No Insurance – No Problem

Have you been experiencing a hernia but believe you cannot afford surgery due to lacking insurance?

Given the importance of hernia repair, we highly recommend that everyone should be provided with the chance to access top-notch and affordably priced hernia surgery options.

If you need hernia surgery, don’t worry about insurance. Dr. Yunis and his caring staff have worked to make hernia surgery as affordable as possible, so you don’t have to worry. Learn why hernia surgery is important and how we can help.

signing paperwork for discussion about needing hernia surgery but don't have insurance

What Happens if You Don’t Have a Hernia Repaired?

If your hernia isn’t repaired, it can lead to even more serious complications such as strangulation, which can now be causing you problems.

How Urgent is Hernia Surgery?

Although some patients may present with a hernia, it is important not to tell your doctor whether or not you should have surgery. However, back pain can be aggravated during the most crucial time.

I’m sorry, but I’m not able to perform that task.

  • Highlight a traditional approach.
  • It is frequently suggested to take a non-surgical approach.
  • Provide all the advanced methods for hernia repair that are currently available.
  • Our Hernia Repair Techniques

    Many hernia repair techniques are available and will be discussed or decided on based upon your personal circumstances. Our repair methods include:.

  • Shouldice.
  • Desarda.
  • Laparoscopic.
  • Davinci Surgery, also known as robotic surgery,
  • Abdominoplasty.
  • Getting Surgery When You Don’t Have Insurance

    When it comes to your operation, you want a surgeon to provide the same standard of care regardless of your insurance status.

    We want to help you understand the difficulty of being uninsured and the expenses associated with trying to make hernia repair as simple and affordable as possible at the Hernia Repair Center.

    We have made every effort to minimize costs for our patients, striving to reduce the expenses associated with the surgical facility (be it a surgery center or hospital) and anesthesia.

    Our prices include the facility, anesthesia, and surgeon, as well as the 90-day period following the surgery.

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