Preakness Stakes Post Positions: Mage Draws Gate 3 for Preakness, Favored at 5/2

The post positions for the Preakness Stakes are one of the aspects to take into account when placing bets on the Run for the Black-Eyed Susans, of which there are numerous.

The position of the post draw is a key factor in horse racing events, particularly in the Preakness Stakes, as it greatly affects the odds and performance. It determines how horses respond to the starting gate and where they sit.

How is post position determined at the Preakness Stakes?

The post positions for the Preakness Stakes are typically determined by race officials through a random draw, which takes place on the Monday of race week.

The balls or pills, which are numbered, are placed in a randomizing machine called the “during machine randomizer”. Each specific position represents a post, and the machine ensures a fair selection by thoroughly mixing the pills and activating the machine. The pills are then drawn one by one from the machine, and they are assigned to the corresponding post positions for the participating horses.

Other factors can influence the significance of different positions in horse races, such as the running style of the horse and track conditions. However, the positions of the starting gate are numbered from 1 to 14, with the closer positions on the inside (known as the rail) generally being considered advantageous due to the shorter distance they have to cover to reach the first turn. The assigned post position is significant to each horse in the race because it determines their starting position.

It is worth noting that the post positions for the Preakness Stakes can have a significant impact on a horse’s chances of winning, making it more challenging for horses to make up ground from an unfavorable starting position compared to the Kentucky Derby, which is run on a relatively shorter track.

2023 post positions and odds

Particularly the first position and the farthest outer positions, the allocation for the 2023 Preakness Stakes is vital since betting odds will change based on the starting positions of specific horses.

Position Horse Odds
1 National Treasure 4/1
2 Chase the Chaos 50/1
3 Mage 8/5
4 CoffeeWithChris 20/1
5 Red Route One 10/1
6 Perform 15/1
7 Blazing Sevens 6/1

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Preakness Stakes wins by post position

Since the implementation of the starting gate in 1930, here are the post positions that have won the most Preakness Stakes championships. The gate can either provide them with an edge or a setback right from the beginning, where Preakness Stakes horses commence.

Post Number 14 has never emerged victorious in the Preakness Stakes.

Post Position Wins
1 12
2 12
3 12
4 14
5 12
6 16
7 14
8 10
9 4
10 2
11 2
12 3
13 1
14 0

Best post position at the Preakness Stakes

In the middle of this group, 16 Preakness champions proudly hold their position. Gate No. 6 is considered the prime post position, known for producing the most winners in terms of the Preakness Stakes.

Worst post position at the Preakness Stakes

Post position number 14 is considered to be the least favorable in the Preakness and has not yet produced a champion.