Peter Piper Pizza Birthday Parties – Hassle Free Family Fun


Birthday parties are loved by kids everywhere, but they can be a source of stress for parents, especially when it comes to the cleanup afterwards. However, there is a solution to this problem. Peter Piper Pizza offers hassle-free birthday parties that take care of all the details, provide entertainment, and eliminate the need for cleanup.

Peter Piper Pizza birthday party packages.

Party Packages

Peter Piper Pizza offers two party packages that are sure to please both kids and parents alike. These packages include:

  • Great pizza: Peter Piper Pizza is famous for its delicious pizza. Kids and adults will enjoy the variety of flavors and toppings available.
  • Tons of games: The party packages include tokens that can be used to play games and win tickets. Kids will have a blast trying out different games and collecting tickets.
  • Ice cream: What’s a birthday party without ice cream? Peter Piper Pizza provides ice cream to add a sweet treat to the celebration.
  • No cleanup: One of the biggest advantages of hosting a birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza is that there is no need to worry about cleaning up afterwards. The staff takes care of all the mess, so parents can relax and enjoy the party.

Peter Piper Pizza birthday party packages.

Tokens and Tickets

Each of Peter Piper Pizza’s party packages includes tokens for the kids. These tokens are like magic to kids because they can be turned into pure fun or even tickets. The tickets can be seen trailing behind excited kids as they run to show off their haul to their parents and friends. Peter Piper Pizza has electronic ticket counters that make it easier to keep track of the tickets. The tickets can be fed into the ticket counter, and a receipt is provided to show the ticket count. This system is much more manageable than dealing with enormous piles of tickets.

Peter Piper Pizza birthday party packages.

Build-Your-Own Pizza

A highlight of the Peter Piper Pizza birthday package is the Build-Your-Own Pizza experience for the birthday child. This allows the birthday child to have fun creating their own pizza. Kids love the opportunity to make their own pizzas, and it adds an extra level of excitement to the party. The pizzas are extra delicious because they are made by the birthday child themselves.

Peter Piper Pizza birthday party packages.

Prize Center

After enjoying the delicious pizza, the token and ticket experience continues until the tokens are exhausted and all the tickets have been counted. Kids can spend their tickets at the prize center, where they can choose between candies and toys. The prize center offers a wide variety of neat items that will surely delight the kids. One notable item in the prize center is a puzzle block that resembles a Rubik’s cube with pictures on it.

Peter Piper Pizza birthday party packages.

Personal Party Host

One of the best parts of the Peter Piper Pizza birthday party experience is the inclusion of a Personal Party Host. The host, like Charles in our case, is amazing and attentive. They take care of various aspects of the party, such as refilling drinks, serving pizza, lighting candles, cutting and serving the cake, and ensuring that everyone is having a great time. The Personal Party Host takes the stress off the parents and ensures that everything runs smoothly.

Unlike many other places, Peter Piper Pizza allows families to bring in their own cake. This is an important option for many families who have specific dietary needs or preferences. The staff provides a knife and even helps serve the cake, making the cake-cutting process easier for parents.

Party Package Inclusions

In addition to the exciting elements mentioned above, both party packages offered by Peter Piper Pizza include the following:

  • Party invitations: Peter Piper Pizza provides party invitations, which can be either paper or electronic. This makes it convenient for parents to invite guests and ensure everyone is aware of the party details.
  • Reserved and decorated tables: The party packages include reserved tables that are decorated for the occasion. This adds a festive touch to the party and creates a special atmosphere for the birthday celebration.
  • Place settings: Peter Piper Pizza takes care of the place settings, making sure that each guest has everything they need to enjoy the party.
  • Personalized Mylar balloon: Each party package includes a personalized Mylar balloon that adds an extra special touch to the birthday celebration.

Peter Piper Pizza birthday party packages.

Peter Piper Pizza birthday party packages.


Peter Piper Pizza birthday parties are a sure hit with kids and provide a stress-free experience for parents. The party packages include great pizza, a variety of games, ice cream, and no cleanup. The tokens and tickets add an extra element of fun, and kids can exchange their tickets for exciting prizes at the prize center. The Personal Party Host ensures that everything runs smoothly and takes care of all the details. With the inclusion of party invitations, reserved and decorated tables, place settings, and a personalized Mylar balloon, Peter Piper Pizza truly offers a hassle-free and enjoyable birthday party experience. Book a party today and remember to tip your party host!

Peter Piper Pizza birthday party packages.

Disclaimer: The author hosted a complimentary party at Peter Piper Pizza to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are the author’s own.