One of the last pictures of Pete Burns shows shocking changes that left him like ‘Frankenstein’ before his death

Pictured with friends in May, just five months before his sudden death, Pete looked unrecognisable if it wasn’t for his tell-tale tattoos.

Friends who were clutching a bottle of white wine, the star was pictured in north London wearing one of his beloved wigs.

The passing of the hitmaker of “You Spin Me Round” was confirmed by his manager.

“He stated via a social media released statement on Monday that we have the greatest sadness to break the tragic news that our beloved Pete Burns died suddenly yesterday due to a massive cardiac arrest.

All of his relatives and acquaintances are heartbroken by the departure of our unique celebrity.

Steve, Michael, and Lynne all love you. He will live forever in our memories. When we had the opportunity to come to terms with our devastating loss, we will make a further statement. We have no more words. He has left everything behind and everything he did was appreciated. He will be missed by all and he was a truly talented, beautiful, and visionary soul.

Despite having undergone over 300 operations to fix botched procedures, he still loved his appearance. However, at 57 years old, he still opened up about his love for his appearance.

The singer of Dead Or Alive nearly lost his life after undergoing a surgery to rectify a procedure that went wrong.

Pete said that he first underwent plastic surgery 20 years ago, which led to his success in appearing on Channel 5’s Celebrity Botched Bodies.

He then proceeded to undergo four rhinoplasty procedures, cheekbone enhancements, and underwent numerous lip augmentations.

He expressed, “I came to the realization that I would become a visual representation and that it was crucial for me to appear attractive.” Referring to his initial surgery.

“I had a broken nose. In the punk days somebody head butted me in Liverpool and it went over to one side.

You think, “Can we rotate his head to the left?” The photographers are whispering and standing in front of a camera, self-aware and youthful, When.

He then went through a nose job to correct it, but the operation went awry.

One of the last pictures of Pete Burns shows shocking changes that left him like 'Frankenstein' before his death

“I woke up drenched in blood. There was such an abundance of blood that it was hard to believe,” he stated.

I nearly fainted in the middle when he removed a little bit of bone and there were just two nostrils and tubes up my nose.

Pete then went through additional surgery to repair it – that was only the initial of “likely 300”.

“The number of surgeries I’ve undergone is extremely small compared to the reconstructive surgeries I’ve had. Maybe around 300.”

One of the last pictures of Pete Burns shows shocking changes that left him like 'Frankenstein' before his death

During that period, Pete also remembered the moment when he became aware of an issue with his lower lip, which was filled with a substance, while he was on stage with Scissor Sisters.

He then returned to the surgeon to have additional fluid removed.

“He restrained me on the surgical table and inserted two syringes forcefully.”

“At minimum, one and a half pints of yellow hot liquid was expelled from the mouth.”

One of the last pictures of Pete Burns shows shocking changes that left him like 'Frankenstein' before his death

Pete said that the filler started spreading to the rest of his face, leaving holes in his skin and making it even worse.

Through an extrajudicial agreement, he filed a lawsuit against the surgeon and emerged victorious with a settlement of £450,000, as the infection extended to the remainder of his body and there was a potential requirement for his lips to undergo amputation.

“I have undergone a significant surgical procedure every week for two years in order to eliminate it from my cheeks where it had relocated, my Adam’s apple, and the rear section of my eyes…” He expressed, vividly recalling the terrifying experience.

“They were unable to address the liver and the kidneys. I had to eliminate that from my body.”

Physicians had to even extract a portion of his gastric organ in order to form a lower and upper lip.

“I was medically diagnosed with depression. Two years is a significant period of time in your life.”

However, the situation was about to deteriorate even further for Pete.

“I experienced blood clots and pulmonary embolisms in my legs, heart, and lungs,” he went on.

I was not unconscious while breathing, and the next thing that happened was the driver came in. I thought I had bruises, and I got these black marks on my skin.

One of the last pictures of Pete Burns shows shocking changes that left him like 'Frankenstein' before his death

He was quickly taken to the hospital, where he was informed that he had a survival rate of less than two percent.

The celebrity was prescribed blood thinners and after 10 days, physicians successfully rescued him.

However, in spite of his close call with mortality, Pete remained unfazed.

“My ultimate goal with the surgery is to attain personal gratification. It’s the epitome of self-centeredness.”

“I’ve got staples, nuts, bolts, stitches, the whole lot. I’m Frankenstein. I’m feeling wonderful. I’ve got complete flexibility, not tightness at all.

“People may perceive me as the least attractive individual alive, but I strive to preserve this image.”