Qué comer en Puerto Rico

Do you want to know more about what to eat in Puerto Rico? The most common ingredient is the banana, which is often used in fried dishes. Puerto Rican cuisine typically consists of rice and beans accompanied by various types of marinated meats.

In Puerto Rico, the servings are truly ample and it is practically impossible to feel famished with their filling meals.

Below, we will indicate some of the delights that you cannot miss sampling during your journey to the island.


In various variations, it is possible to find and Rico Puerto is one of the most traditional dishes, mofongo. Seafood or meat, chicken stuffed with fried plantain as a base made of a consistent texture of a “volcano” species is what it is.

El mofongo típico de Puerto Rico acompañado de arroz y salsa

Arroz mamposteao

A must-have meal to eat in Puerto Rico, no doubt about it! In the case of arroz mamposteao, it is mixed with stewed beans and sautéed with bell pepper, ham, and garlic. As the main staple of Puerto Rican cuisine, rice is prepared in many different ways.


Cuchifritos, which are famous for their fried snacks, are typically found on the streets. These snacks are usually crispy and come in various options. Alcapurrias, which are fritters filled with meat, yuca, or banana, are a specialty of the island. The borough of Queens is known for its diverse range of fried snacks.

Bistec encebollado

Cooking the marinated meat on low heat results in its smooth texture and amazing flavor, thanks to this island’s star meat recipe.


“Crispy is achieved by frying green plantain slices twice, which are used as ‘tostadas’ to accompany well or some ideal dishes.”

Tostones de plátano


Fritos son generalmente servidos. En este caso, se utiliza pollo o carne de picadillo como envoltura, el plátano es uno de los ingredientes principales de los platos portorriqueños.

Arroz con habichuelas

A Puerto Rican table is incomplete without a delicious side dish, such as a bowl of slow-cooked beans with white rice, as simple and delicious as it can be.


During the Christmas holidays, coconut tembleque is especially consumed, a soft dessert. The common elements in different Puerto Rican recipes are coconut, sugar, and vanilla.


These little cheeses, made with a puff pastry dough filled with honey cream cheese, are one of the desserts that cannot be missing from the Puerto Rican dessert menu.


Sweet and crispy yellow plantain slices, known as ripe Fritos maduros, are served as a delicious and crunchy option for accompaniment in various dishes.

Piña colada

The delightful drink features a blend of pineapple, coconut, and rum. Created in the 19th century in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the piña colada is one of the most famous cocktails in the world, to the extent that it has even been honored with songs.