Nike Fly.By Mid 3 Performance Review

The Nike Fly.By Mid 3 is the third version of Nike’s most affordable basketball shoe. These sneakers provide some positive aspects, but most of them are just adequate for playing. In terms of technology, these shoes are identical to the Nike Giannis Immortality, but they are priced slightly lower. As you can probably deduce from that, there is nothing particularly exceptional about these sneakers. This shoe is primarily intended for individuals who want to spend the least amount of money on a Nike basketball shoe.

Nike Fly.By Mid 3 Traction


(If you’re really on a strict budget and looking to spend less on a pair of basketball shoes, then this is a good option. However, there are a lot of sneakers out there that are much better. The rest of the options are nearly identical. These shoes, specifically the Nike Giannis Immortality, are slightly better, especially in the cushion department. I think the Nike Fly 3 Mid is an okay shoe for a cheap price.)


Tacky is a rubbery substance. This issue shouldn’t be of much concern if the courts don’t have clumps of dust that play a part. The outsole of the shoe has lateral lines that work well for biting straight movements, but not side-to-side ones. However, there is even a faint circular pattern. The wavebone, which is located in the heel and forefoot area, works really well. I think the culprit is the traction pattern. There were times when I slid noticeably, especially on dusty floors, but there were also times when it worked well. The traction was good enough.

Nike Fly.By Mid 3 Cushion


However, individuals with average and slim feet will find satisfaction in choosing their usual size. Due to the potential trade-off with length, I would still suggest opting for a half size larger for individuals with wide feet or simply avoiding the shoe altogether. Nonetheless, the shoes did become more accommodating due to the more flexible mesh material. Hence, upon initial wear, I perceived them to be both narrow and lengthy, similar to KD shoes. It can be somewhat challenging.

Nike Fly.By Mid 3 Support


The biggest downside, although it quickly bottoms out, is that it compresses nicely because of its design. These are definitely more comfortable compared to the Nike Giannis Immortality, either. Walking around in them isn’t bad either, after playing. The break time is about 3 hours, and it has a comfortable and plush feel to it. It is not quite like the foam in Nike Air Max Impact, but it eventually felt similar with some break-in time. At the start, it was a bit brick-like. However, it does feel renewed, although it’s just plain Phylon. There is no Zoom or Air in it. The cushion is the basic definition.

Nike Fly.By Mid 3 Materials


In addition to completing the task, there is not much remarkable to discuss in this case. The eyelets also feature the poorest quality artificial nubuck. A slim fuse overlay is present on the toe to aid in safeguarding the inexpensive material beneath it. I am pleased that Nike opted to incorporate leather from the heel to the midfoot area, although they do not exude a high-quality sensation. The foundational textile mesh layer is quite rudimentary. Initially, it feels stiff, but eventually molds well to the foot.

Nike Fly.By Mid 3 Fit


Okay, the support is rotational, but the shank is not really present and there is a counter heel. Also, a bit of help and shifting from the foot keeps the traditional lacing system working. The base has some width to make it more stable, but there is no outrigger. The support is barely sufficient. There is nothing particularly amazing here.

Nike Fly.By Mid 3 Overall

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