Princess Anne recycles 25-year-old outfit from Princess Diana’s funeral

On September 13th, in Edinburgh, Princess Anne looked elegant and poised in a respectful royal ensemble, which consisted of a smart black headpiece, understated and sheer tights, and a feminine silhouette carved by an ebony pencil skirt. The fit-and-flare jacket, fastened with a pearlescent pin, elevated the overall look of the ensemble, while the sleek black jacket added a touch of sophistication.

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Timeless is the style of the royal, demonstrating the attire – which is at minimum 25 years old – at the funeral of Princess Diana in 1997, the mother-of-two previously wore the jacket with a peplum-style. Anne wears the jacket for the first time we have witnessed it.

Princess Anne was a pioneer of sustainable style long before the trend became mainstream, encouraging consumers to rewear their Royal Princess wardrobe for decades and buy vintage to recycle.

The queen accompanied her mother’s casket from Scotland to London.

The elegant jacket is likely to have been tailored for the royal rather than being second-hand, showcasing her dedication to a timeless and fuss-free approach to fashion that makes her iconic.

“Because I simply believe that is more enjoyable.” She simply believes that is more enjoyable.” Have them created because I still attempt and purchase materials and designs “because I’m quite stingy”, including: The royal previously stated to Vanity Fair that she opts to reuse.

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Princess Anne also shared the importance of using local materials in her tailoring, as it helps support those who still manufacture in this country.

“We shouldn’t overlook the fact that we possess those abilities, and there are still establishments that perform an exceptional task.”

Princess Anne donned the identical coat at the memorial service of Princess Diana in 1997.

The Queen, situated close to her royal estate, carried a ‘Balmoral Blue Jura’ handbag adorned with a tartan trim, which was promptly identified as a purchase from the Balmoral gift shop amidst a challenging period in Scotland.

On Instagram, a devoted fan wrote “I love this,”. When the Queen unexpectedly passed by, she went about her duties and sent someone to get a gift from the shop. Little did she know, she didn’t have her black purse with her.

“This is what I admire about Anne,” read a second comment.

Princess Anne carrying her ‘Balmoral Blue Jura’ purse.

Princess Anne conveyed her “profound feeling of dignity” for being alongside her mother, Queen Elizabeth II, during her demise.

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King Charles III, her sibling, experienced the Queen’s last moments at her side alongside Anne. It has been a privilege and a blessing to accompany her during her ultimate expeditions. I was lucky to share the concluding 24 hours of my beloved Mother’s existence, the 72-year-old monarch expressed in a sincere declaration released mere days after Her Majesty’s passing.