¿Quién era Chantal Jiménez, la comunicadora e influencer asesinada por su expareja?

The Dominican Republic was shaken this Holy Saturday by the revelation of Chantal Jiménez’s murder, which was made known through preliminary investigations. The victim, who was previously in a romantic relationship with the suspect, later committed suicide. He was fatally shot in the head. Chantal Jiménez, who was a communicator and influencer, lost her life in this tragic incident.

The 25-year-old woman was a victim of gender violence by the perpetrator of the crime, Jensy Graciano Cepeda, who had been previously reported. The abhorrent violent act took place in the Fernandez Urbanization in the National District, according to the authorities.

As Telemundo reviews, the sister of the deceased today was the one who confirmed the news and expressed that Chantal Jiménez received a mysterious call yesterday afternoon when she was heading to a shopping center to do her shopping.

Unfortunately, she was unable to preserve her integrity. In this sense, she wrote: “There are individuals who are indifferent to causing harm. What they want is to feel better themselves, including close individuals. What they desire is to be right. Therefore, what needs to be done is to take care of yourself.” On her part, “People en Español” reports that on April 8th, just hours before her death, Chantal made a comment on Instagram regarding those who harm others.

“There is no such thing as separation. Because for those who love with their heart and soul, goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes,” posted a message on their social media in previous days, in which they said something that some interpret as a sign of the crime that the alleged killer, who was Chantal’s partner, would commit. It is worth noting.

“C.P.D., Chantal”. “May God welcome you in heaven. In the short time that you spent with the entire team, you were always available to us with a positive energy. Thank you for sharing with us and being part of the ‘Cooltura’ choir. Chantal Jiménez, whose colleagues mourned her premature departure, was an influencer, content creator, communicator, radio host, and actress, among the roles she excelled in was her work in ‘Cooltura’, a digital content platform.”

Carlos Durán, the youtuber, revealed in his show “El programa su de videos los de uno en saldrá occisa hoy la que” that he eventually collaborated with the YouTube channel of Carlos Durán.

Furthermore, she initiated her career as a model on the television show “Sábado Extraordinario” on Telemicro.

The CEO of the company “organic ArKo,” which was dedicated to the sale of cosmetic products for women, operated a virtual store that unfortunately passed away today. Similarly.

Chantal Jiménez, may you find eternal peace. He utilized the identical weapon to take his own life following the tragic incident in which he ended the life of Jensy Graciano Cepeda, the individual she had a previous romantic involvement with. It appears that the responsibility for her demise lies with him, although we are currently awaiting the official findings from the authorities. On April 8, she suffered a gunshot wound to her head, abruptly ending her bright professional future.

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