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If you are placing an order at AdamEve.Com, you should know what the packaging cost and shipping time are, as well as how to obtain a free shipping code. AdamEve.Com is a leading online store for adult products that takes pride in quickly and discreetly delivering orders, satisfying millions of customers.

Adam & Eve Shipping: Timings and expenses | Packaging | Complimentary delivery.

Adam and Eve Packaging:

If you’re concerned that someone else might see Adam and Eve’s sex toy package that you ordered,

surprised girl

“Mommy, what is a thrusting rabbit vibrator?”

To ensure the confidentiality of your purchase, Eve and Adam ship everything very discreetly without putting their name on the packaging or using a USPS shipping label.

This is how a typical package from Adam and Eve appears.

As you can observe, there is no reference to Adam and Eve on the packaging!

How does the purchase of Eve and Adam appear on my billing statement when they are listed tactfully as “Adam Mail” and paid for with a credit card?

It’s probably a huge relief to know that there is no clue to indicate how the package from Eve & Adam is going to be shipped here for free, right?

Shipping Time & Cost:

How much does shipping cost for Eve and Adam? Does expedited delivery cost more or is there no difference? Eve & Adam offers a flat-rate shipping fee of $7.99 for standard shipping, regardless of the size of your order.

What is the shipping time for Adam and Eve? Here are the shipping rates and delivery times for Adam & Eve:

  • Regular: $7.99 (5-9 business days).
  • Express: $11.99 (2-5 working days).
  • UPS 2-Day: $15.99 (2 working days).
  • UPS Next Day: $23.99 (1 working day).
  • *Orders with accelerated shipping speeds need to be placed by 2:45 pm EST in order to be shipped on the same day.

    How to Save on Shipping Costs, Fees:

    Adam and Eve impose an additional $3+ fee for “Shipping assurance” (insurance) and “Rush processing.” This is primarily due to the fact that, by default, you may not be aware that you are incurring supplementary charges for shipping on AdamEve.Com.

    adam eve shipping time cost

    Why would you need to pay additional charges for shipping insurance? These fees may appear unnecessary unless you frequently encounter problems with receiving or theft of your mail. Therefore, to avoid the extra charges, I suggest deselecting these options at the time of checkout.

    *Related: Snapfish delivery duration | Vistaprint delivery duration.

    So, to save more than $11 on shipping expenses, follow these instructions:

  • Select “Standard” shipping.
  • Apply a complimentary shipping code.
  • Skip the optional “shipment protection”.
  • Exclude the option of “expedited order processing”.
  • How Free Shipping Works:

    Some Adam and Eve promotional codes (listed here) offer complimentary delivery, which can help you save $8 or more.

    This means that shipping is always delivered via Standard shipping speed, and you can expect your order to be shipped on days 5-9. By choosing this option, you will save $7.99 on shipping costs and enjoy free delivery with promotions.

    Apologies, there are currently no promotional codes available for complimentary expedited shipping!

    Here’s how to save even more on shipping from Adam and Eve.


    Hopefully, this post has clarified the shipping and cost times for your order from Eve & Adam, alleviating all your fears that the mailman will look at the packaging and know that you ordered a vibrator.

    Remember, if you make a purchase, utilize a promotional code during the checkout process to avail a discount of 50% or more!