Ray J Quietly Just Made a $100 Million Earphones Company – Here’s Our Review

Yes, it is rumored that J Ray, the star of the reality business, has quietly built earbuds that are surprisingly good and expected to surpass $100 million in sales this year.

Raycon, founded by Ray J (also known as Willie Ray Norwood Jr), has quickly gained millions of customers, gradually eroding Apple’s market dominance in the process. The wireless headphone company, which is only three years old, has achieved significant success in a relatively short period of time.

Raycon’s earbuds are priced at half the price of well-designed niche competitors, which contrasts with Apple’s high prices and neutral selling designs.

Raycon’s wireless earbuds offer customers two things: a powerful and impactful bass, and a range of earbud colors to choose from, starting at $79.

Ray J Quietly Just Made a $100 Million Earphones Company - Here’s Our Review

From Reality Television Personality to Successful Entrepreneur

In 2015, Ray J introduced an e-scooter product during the peak of the hoverboard trend following a career in reality television.

Ray Lee, a young entrepreneur in the technology industry, joined forces with him. Opting for a strategic shift, he chose to concentrate on a more extensive target audience, enhancing and expanding operations for rapid growth, taking advantage of the opportunity to build a solid reputation.

When we first started, we tested everything – smartwatches, headphones, scooters, and more. Our goal was to find gaps in the market, like big companies such as Apple that were ignoring customers’ needs. We really didn’t care about the outcome, as long as it was clear that our wireless earbuds were super personable for the user base.

The company’s most sought-after earphones, the E25 Earbuds, are priced at $79, while the premium performance variant is available for $119.

But let’s get straight to the point: can a reality celebrity truly rival Apple, the electronic giant that monopolizes the market?

I spent a week with the E25 Earbuds even though the company offers various models.

  • The Everyday E25 ($79): Earbuds. Wireless. Entry-level version. Highly sought-after. Powerful bass. Compact. Battery lasts for 24 hours.
  • The E55 Performer ($119): Earbuds. Wireless. Ideal for physical activity. Wireless charging. Battery life of 36 hours.
  • The Trendsetter H20 ($99): Over-ear. Wireless. Noise-cancelling. 22-hour battery duration.
  • Ray J Quietly Just Made a $100 Million Earphones Company - Here’s Our Review

    To summarize a lengthy review:

  • If you desire something understated, particularly for everyone except yourself, the bass is both lively and well-regulated. It is advisable to refrain from departing. If you are considering purchasing bass similar to these, they are exceedingly noticeable.
  • I ran 10 miles while wearing them, and I feel great. I didn’t have any problems while wearing them and running 10 miles. They have the same fit as Airpods, and they are similar in terms of quality.
  • The case is satisfactory, but it doesn’t give a sense of durability. However, it excels in terms of sound quality. Are Airpods as good as they claim to be? Are Airpods really as good as they claim to be? The sound quality is impressive. It offers more than half the quality at a lower price compared to Airpods, which cost $199. It’s difficult to find a better price.
  • Raycon emerges as the victor in this scenario. Conversely, Airpods merely possess a duration of 3 hours. On the other hand, the case offers an additional 36 hours of charging capacity. The battery life amounts to 6 hours of listening, which comes as a pleasant surprise.
  • Ray J Quietly Just Made a $100 Million Earphones Company - Here’s Our Review

    In other terms, perhaps Ray J is onto something.