Paul Walker’s Teenage Girlfriend: All That Got Revealed After His Death

This article is highly recommended. Fans have also felt uncomfortable and quite upset about Paul Walker’s teenage girlfriend. Neither his fans nor Paul himself knew it was not right to be in a romantic relationship and live together with a minor. Now, Paul Walker’s relationship is coming back, as he was dating his friend’s daughter before his death.

Paul Walker
Paul Walker

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The impact of Jasmine being younger is greater. The factor that has a greater impact is Jasmine being the younger one. However, this age difference is not uncommon in the Hollywood industry. This clearly indicates that she was more like his daughter. Well, Jasmine is a close friend of his daughter, Meadow Walker. They had a significant age gap of 17 years. He passed away at the age of 40, while she was only 23 years old. Speaking of Paul Walker’s teenage girlfriend, the actor was in a relationship with Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell until his untimely demise.

During that period, she was considered a minor as there is no evidence to suggest that they were ever that intimate. However, the fans can certainly infer a close relationship between them as they were romantically linked. It’s worth noting that the legal age of consent in California is 18. Since then, they have cohabited, with Paul being 33 years old when he began dating Jasmine at the age of 16.

During the time spent with Paul, just as it was before, it remains a puzzle. However, it is uncertain if Jasmine and Travis have exchanged vows. Furthermore, they have become engaged to one another. The pair has been seen on multiple occasions while socializing. It is delightful to witness her happiness once again. After a few years, she is discovered to have progressed in her life with a renowned musician, Travis Turpin. Even Jasmine’s father played a crucial role in assisting her in moving forward in life. His tragic car accident, resulting in his demise, has been a significant loss in Jasmine’s life. Nevertheless, fans are still pleased that Paul Walker bequeathed his fortune to his daughter, rather than his teenage girlfriend.

Another Romantic Connection During Adolescence

Both were quite open. The reason for their split is kept away from the media. It was a bit on-off. They were in a long-term relationship and knew each other well. They had known each other for over a decade. He was 28 years old while she was only 16. Before dating Aubrianna Atwell, the actor had dated Jasmine. It seems like Walker Paul had a slight weakness for teenage girls.

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Additional Information about Paul Walker

After learning about the actor’s interest in teenage girls, fans are interested in the details of his notable works and his relationship.

Paul Walker has won various prestigious awards for his incredible performance. His work in television includes Throb (1986-1987), Restless (1992), Young and the Restless, and Shark Men. Not to mention his many other works such as Eight Below, Meet the Deedles, Flags of Our Fathers (2006), and Fast & Furious franchise. In addition to his acting career, Paul Walker also worked as a model for various brands.

Paul Walker
Paul Walker

Within the community of supporters, the profound impact of his untimely departure continues to resonate. Paul Walker tragically passed away on November 30, 2013, as a result of a car collision.