Power Rankings: State Flags

1. California.

It has a somewhat Soviet atmosphere, but it is an exceptional flag.

2. Colorado.

best state flags ranked

However, it’s still an excellent grade, yet somehow they failed to include the Rocky Mountains. It’s quite astonishing that one cannot enter a souvenir store in Colorado without encountering this image on every coffee cup, cap, and hoodie.

3. The state of New Mexico.

best state flags

The Zia sun symbol is superior to any of the state seals that decorate the majority of other flags.

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4. Maryland.

best state flags

It wasn’t positioned higher, I’m certain any readers from Maryland will be furious. Despite being quite eccentric, it’s certainly one of the top 5 flags. Nobody is more fixated on their flag than the inhabitants of Maryland.

5. Wyoming.

top state flags

Bison are among the top 10 animals for silhouettes. That’s an undeniable truth.

6. South Carolina.

top state flag rank

According to our highly scientific process, they are actually ranked as number 6. As stated on Wikipedia, the flag of South Carolina was rated as the 10th most well-designed state or provincial flag in North America by an informal survey conducted on the North American Vexillological Association’s website in 2001.

7. Arizona.

rank the best state flags

This is supposed to be a representation of the setting sun over the Colorado River. I think it bears a striking resemblance to the old bumper stickers that say “Tibet Free”. Either way, it’s enough to crack the top 10.

8. Missouri.

best state flags in the US

It’s incredibly absurd that you can’t help but adore it. These bears are assuming the most ludicrous position in the entire history of their kind.

9. Alaska.

best state flags

When considering that King Benny must have lived, he bought a cup of coffee and $20 from the Russians in Alaska. That’s more than $13,000 in today’s dollars. He won a trip to Washington DC and $1,000 for his winning design, which he threw in a gold watch. This kid nailed it. Meanwhile, Alaska’s flag, which was designed by 13-year-old Benson Benny in 1927, won a contest. It’s astonishing how consistently adults come up with such terrible designs for logos, license plates, and flags, etc.

10. North Carolina.

best state flags

Texas with greater personality…And inverted.

11. Texas.

state flag rank

This is another flag that is proudly flown with a great deal of state pride.

12. Oregon.

top state flags ranking best flags in the US

Oregon was the only state that thought to make a two-sided flag, if they simply stuck with one-sided flag designs, the yellow and blue beaver would have skyrocketed into the upper echelon, but they have since disappeared into the unoriginal sea.

13. Washington, District of Columbia.

Flag of the District of Columbia.svg

It functions, however, the design is simple. Once again, we include them in our list, including DC, but DC always gets left out.

14. Indiana.

best state flags

Basic. Majestic. Balanced.

15. Massachusetts.

It is done in the typical Massachusetts style, with flags that have a simple white backdrop, one of the superior state emblems, and nothing extravagant or exaggerated.

16. Tennessee.

state flag ranking

Initially, I wasn’t enthusiastic about this one, but it has started to appeal to me.

17. The state of Rhode Island.

top state flags

The maritime theme is suitable for Ocean State. The white backdrop also appears pleasing.

18. Iowa.

In general, not a poor flag. Considering that Iowa was included in the Louisiana Purchase, I guess it is logical, but this seems a little too French for a flag representing a state in the United States.

19. Ohio.

state flag rankings

This is an unusual one. However, I enjoy it.

20. Georgia.

Here’s another variation on the Texas/Chile theme. It’s a good looking flag, but two stripes is a decidedly better look than three.

21. Arkansas.

I comprehend that there is a considerable amount of symbolism in this flag, but visually it is simply average.

22. Mississippi.

In 2021, Mississippi introduced a fresh flag. It is a step forward from the prior layout, yet it still lacks the quality to be considered a top-notch flag.

Flag of Mississippi

23. Maine.

How do you not love these two guys, the most swashbuckling gentlemen in the world flag? And in the center ties it all together, the moose in the middle and one of the flags is better blue.

24. Virginia.

best state flags

Virginia is the ultimate underdog story, with something unique to set it apart from the crowd. When every other state seemingly has a blue flag with a seal in the middle, Virginia does something different.

25. Michigan.

state flag rankings best

I enjoy it, but it’s an unusual flag…With the help of a dissatisfied deer, showcasing a image of Sasquatch, anywhere else in the globe except holding that position and clearly desires to be uneasy. It appears incredibly valuable, the look on that elk’s countenance.

26. Utah.

Flag of Utah.svg

The entire “Industry” concept is a bit peculiar, but apart from that, it’s an appealing emblem.

27. Nevada.

state flag ranking

I can understand the fact that they didn’t want to centralize their emblem like everyone else.

28. Pennsylvania.

state flag ranking

Pennsylvania’s coat of arms is one of the better ones, not just because it has a higher ranking, but also because it avoids using the color blue.

29. The state of New Hampshire.

state flag rankings

Although New Hampshire’s coastline is only 13 miles in length, why not place a ship there?

30. New York City.

state flag rankings

This is a rather ordinary flag. However, it did serve as the inspiration for a memorable episode of South Park.

31. Vermont.

state flag rankings

Above someone’s mantelpiece, the stag’s head appears as if it ought to be affixed. Vermont disappointed me, yet I still sense that it might be one of the superior monotonous azure banners. Not Vermont, but one anticipates that from the states passed over during aerial travel. Exceedingly unsatisfactory is the reality that they willingly crafted a dull blue banner just like everyone else. There exists no alternative, their banner necessitates being verdant. I anticipate a significantly higher standard from the state known as the Green Mountain State.

32. Louisiana.

state flag rankings

Louisiana has a strong fascination with pelicans. Eagles are so overused anyway.

33. North Dakota.

state flag rankings

The state flag lacks originality and includes the following elements: 1) A Latin expression. 2) 13 celestial bodies. 3) A bald eagle holding a ribbon in its beak. 4) A backdrop of blue color.

34. Nebraska.

state flag rankings

Are you exhausted from seeing blue flags repeatedly?

35. Oklahoma.

state flag rankings

This would be much more improved with an alternative backdrop shade.

36. Florida.

state flag rankings

At least they made more effort than Alabama and placed a seal on top of the red “X”.

37. Idaho.

Flag of Idaho (November 2, 1957)

There is an Inception-like occurrence taking place here in Idaho, where scenes of nature are intertwining with scenes of nature, creating a unique and captivating experience.

38. Kentucky.

state flag rankings

The flag of Kentucky showcases Daniel Boone and Henry Clay, however, for some unknown reason, Colonel Sanders was excluded.

39. Montana.

Flag of Montana (December 17, 1981)

Initially, there was not a significant amount to extract from. Typically, incorporating the name of the state in bold typography detracts from the overall aesthetic.

40. Wisconsin.

state flag rankings

The unpleasant capital letters detract from the badger crawling on the crest.

41. Kansas.

I have officially exhausted my ideas on the topic of blue flags featuring seals in the center.

42. The state of South Dakota.

US state flag rank

Not only is the color palette dreadful, they inexplicably feel the necessity to incorporate the name “South Dakota” two times.

43. The state of West Virginia.

worst state flags ranking

The azure perimeter isn’t appealing to me.

44. Delaware.

worst US state flags

These guys are trying to act as cool as their counterparts on the Maine flag, despite the fact that there’s no hiding the fact that they’re huge dweebs.

45. Washington.

George Washington deserves more than this.

46. Hawaii.

worst state flags

Ignoring the fact that it appears as though Hawaii secretly desires to be a part of Great Britain, this flag is challenging to behold.

47. Minnesota.

state flag rankings

Royal/navy blue backgrounds may be excessively utilized, but light blue backgrounds simply appear unappealing.

48. Connecticut.

The flag of Connecticut is always unattractive, constantly in search of rumors. Massachusetts, on the other hand, has uprooted itself and is now greener pastures, being seen as the largest employer in the state by General Electric. At this moment, it is a very fitting motto. It still sustains those who have been transplanted, which translates to “he who has been uprooted sustains.”

49. Alabama.

Flag of Alabama(February 16, 1895)[3]


50. Illinois.

state flag rankings

It would have been much improved if it were the case that. Just kidding…The design students at the local elementary school in Illinois were allowed enough freedom to express their creativity. It looks like a great place.

Fifty-one. New Jersey.

state flag rankings

We finally figured out where Waldo is. It looks like the woman on the left also resembles Waldo, as she may have taken her hat from Waldo’s hanging spear. The scheme color is pretty atrocious.

*All images are sourced from Wikipedia.