-like coloring on sections of the front and back.”

The auctioneer speculated, “It is possible that this coin was cleaned in the past, although it is difficult to determine. Additionally, it is likely that other unprocessed coins listed have also undergone cleaning.”

6. 1796 DRAPED BUST QUARTER – $9,477

The mintage only exceeded 6,000


The mintage only exceeded 6,000

The rarest section on this list is awarded to a coin that was produced over 200 years ago.

Unlike numerous other designs, the draped bust quarter of 1796 was not minted in consecutive years following the introduction of the series.

“Actually, it would take eight years before the issuance of the second dated quarter dollar,” wrote Scott Rubin, an expert in numismatics.

This unique occurrence seems to have a significant impact on the survival rate for the quarter of 1796, as it appears that many more were saved than expected and they were saved in excellent condition.

The coinage was recently reported to exceed 6,000 for the 1796 draped bust quarter.

A recent instance was purchased online for a combined amount of $9,477.

It was certified by Numismatic Guaranty Company with “VG details.”.

7. 1916 Liberty quarter – 9,500


This one has a grade XF 45 grade

A more recent instance of a 1916 Liberty quarter was purchased for $9,500 through an online platform.

Furthermore, the seller in the listing stated that this particular item has been certified with a higher grade of XF 45.