Moulton Falls Hike

Moulton Falls and Yacolt Falls – a pair of petite waterfalls, worth a visit at Moulton Falls County Park. You’ll be treated to splendid vistas of the East Fork, while cyclists, runners, and pedestrians frequent this expansive pathway. Stretching approximately 2 1/2 miles from Hantwick Road, near Lucia Falls, to the East Fork High Bridge, the southern side of the East Fork Lewis River features a converted railway route, perfect for leisurely walks.

The Trailhead Upper Falls Moulton, which is closed in winter, leads up into the woods and to the right is a trail that crosses the East Fork High Bridge and leads to the impressive views of the East Fork Lewis River. The trail then goes up and down the Junction Trail Mountain-Bells River Lewis Fork East and reaches the junction with the East Fork Lewis River. In the winter months, especially for bald eagles, it is a good spot to look for river lines, big-leaf maples, and Red-cedars. The path rises very gently with hardly noticeable grades, and there are staircases and steps that go down to the water. Directly below the trail, on the opposite bank, there are homes with the East Fork Lewis River flowing below. As you cross the trestle, the trail becomes gravel. At the first series of old logging ponds on the left, there is a bench and picnic table. The trail then runs through thickets of salmonberry and sword fern, with blackberries along the understory. At an unmarked junction, stay on the paved trail and cross a wide footbridge over a creek into the Douglas-fir, big-leaf maple, and red alder woods. According to a sign, you need to go right to enter Moulton Falls Park, where there is a good map of the area. The parking area is below the junction. The surface of the Murphy Grade Trailhead Road is wide and flat, paved.

Traverse the bridge, veer to the left, and proceed towards a designated spot for picnics adjacent to the river. Adjacent to the vehicular bridge spanning Big Tree Creek, acquire the pathway that extends alongside Lucia Falls Road and intersects with a designated pathway for pedestrians. This pathway persists alongside the road and passes by a residential dwelling until reaching the Moulton Falls Lower Trailhead. Descend the stone steps located at the western edge of the parking area to reach the rocks, which provide a close-up vantage point of Moulton Falls and the narrow water channel beneath them. Prior to reaching the bridge, make a left turn at the pedestrian crossing and retrace your steps along the road.

The trees are on sale for Christmas, and there is a Santa Claus greeter here. Sometimes, a Christmas train runs to the Moulton Falls Station and the Chelatchie Prairie Railroad. Take a path up to see the Yacolt Falls, which is also known as the Big Tree Falls. To observe the Yacolt Falls, which is a two-tier waterfall below 6 feet and above 28 feet, go down to the right and climb some stone steps to reach a rocky outcrop. The swing bridge is tied back to the opposite bank for the winter. The Big Tree Falls flows into the Yacolt Creek above the Big Tree Creek.


  • Maps: Trail Explorer.
  • Trails at Lucia Falls and Moulton Falls (Clark County Parks).
  • Regulations or restrictions, etc

  • The park is open from 7:00 a.M. Until sunset.
  • There is NO parking allowed overnight at Hantwick Road.
  • Share the trail with bicyclists.
  • Dogs that are on a leash are allowed near Moulton Falls.
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