Ray Rice Net Worth

Ray Rice, a former professional American football player, is worth $13 million. He was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in 2008 after playing football at Rutgers college. Ray established himself as the Ravens’ second all-time leading rusher during his six-year playing-season career. He was also part of the Ravens team that won the Super Bowl in 2013. In 2014, he was indicted for assaulting his fiancee, which severely impacted his career. He was suspended from playing in the NFL and released by the Ravens following the indictment. Eventually, he successfully appealed the decision, assuming that many would allow him to play again. However, due to his controversial reputation, none of the NFL teams were willing to sign him, and his career ended.

Legal Issues

In 2014, Rice was indicted for third-degree aggravated assault after he was arrested for assaulting his then-fiancee Janay Palmer in an elevator in Atlantic City. Despite facing charges, fines, and potential prison time, Rice later agreed to undergo counseling. The Ravens immediately issued a statement condemning Rice’s actions following the incident. Video footage later surfaced showing Rice dragging an unconscious Janay Palmer out of the elevator after delivering a blow to her head.

Following this occurrence, his economic condition was extremely severe. Despite receiving a $3.5-million settlement upon his release from the Ravens, Ray was released from the Ravens and faced an indefinite suspension from the NFL. The unlawful accusations had a substantial impact on Rice’s professional football journey.

By cutting Ray’s salary by $10 million from the final three years of the deal, the team offered him a chance to sign on, with the condition that he would donate his entire salary to a charity if he joined the team.

EA announced that they will be releasing an update to Madden NFL 15 that will remove Ray from the game. Although Michael Vick was re-signed and Justin Gatlin and Lance Armstrong are other athletes, Nike announced that they terminated their endorsement deal with Ray, making him the fourth athlete in Nike’s history to be booted for PR/morality reasons. Yet, we haven’t even talked about endorsement money.


Ray Rice, who was selected by the Baltimore Ravens in the second round of the NFL Draft in 2008, signed a strong bonus signing worth $1.1 million plus an additional $2.85 million deal, finishing with 273 receiving yards and 546 rushing yards for the Ravens. He was prepared to enter the NFL Draft in 2008.

In 2012, Ray entered into a $35-million contract extension following a remarkable season in 2011. Ray delivered yet another impressive performance and concluded the year with a total of 1,220 rushing yards and 556 receiving yards, earning him a spot in the Pro Bowl in 2010. He concluded that season with a total of 1,339 yards. In a match against the Steelers, he achieved a rushing yardage of 141. In the opening game of the 2009 season, he managed to rush for 108 yards. By 2009, Rice had taken on the role of the Ravens’ starting running back.

Rice officially announced in 2018 that his NFL career was over. Ray’s progress in the NFL was largely disappointing in the 2014 and 2013 seasons due to legal issues that hampered him. Unfortunately, he was a part of the Ravens team that won the Super Bowl, which would have been the high point of his entire career.

NFL Earnings

During his six-season NFL career, Ray Rice earned a total salary of 38 million dollars, which could have cost him several personal controversies but earned him much more.

Rice’s contract, which was signed in 2012, included a bonus of $15 million, paid as a signing bonus after earning $8 million per year. However, Ray’s contract with the Ravens was not frontloaded, as he arrived with a $17 million salary in the first year. After signing his contract, Rice’s talents were promptly rewarded with a 5-year, $40 million contract. He had his best season in 2011, coming off a year where he totaled 2,068 scrimmage yards.

Ray received a $7-million bonus option at the end of the 2013-2014 season. Between July 2012 and March 2013, Ray earned a total of $25 million from bonuses and salary alone, all from the Ravens.

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Early Life

Mourice Ray Rice was born on January 22nd, 1987 in New Rochelle, New York. His cousin was killed by a drunk driver when Ten Ray was young, which added to the family’s collection of tragedies. Additionally, his father was killed in a drive-by shooting when Ray was just one year old.

Ray started his football journey as a tailback for the school football team during his college days, where he broke many records. He attended Rutgers University after graduating from Rice, and during this time, he excelled as a running back.

Real Estate

Rice acquired a $350,000 “entry-level residence” in Pikesville upon his initial selection by the Ravens. The residence showcases 2,100 square feet of living area, a hot tub, and a security setup, and is quite unpretentious. It was disclosed in 2012 that Ray Rice had procured a residence for his mother subsequent to securing a fresh $40-million agreement with the Ravens.

After severing ties with Baltimore, it was reported that Ray Rice had moved back to New York. In 2013, Rice was ready to part with his much smaller home, a condo townhome, asking for $319,000. However, just three years later, after legal issues, he put it back on the market for a tag price of $899,000, his residence in 2012. The property sits on an acre of his land in Reisterstown, with a purchased square footage of 4,736. It is worth noting that Rice did not purchase the home long afterward.

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