Newsmax journalist permanently banned from Twitter for Covid misinformation hours after getting account back

A Newsmax reporter has been permanently barred from Twitter for disseminating inaccurate information about Covid-19 shortly after regaining access to her account.

The social media platform confirmed to The Daily Beast that Newsmax White House correspondent Emerald Robinson had been permanently suspended after consistently disregarding its regulations on disseminating Covid-19 misinformation.

Ms. Robinson was initially slapped with a one-week temporary ban last week after pushing a bizarre and debunked conspiracy theory linking the Covid-19 vaccine to a substance that allows people to glow in the dark, claiming it is a substance that makes them trackable and is possessed by the devil.

Almost immediately after the ban was lifted on Tuesday, the correspondent began peddling the false claims again to her nearly 450,000 followers.

On Tuesday morning, Ms Robinson posted on Twitter, sharing a link to the subscription newsletter platform where she restated the inaccurate statements, saying, “Come and join me on Substack today before I face another ban.”

“One more detail: the recent SATiN antibody test for COVID-19 utilizes Luciferase. No, I’m not joking,” she stated.

“It’s no coincidence that they have bestowed this name upon this examination. It serves as a cautionary signal.”

By Tuesday evening, her @EmeraldRobinson profile displayed “Account suspended” once more.

The spokesperson for Twitter mentioned that the conservative journalist had incurred her fifth violation, leading to a permanent suspension.

Last week, Ms Robinson tweeted that the vaccine includes a luminescent marker known as Luciferase, which is associated with the book of Revelations and the devil.

“Dear Christians: the vaccines contain a light-emitting marker called LUCIFERASE so that they can be monitored,” she wrote.

“Explore the final book of the New Testament to witness how this concludes.”

“The immunization includes demonic particles or the ‘mark of the devil’ is a component of an outlandish conspiracy theory spreading on the internet, the peculiar message.”

The Twitter post was swiftly removed by the platform for breaching its guidelines, and her account was temporarily suspended.

Fireflies, similar to living organisms, possess the capability to produce illumination in specific circumstances, signifying their possession of bioluminescent traits, particularly a bona fide enzyme called Luciferase.

However, it is not a component in any of the Covid-19 vaccines available in the market.

It does not have satanic connections, and it does not bear or bring meaning “ferre” and light meaning “lux” in its name, deriving from connections satanic.

The Newsmax media outlet, which repeatedly pushed false claims about the 2020 presidential election, insisted on separate statements releasing a safe and effective vaccine. The employee even distanced itself from the air off her taking.

Elliot Jacobson, the executive vice president and chief content officer of Newsmax, expressed that mandates encroach upon personal freedom and privacy, all the while generating apprehensions regarding the overall safety and efficacy of Covid-19 vaccines. Newsmax strongly advocates against such mandates.

We have not seen any evidence suggesting that any type of bioluminescent marker used are either vaccines or present in Luciferin or Luciferase.

The parent company, Newsmax Media, also released a separate statement.

“Newsmax firmly believes and has stated that the Covid 19 vaccines are secure and efficient,” it read.

“On Newsmax, false claims have never been reported, and we do not believe the vaccines contain any toxic materials or tracking markers.”

“The numerous healthcare professionals appearing on Newsmax have endorsed the utilization of the vaccine.”

“She falsely asserted in one post that the shot ‘will alter your DNA,’ and throughout the past year, Ms. Robinson has consistently promoted doubts about vaccines to her followers.”

Her prospects with Newsmax are still uncertain.

The spokesperson for the right-wing outlet, The Daily Beast, has informed us that she has not yet decided when she will return to reviewing matters on her personal social media.