Planning Your Trip to the Courthouse

Planning Your Trip to the Courthouse

All visitors to the courthouse are encouraged to allow ample time to locate the courthouse, park, make your way to the courthouse from the parking area, and pass through security screening to ensure you arrive on time for court and other appointments.

Please note that construction of the new General District Courthouse is underway. Please use caution when entering and exiting the courts complex. For the latest status, information or to sign up for alerts, please see the Court House Expansion Project.


Free public parking for standard size vehicles (vehicles under 8’2”) is available at the Pennington Parking Garage and Lot, located at 210 Church Street NE, Leesburg 20176.

The courthouse is located a short walk (approximately 3 blocks) away from the parking garage and lot. Complimentary shuttle service to and from the Pennington Garage and Lot and the Courthouse runs approximately every 10 minutes, Monday – Friday 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. For parking details and a map of the shuttle route and walking path, view the flyer below.

  • View a map with shuttle stops and walking path (PDF).

Public Transportation

The most convenient bus stop to the courthouse is the Loudoun County Government Center bus stop. View the Local Bus schedules for routes that stop at the Government Center. If you need assistance in planning your bus trip to the Courthouse, contact the Loudoun County Transit office by phone at 877-465-2287 or 703-771-5665.

Loudoun County Transit provides local, fixed-route bus service from Leesburg through eastern Loudoun County, including paratransit service for eligible persons with disabilities. Virginia Regional Transit provides service in rural western Loudoun County, including the Purcellville Connector Route and on-demand service. View more information about the local bus service.

Courthouse Security

  • Cameras, including cell phones with a built-in camera, laptops, tablets, smartwatches, etc. are prohibited in the courthouse. If you bring one of these items, you will be asked to return it to your vehicle or put it in the provided lockers at the entrance.
  • Any item that could be used to injure or harm another person cannot be brought into the courthouse. Guns, knives, ammunition, pepper spray, mace, razor blades, illegal drugs and other type of dangerous or hazardous material or property are all prohibited.
  • Learn more about items prohibited (PDF).

Each visitor who enters the Loudoun County Courthouse goes through a security screening procedure, with assistance from a Court Security Officer. To speed the process, visitors are asked to:

  • Empty pockets, placing contents in tray provided.
  • Place purses, briefcases, backpacks, and parcels on the x-ray machine for scanning.
  • Walk through the metal detector at the direction of the officer.

If the x-ray or metal detector sets off an alert or alarm, an officer may perform another scan using a hand wand.

Inform the officer if you have a metal implant, and they can bring you to a separate area for an alternative form of personal search.

Courthouse Etiquette

  • Dress appropriately: shirts and shoes are required.
  • Once you are in the courtroom and court has started, please remain seated and quiet until your case is called.
  • If you have a child with you who starts to cry or becomes disruptive, please take them out of the courtroom.
  • If you are standing in the hallway outside the courtroom, please conduct yourself in a quiet and orderly manner.


The Loudoun County Courthouse is committed to providing accessibility for all individuals. If you have specific accessibility needs, please contact the courthouse in advance to make necessary arrangements.

Facilities at the courthouse are designed to accommodate individuals with disabilities. There are ramps, elevators, and accessible restrooms available for use. Additionally, designated parking spaces are provided for individuals with disabilities near the courthouse entrance.

If you require any specific accommodations or assistance during your visit to the courthouse, please inform the courthouse staff, and they will be happy to assist you.