Mother whose son stabbed girl 114 times will plead guilty to evidence tampering for cleaning blood

A significant development in the case of Crystal Lane Smith, who had been scheduled to face trial on Monday for allegedly tampering with evidence after her 13-year-old son was killed by a classmate, was revealed in court on Thursday.

She is now scheduled for a felony plea and sentencing hearing at 1:30 p.M. On Friday in St. Johns County Circuit Court in Florida.

In March, at the age of 16, he received a life sentence in prison. He never provided an explanation for his actions, but acquaintances mentioned that he expressed a desire to experience the sensation of taking someone’s life. Fucci brutally stabbed Bailey 114 times on Mothers’ Day in 2021 and abandoned her in the forest, assuming she would not survive. Fucci, who was only 14 at the time, admitted guilt for committing first-degree murder in February, regarding the atrocious slaying of his fellow student.

According to court records, he had been taken to a site where she had last seen him, and deputies had visited his home to question Fucci after the incident. Before putting them back, she showed an unidentified woman the items she had retrieved, which included a pair of jeans that Fucci had worn and scrubbed. On the day of his mother’s brutal slaying, security footage from home showed him cleaning before the incident happened.

The forensic analysis later concluded that the jeans contained blood.

Crystal Smith, shown at an April 12 hearing, is scheduled to make a plea Friday in her evidence tampering trial involving son Aiden Fucci and slain Tristyn Bailey in St. Johns County.

As per the Florida statutes, she could potentially be sentenced to a maximum of five years in jail for the third-degree felony, although it remains uncertain what kind of agreement the prosecution might have reached with Smith.

The relatives of young Bailey Tristyn said they have been informed of her intent to plead guilty and were involved in the decision to forgo a trial.

The statement mentioned that they are committed to supporting victims and preserving Tristyn’s memory worldwide. Additionally, they intend to share updates on The Tristyn Bailey Foundation’s efforts, the diligent work of the St. Johns’ County Sheriff’s Department, and the 7th Circuit State Attorney’s Office. The family feels grateful for all the support.

The St. Johns County Sheriff

Tristyn’s life was tragically taken on May 9, 2021, when they were discovered fatally wounded in the forest close to their Durbin Crossing community. As per the footage from the investigation, Fucci underwent extensive questioning in a holding room at the Sheriff’s Office, even being interrogated by his mother, yet he never disclosed the true events that occurred.

Fucci asked Smith if he was sure there was nothing on his jeans, whispering “Blood,” she told him that Tristyn had also been dead and he was in a lot of trouble, with her, he had seen him being the last.

Smith was arrested June 4, 2021, on the tampering charge and released the next day on $25,000 bond, according to jail records.

Aiden Fucci

Fucci experienced a relatively typical childhood, despite encountering difficulties in school and possible warning signs, according to testimonies given during the pre-sentencing phase. While following her attorney’s advice to await her own trial, Smith did not attend her son’s court hearings, but she did send letters to the judge and the Bailey family during his sentencing phase.

She wrote, “Coping with such an unimaginable loss is unimaginable. It is the worst nightmare for a mother to feel helpless in protecting her child. It is difficult to express to others unless you are a mother yourself and have the love for your child.”

I am devastated by the loss of Tristyn and I grieve for my son’s subsequent arrest. I also grieve for the Bailey family, who have suffered irreparable agony. This has affected not only their families and friends, but also others. However, as a mother, my grief for Stacy Bailey is the most profound.

Forrest Bailey, Tristyn’s dad, doubted the genuineness of her remark.

“Taking on the accountability,” she can begin by apologizing, if she were to say, “I saw the videos from Fucci’s court appearance after he said that in the interrogation room. You have seen the videos from home.”