Parents of a 2-year-old boy, a ‘loving’ grandfather and more: Names of Highland Park shooting victims

On Tuesday, both of his parents were killed in the gunfire, leaving behind a 2-year-old orphan. In the aftermath of a mass shooting that took place in a suburb of Chicago on Monday, the toddler wandered alone before strangers searched for his parents and picked him up.

Among those killed were a dedicated synagogue worker and an avid bird watcher, both of whom enjoyed watching festivities and holiday with his wheelchair-bound grandfather. The celebrations of the Fourth of July were abruptly disrupted when a gunman opened fire, causing anguish and injuring at least two dozen people in the city of Highland Park.

On Wednesday morning, Uvaldo was declared deceased at 7:47 a.M. At Evanston Hospital. The Cook County Medical Examiner’s office verified the identity of the seventh casualty as Eduardo Uvaldo, a 69-year-old resident of Waukegan, Illinois.

YOUNG CHILD LEFT WITHOUT PARENTS AFTER ASSAULT: How Highland Park provided assistance.

Many individuals from High Park Highland School wore sweatshirts as they gathered at a downtown vigil on Tuesday night. During the vigil, numerous candles were lit, flowers were placed, and prayers were offered. Some individuals shed tears, while others embraced and held hands with their neighbors.

Lucy Melinger, a nineteen-year-old who resides just a block away from where the shooting occurred, expressed, while holding a bunch of pink carnations, “It is comforting to be in the company of individuals who are experiencing a similar situation.”

People gather for a candlelight vigil July 5 near where seven people were killed by a gunman at a Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, Ill.

Here’s the information we have regarding the individuals affected.

Angela Vella, a childhood friend of Irina McCarthy, described Vella as a “personable and fun” tomboy who always admired her own unique style and liked to dress up.

Levberg stated, “She wedded Kevin McCarthy approximately five years ago following their encounter while employed jointly.” Levberg informed the Chicago Tribune on Tuesday, “Hailing from Moscow, Irina relocated to Chicago with her family at the age of 2 prior to settling in Highland Park.”

On Monday evening, his grandparents were joyfully reunited with him. He was recognized through a heartfelt plea to identify him, and his picture was circulated on various social media platforms and news channels by compassionate onlookers who discovered him injured and abandoned. These individuals happened to be the parents of Aiden, who is just 2 years old.

By Wednesday morning, individuals from the community rallied on GoFundMe to provide assistance to the young boy, accumulating nearly $2 million. According to acquaintances of the McCarthys, Irina’s parents will take care of him.

According to Aiden’s GoFundMe page, he finds himself in an unimaginable situation of having to grow up without any parents at the tender age of 2.

They came in pursuit of the American dream: On Independence Day, they endured an American gunfire incident.

Nicolas Toledo, seventy-eight

Nicolas Toledo was among the people killed at a shooting during a Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, Ill., his granddaughter Alba Toledo, 23, confirmed to USA TODAY.

Toledo’s family is “shattered,” his granddaughter Alba Toledo, 23, told USA TODAY in a Spanish-language message confirming Nicolas was among the victims.

“It’s a tremendous agony,” she expressed.

“Trust me, my grandfather was a remarkable individual, with a tremendous heart. He was the finest grandfather, affectionate and attentive,” she expressed.

Xochil Toledo, one of his other granddaughters, informed the Chicago Sun-Times that she accompanied him in his wheelchair to witness the event. However, his family, who had eagerly arranged chairs along the route the previous night, were uncertain about his desire to attend the parade.

When gunfire erupted, Xochil recounted how her father attempted to protect her grandfather, but Nicolas tragically passed away at the location.

The family of Nicolas Toledo is "shattered," his granddaughter Alba Toledo says.

Xochil, the official from the North American Ministry’s Foreign Mexican unit, stated that it is unclear whether he is the national Mexican victim among the victims. He told the Sun-Times that he moved to Highland Park a few months ago to be with his family and spent most of his life in Morelos, Mexico. He is of Mexican-American dual nationality and has a great-grandfather from Toledo, Mexico.

Xochil informed the Sun-Times that he had eight offspring, a wide grin, and vibrant azure eyes. He possessed an excellent sense of humor and enjoyed a homemade feast. Alba Toledo shared with USA TODAY that her grandfather adored sketching, hunting, angling, and strolling in the park.

We only wish to remember him as a great person – a hardworking man, a charismatic and fun adventurer and fighter, and a great grandfather and father.

‘I GRABBED MY CHILD AND RAN’: 6 deceased, numerous injured in shooting at July 4th parade in suburban Chicago.

Jacquelyn ‘Jacki’ Sundheim, 63 years old

On its website, the synagogue affirmed her passing, declaring that Sundheim had been a committed member of the congregation and a staff member at North Shore Congregation Israel for many years.

Sundheim helped organize events as the coordinator of B’nei synagogue. According to the statement, she taught at the Gates Preschool Learning with “tireless dedication.”

“Jacki’s dedication, compassion, and friendliness touched all of us,” the synagogue stated.

“In the midst of this immense sorrow, her family will somehow discover solace and reassurance,” it stated. “Jacki’s spirit will be enveloped in the protection of God’s wings, in the most profound supplication that you unite with us. Her family and cherished individuals, for Jacki’s passing and sympathy, the profundity of our sorrow has no satisfactory words to articulate, there are none.”

Stephen Straus, eighty-eight

Straus, a Chicago financial adviser, was one of the first observers at the parade and attended it every year, his grandchildren said.

Tobias and Maxwell Brothers described Straus as an active and kind man who loved attending community events and biking or walking.

He was an avid reader and told jokes as a teller. Jonathan commuted on the Metra five days a week to his downtown office at the Chicago Tribune. He loved the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the Art Institute of Chicago. Stephen Straus was born and raised on the South Side of the city, making him a true product of “Chicago”.

“The way he lived his life, you would think he was still in his prime,” Maxwell Straus told The Associated Press.

Two brothers recalled Sunday night dinners with their grandparents, a favorite tradition, where they ate him before nightfall.

“The gun culture in America is causing the death of older generations,” Maxwell stated.

Katherine Goldstein, 64 years old

Goldstein’s spouse characterized her as a laid-back travel partner who was always enthusiastic to explore remote destinations.

“She didn’t protest,” Craig Goldstein informed The New York Times. “She was always there for the adventure.”

Cassie attended the parade with her older daughter after being informed by a hospital physician, Craig Goldstein, that she could reconnect with friends from high school. Goldstein, a resident of Highland Park, was a mother to two daughters in their early 20s, Cassie and Alana.

I have got 22 years to spend with the best mom in the world. “I did everything with her,” Cassie Goldstein told NBC News. “She was my closest friend.”

In the Montrose Beach region of Chicago, there exists a bird sanctuary, where Katherine, a passionate bird enthusiast, expressed her desire to be cremated and have her ashes dispersed. According to Dr. Goldstein, his spouse had recently experienced the loss of her mother and contemplated the type of arrangements she would prefer upon her own demise.

“She was really selfless,” he told NBC News, “and seemingly always upbeat. … She touched so many people in a positive way.”.