Real Estate Newsletter on 12/6/2023

Binh Dinh: Bidding to find an investor in a social housing project of VND 730 billion in Quy Nhon City

Nhon Phu 2 Social Housing Project has a total area of ​​more than 38,000m2, with a population of about 2,300 people; consists of 4 independent apartment buildings, with about 714 apartments. The project implementation cost is nearly 730 billion VND.

The project is allocated land by the State with the collection of land use levy. The term of land allocation to the investor is 50 years. Buyers of houses attached to land use rights are entitled to stable and long-term land use.

The project implementation schedule is 36 months from the effective date of the project implementation contract or being recognized as the project investor.

The construction of Nhon Phu 2 social housing will contribute to the completion of the approved housing development program and plan in the province; contributing to the completion of the social housing construction investment target assigned by the Prime Minister to Binh Dinh province under Decision No. 338/QD-TTg dated April 3, 2023 approving the Project “Invest in building less At least 1 million social housing apartments for low-income people and industrial park workers in the 2021-2030 period.

At the same time, create a social housing fund to meet the needs of groups of beneficiaries of social housing support policies, especially low-income people, workers and workers in industrial parks. Karma.

Hoa Binh – Moc Chau Expressway has new developments

Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha has just approved in writing the People’s Committee of Hoa Binh province to continue investing in phase 1 of the Hoa Binh – Moc Chau expressway project (section Km 19+00 – Km 53+00 in the province). Hoa Binh) according to the scale of 2 lanes, the scope of ground clearance according to the scale of 4 lanes.

Government leaders requested the People’s Committee of Hoa Binh province to receive comments from relevant ministries and organize the implementation of the project investment to ensure progress, quality, efficiency and compliance with the provisions of law.

Hoa Binh – Moc Chau expressway project (section Km 19+00 – Km 53+00 in Hoa Binh province) has a total length of 32.5km with the starting point in the territory of Da Bac town and the end point in the province. Chieng Yen, Van Ho, Son La communes.

The scale of investment is divided into two phases, in which phase 1 designs and builds a road with a design speed of 80km/h, and sections with difficult terrain have a design speed of 60km/h.

Once completed, this expressway will connect the external transport network of Son La province with Hoa Binh and with Hanoi capital, creating an expressway connecting the Northwest region with the Northern key economic region. Ministry, connecting to the Northeast border gate and Lach Huyen international seaport. At the same time, reducing the load on National Highway 6, section Hoa Binh – Son La, contributing to promoting socio-economic development of localities in the two provinces, creating conditions to maximize the potential and advantages of localities. direction.

In 2019, the Prime Minister approved the investment policy to build Hoa Binh – Moc Chau expressway in the form of public – private partnership. However, the process of implementing this project in this form encountered some difficulties and problems. Therefore, the People’s Committees of Son La and Hoa Binh provinces have proposed to stop implementing investment projects under the PPP method and change the investment form to public investment.

Hoa Binh – Moc Chau expressway project has a total length of about 85km; in which, about 49km in Hoa Binh province (passing through Hoa Binh city, Da Bac district) and about 36km in Son La province (passing Van Ho district, Moc Chau district).

Pouring 19,000 billion into 20,000 villas, Vingroup turns Vu Yen Island into a new center of Hai Phong

Initially, the project of entertainment, housing and ecological park on Vu Yen island was approved by the Prime Minister with a residential land size of about 107.5 hectares with 1,116 eco-villas (average area). average 950 m2/lot), and no land fund for social housing is arranged.

After that, Vingroup proposed a plan to adjust the planning into a new urban area with a smaller area of ​​residential land plots, in line with the financial capacity and needs of the city’s people. At the same time, supplement the planning of technical and social infrastructure works. Vingroup has proposed to build the Vu Yen – May Chai road bridge across the Cam River. Adjust the change of residential land area, total number of houses to suit the needs of the market. Expand the project boundary to add road bridge, expand the boundary towards the administrative boundary of May Chai ward, Ngo Quyen district. Adjust the progress and increase the total investment. Supplement the land fund for social housing.

The project of entertainment, housing and ecological park on Vu Yen island after adjustment has a total area of ​​more than 877 hectares, of which the area on Vu Yen island is 872.6 hectares and the area on the mainland. is 4.6 hectares. 

The land on Vu Yen island belongs to Dong Hai 1 ward (Hai An district) and Thuy Trieu commune (Thuy Nguyen district). To the north, it borders on the Roo Lon River; the East borders on Bach Dang River; to the south and west by Cam River. The land part of the project is in May Chai ward, Ngo Quyen district. The North borders on Cam River; the south borders Le Thanh Tong street; to the southeast, southwest bordering the residential area of ​​May Chai ward. This is a planned development area to expand to the east of Hai Phong city in order to fully exploit the land fund to build new housing areas in Hai district, including Vu Yen Island Park.

The whole project, after adjustment, will have 16,847 adjacent houses with a maximum height of 5 floors. Villa houses have 3,398 units, maximum height of 4 floors. Educational works include 9 kindergartens, 6 elementary schools, 6 junior high schools, 2 high schools, and 2 inter-level schools. Buildings have a maximum height of 4 floors. Public works – commercial and residential units (Cultural house, medical station, market,…) include 11 land lots, total construction floor area is about 230,926 m2, maximum floor height is 4 floors. 

Urban public – commercial works (commercial center, commercial service, entertainment area – general culture, office, hospital, fire protection headquarters for urban) including 8 land plot, total land area 21.9 ha, total construction floor area about 400,036 m2, maximum 5 floors. Social housing works include 2 land lots, total land area of ​​53.6 ha, total construction floor area of ​​about 455,000 m2, maximum building height of 5 floors. In addition, there is a golf course of nearly 160 hectares and the construction of the May Chai – Vu Yen bridge.

The total project construction period is expected to be within 5 years, from the fourth quarter of 2023 to the end of 2027. In which, in the period of the first quarter of 2024 – the fourth quarter of 2025, housing works will be built and completed. public works and complete infrastructure. In the period of the first quarter of 2026 – the fourth quarter of 2027, construction and installation of ancillary equipment systems. From the fourth quarter of 2027, the project will be completed and put into use. 

The total adjusted investment of the project is 18,793 billion VND, including the enterprise’s own capital, credit loans and advances from customers.