Within the window itself, an embedded device is equipped with an external module and a tube that connects to the window, drastically altering its form factor. We are referring to the ComfyAir, an air conditioner that incorporates the concept of portable air conditioners (commonly referred to as ‘pinguins’ colloquially).

This tool solves several problems of both portable and conventional air conditioners, as it is incredibly simple to use and does not require any type of installation. It is also able to cool the room by utilizing the exterior, avoiding the noise-making compressor.

A window air conditioner

We are installing our own air conditioning, which means that the window is conditioned. In this case, the duct ventilation and air module are connected to the window just like the tubes of portable air conditioners. However, giving it a twist, we have already seen that portable air conditioners use the same concept. This is the new concept used by ComfyAir air conditioning.

The normal way to close and open this case can be. The window requires closing the entire window, preventing the user from opening it, leaving a small gap where the air enters, which is one of the disadvantages of window drafts. Unlike other air conditioners that do not have the possibility of using windows, this air conditioning ensures various advantages, such as the possibility of continuing to use the windows, as shown in the example.

It combines different modes and a fan to adjust the temperature and speed with a remote control. You will notice the cool air starting by simply pressing a button, as it is a Plug and Play device that only requires installation and connection once. Its maximum capacity is even 42 decibels, making it a very quiet device.

When acquiring this device, something to consider is that the panel that attaches to the wall (which does not require any type of tool or groove to install) goes to the side, as it is designed for the classic American vertical windows that go up and down. This can be an inconvenience for the classic Spanish sliding windows.

The system that will replace solar panels: generates electricity and warmth to reduce costs on electricity and gas.

Yes, it can be used in winter as a heater. Its temperature range can go from 16 to 30 degrees Celsius, and it has a cooling capacity of 50 cubic meters. It can be used with a remote control, although it has a touch control panel on the front. Its maximum power is 350 W, and the central module has dimensions and specifications of 606 x 243 x 220 millimeters.

A 40% discount will be received in which case users will be notified to sign up for the newsletter. However, the price is unknown, so the device has not officially been launched in the market yet.