Parents of Louisville bank shooter apologize for killings: ‘Wish we could undo it’

On Thursday, the mother and father of an individual who fatally shot and murdered five colleagues at a bank in Louisville shared their thoughts, reminiscing about their son’s mental health challenges throughout the past year.

Lisa and Todd Sturgeon, who were impacted by the mass shooting, expressed regret and stated that their 25-year-old son, Connor Sturgeon, should not have been permitted to purchase an AR-15 assault-style rifle due to his mental condition. They offered apologies to those affected during an interview on NBC’s “Today” show.

On April 10th, Connor Sturgeon tragically killed five coworkers and injured eight more people while livestreaming before being fatally shot by the Louisville authorities.

“We deeply regret. We’re devastated. We desire to reverse it, but we understand it’s not possible,” Lisa Sturgeon expressed.

“If we had the opportunity to reverse it, we would,” Lisa added later.

The condition remains critical, but the recovery is encouraging for Wilt Nickolas, an officer of the Metro Louisville Police. Also, Jim Tutt, a commercial real estate executive, and Juliana Farmer, a loan analyst, were injured. The bank had five people killed, including Tommy Elliott, a senior vice president; Deana Eckert, an administrative executive; and Joshua Barrick, a senior vice president, who were all in their 40s.

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Todd and Lisa Sturgeon said that their son began struggling with mental health issues about a year ago, experiencing anxiety attacks and attempting suicide. They mentioned that their son was taking medication and seeing a psychiatrist. However, they thought it was managed.

Before the panic attack at the bank, he had told her that her son had called her six days before on April, to show her the “Today” show.

On April 6th, she accompanied him to that location and arranged his subsequent appointment with a psychiatrist. Additionally, she mentioned that the duo had a meal together on the subsequent day.

“We believed he was emerging from the crisis,” Lisa Sturgeon stated.

Sturgeon Todd informed his parents that he was able to walk out with 40 minutes worth of ammunition and weapons, and they were told that they were able to walk into the store. The Sturgeons were not aware that on the same day, their son legally purchased an assault rifle and ammunition from a federally licensed firearms dealer.

During the egg hunt, Todd and Lisa Sturgeon mentioned that he appeared to be okay and was assisting kids in locating the remaining eggs. The Sturgeons last encountered their son during a family gathering on Easter Sunday, which was one day prior to the assault.

Her son was already present at the bank, but instead of approaching him, she decided to call 911. Over the phone, Connor informed his son, “I’m planning to enter and cause chaos at Old National,” mentioning that his son’s roommate had contacted Lisa Sturgeon the following morning.

“And they will never be identical, because of his actions,” Lisa Sturgeon stated. “In order to support their families, they were simply attempting to perform their duties. There was no incitement, no validation, no reasoning whatsoever. He targeted completely innocent individuals,” she expressed.

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Parents of shooter saw no warning signs

Sturgeon Todd stated that they have no idea what prompted their son’s murderous assault, as they fear that whatever idea they had, it still doesn’t make sense to go along with buying an assault rifle.

Lisa said that she decided to alert her husband and speak to the parents of the other children. She also mentioned that there was no clear indication that he would erupt in violence.

While prioritizing the protection of individual rights, Todd recognized the difficulty of striking the right balance to ensure public safety, considering his mental state. They argued that their son should have been prohibited from purchasing a firearm.

Today, while the families of the four victims declined to comment, Barrick’s family said in a statement that they didn’t happen to have any knowledge of the shooting.

The statement read, “We deserve to be safe in our communities, whether it be at the grocery store, schools, or anywhere else. Inaction is not an option. Enough is enough. The fact that anyone can walk in and buy a semiautomatic weapon, with the sole purpose of killing many in seconds, is simply wrong.”