New Aldi store opens in Bloomington

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BLOOMINGTON — The Authentic Pinsaria, 211 N. Veterans Parkway, Suite 5, Bloomington, is this week’s selection for restaurant of the week.

Letizia, his spouse, relocated to the United States in November 2019 and was both raised and born in Rome. Stefanucci, who is the co-owner and chief operating officer of the restaurant, opened it in November 2020.

Stefanucci expressed, “We guarantee an authentic Italian experience, where you can discover the perfect combination of flavors. We have spent months in Italy, importing prime ingredients for all our sauces. At our restaurant, we make our organic pasta daily. Our recipes come from Italian grandmothers and mothers. I truly believe that our guests have an authentic Italian experience when they dine at Pinsaria Original.”

In another place, Letizia and Stefanucci eventually quit their jobs. They found a class in Palma de Mallorca, Spain and were looking for a change. Letizia was a dental assistant and had previously worked with the Italian government in the energy sector.

The couple held multiple tastings in Morton, Illinois, as well as in Las Vegas, Chicago, New Orleans, Atlanta, Louisville, and New York before ultimately deciding to introduce their Pinsa to the United States.

Steffanucci mentioned that it was extremely crucial for us to comprehend the U.S. Market, which is why we decided to open our first restaurant when we felt prepared. Bloomington seemed like the perfect town to start a restaurant in, considering it has won several awards and the community there is incredible. My business partner, Gino Vaccaro, has lived there for many years.

The dough in a typical pizza contains 80 to 90 percent water, which makes it more digestible and lower in fat and calories compared to a regular pizza. It takes three hours to make a typical pizza.

The pizza dough from the Original Pinsaria has achieved numerous World Pizza Championships throughout the years.

“The joy and happiness we experience while doing what we love is my favorite aspect of the Pinsaria,” Steffanucci expressed.

The restaurant offers customization options for salads, pastas, and pizzas. Additionally, they have a “build your own” feature. The Gladiator is number 7 on the menu and includes honey, romano pecorino, and pancetta. It happens to be my personal favorite. The Brutus, number 5 on the menu, is a meat lover’s pizza with pancetta, soppressata, and sausage. Both the Gladiator and the Brutus are the most popular pizzas at Pinsaria’s.

“Stefanucci expressed, ‘Since the very beginning, we have experienced profitability and success, and we are grateful for that. We also want to extend our gratitude to the community for placing their trust in us.’ ‘I appreciate this chance to share our narrative and showcase our restaurant to your readers.'”

The Authentic Pinsaria is open from 11 a.M. To 8 p.M. On weekdays (Monday through Thursday) and from 11 a.M. To 9 p.M. On Fridays and Saturdays.