Princess Diana’s Infamous ‘Black Sheep’ Sweater Is Up for Auction. Here’s Why It’s So Significant

Before she made headlines for her “notorious revenge dress,” Princess Diana of Wales donned a red sheep-print sweater, featuring a single row of black sheep on a white background, as a metaphorical representation of her life as a royal. This Wonderful & Warm brand knit intarsia-wool piece became an indelible part of her legacy.

The founders of Wonderful & Warm recently discovered a sweater in the attic, which will be part of the inaugural “Fashion Icons” event auction at Sotheby’s in New York. The sweater, originally retailed in the ’80s for about $50,000, is estimated to sell for $80,000 to $50,000. The current top bid has already exceeded $120,000. Additionally, at this year’s auction, one of Diana’s purple Victor Edelstein gowns sold for $604,800, setting a record. The sweater will reveal the sales history of Diana’s Time apparel.

Today, individuals resonate with Diana and her distinctions, precisely why the sweater embodies Cynthia Houlton, Sotheby’s Global Head of Fashion & Accessories. Her charitable endeavors and acute fashion sense have become just as integral to Diana’s legend as her endeavor to adapt and the family’s incapacity to embrace her, stories regarding her endeavor to adapt. However, stories about her endeavor to adapt and the family’s incapacity to embrace her have become just as integral to Diana’s legend as her charitable endeavors and acute fashion sense. Recognized as “the People’s Princess,” Diana was adored by the public for defying the establishment’s fussy traditions. Considering Diana’s ultimate struggle to find a comfortable place within the royal family, numerous individuals have discovered significance in the ‘black sheep’ design. Despite its whimsical appearance, the sheep pattern on the sweater carries a deeper meaning for many.

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Houlton says, “those who were quite similar, the oceanic Royals in the distinct, ebony-like appearance that she possessed, some of whom may have had certain emotions, she probably thought. When we contemplate the motif of the black sheep, it could have been perceived as a negative aspect that sets her apart from the rest of the flock, but today, it’s acceptable to stand out and embrace uniqueness. How she looked or what she wore, and the fact that she was uniquely herself, will be remembered as her true beauty.”

Diana’s sweater, which was similar to the one she had, was discovered in the attic of Osborne’s last year. It had been folded into an old quilt and forgotten until then. Muir and Osborne decided to replace the damaged piece and asked Diana if she would like it to be repaired. They also informed her that the sweater was damaged and told her about the 1981 polo match that inspired it. Sally and Joanna, the founders of Wonderful & Warm, wrote to Diana’s assistant, who seemed to consider the sweater important.

“It was insane,” Osborne states. “We believed we had misplaced it.”

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Please pay attention to the drawing and observe the black ribbon tied around the lone black sheep.

Diana, the princess, utilized fashion as a means to convey her identity. Her fashion choices were deliberate and purposeful, as she was constantly under surveillance and frequently captured on camera. She stated, “By 1983, I was highly cognizant.” This indicates that it was of great importance for the princess to don the sweater once more for Houlton.