Real Estate Newsletter on 14/6/2023.

Hanoi prepares urban development planning along the Red River, belts 4 and 5

At the meeting, Vice Chairman of the City People’s Committee. Hanoi Duong Duc Tuan said, after the planning task is approved, the city will carry out the next steps such as: Selecting a planning consulting organization; establish a group of experts and scientists to review and in-depth research on development dynamics for the Capital; organize the investigation, analysis and assessment of the current situation; Collect and standardize data…

The process of carrying out the task of adjusting the general planning of Ha Hoi Capital to 2045, with a vision to 2065 will be implemented in parallel, ensuring the consistency, synchronization, integration with the planning of Ha Noi capital. Internal period 2021-2030, vision to 2050 and national and regional plans.

Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha asked Hanoi to urgently finalize the draft decision of the Prime Minister on approving the task of adjusting the general planning of Ha Hoi Capital to 2045, with a vision to 2065.

In particular, the Deputy Prime Minister suggested the city must choose famous and prestigious planning consulting organizations, leading critics to determine the vision, goals and development motivation of the capital. in the future, on par with the capitals of developed countries in the region and in the world; organize contests for creative ideas on the planning of the Capital, as well as collect people’s opinions on the contents of the planning…

In addition, the planning must pay special attention to underground space and underground infrastructure; orientation to expand space for new urban development along the Red River axis, ring road 4, 5 and urban radial axes… Forming a multi-modal transport network of urban roads and railways, aviation, waterways, ensuring connection and orientation for development of new urban areas and satellite cities.

The planning needs to set out criteria, principles and requirements for the construction, embellishment and renovation in existing urban areas, and the development of new urban areas in accordance with the typical planning-architecture form. for Hanoi urban area; to establish belts of rural and urban areas with proper identity and in accordance with the natural landscape.

“For the central urban area, it is necessary to study the model of “compressed house”, “compressed city” but in the house there are gardens, in the city there are forests”, the Deputy Prime Minister suggested and noted the point of view. planning leads the development of transport infrastructure. Traffic leads to urban development. The city leads the resources to implement the planning”.

Apple’s partner poured $260 million to build a factory in Thai Binh

Information from Thai Binh Provincial People’s Committee said that this local leader has just attended and certified the signing ceremony of investment cooperation between Green i-Park Joint Stock Company (infrastructure investor of Lien Ha Thai industrial park) and the company. Compal Electronics Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Under the agreement, Compal Electronics Vietnam Co., Ltd. will invest in Lien Ha Thai Industrial Park, a project specializing in manufacturing, processing and assembling computers and computer peripherals, communication equipment, and products. consumer electronics, electronic components.

According to the announcement, the project has a total registered capital of 260 million USD, estimated when in operation, revenue will reach about 1.2 billion USD in 2029 and 6.8 billion USD in 2037.

Compal Electronics Vietnam Co., Ltd. will lease 40ha in Lien Ha Thai industrial park. It is expected that in 2023, the construction of the factory will be carried out; In the first quarter of 2024, it will be tested and officially put into operation.

At the signing ceremony, leaders of Thai Binh province asked Compal Electronics Vietnam Co., Ltd. to speed up the completion of investment procedures, deploy investment in factory construction, and install machinery to put the project into production as soon as possible. according to the committed schedule.

The locality also requested Green i-Park Joint Stock Company to facilitate and support investors in investment procedures, construction of project works according to approved designs, recruitment of labor for production. ..

It is known that Compal Electronics is a Taiwan (China) enterprise specializing in the production of computers and computer peripherals; including parts, components and related accessories. This business is one of the manufacturers of Apple and major global technology corporations.

Before that, two other Taiwanese “giants” have just poured millions of dollars into Vietnam, JiaWei Group and Quanta Group.

Specifically, JiaWei Group and its supporting businesses have decided to invest in My Thuan industrial park (Nam Dinh) with a total estimated capital of about 100 million USD on a land area of ​​nearly 15 hectares with group of 3 projects. judgment.

Projects include: factory producing high-tech household appliances with a scale of 8.5 ha, total investment capital of 80 million USD; auxiliary printing factory for Jiawei Group’s project with a scale of 2.5ha, total investment capital of 10 million USD; auxiliary paper carton factory with a scale of 3.3ha, total investment capital of 10 million USD.

On the side of Quanta Group, this enterprise is also expected to develop a computer manufacturing project in My Thuan industrial park (Nam Dinh).

Quanta’s factory in Nam Dinh has an area of ​​​​about 22.5 hectares in phase 1, with a total investment expected to reach 120 million USD. This will be Quanta’s 9th factory worldwide.

Hai Phong opens 15 more industrial parks and 26 industrial clusters

Currently, Hai Phong city has 12 IPs that are investing, building and trading in infrastructure (8 IPs located in Dinh Vu – Cat Hai Economic Zone with an area of ​​5,230 ha and 4 IPs outside the EZ with an area of ​​768 ha). The average occupancy rate of operating industrial zones is over 62.5%. In which, some industrial parks have basically reached 100% occupancy rate such as: MP Dinh Vu Industrial Park, Nomura Industrial Park, Trang Due Industrial Park (phase 1, phase 2), Dinh Vu Industrial Park (1+2), Do Son Industrial Park. The average investment rate is 9 million USD/ha.

In the period of 2021 – 2025, Hai Phong is expected to build 15 new industrial parks with a total area of ​​over 6,200 hectares.


In which, 6 industrial parks are implementing new establishment procedures with a total area of ​​2,758 ha, including: Xuan Cau Industrial Park project with an area of ​​752 ha located in Dinh Vu – Cat Hai EZ; and 5 projects have submitted dossiers of application for approval of investment policies at the Ministry of Planning and Investment, including: Nam Trang Cat Industrial Park, Thuy Nguyen Industrial Park, Tien Thanh Industrial Park, Trang Due Expanded Industrial Park, and Giang Bien II Industrial Park.

Nine projects are completing processes and procedures for implementation (total area of ​​3,466 ha) including: Cau Cuu Industrial Park, An Hoa Industrial Park, An Hung – Dai Ban Industrial Park, Vinh Quang Industrial Park, Ngu Phuc Industrial Park – Kien Thuy, Tan Trao – Kien Thuy Industrial Park; Sao Mai Industrial Park (Tien Lang 1) – Vinh Quang Shipbuilding Industrial Park (Tien Lang 2), Cai Trap Island Industrial Park, Nam Cau Kien Industrial Park (phase 2).

In addition, according to the plan approved by the Prime Minister, Hai Phong is expected to expand Dinh Vu – Cat Hai economic zone with an area of ​​22,540 ha.

In addition, the city is also proposing to build 7 more industrial parks, including: Ben Rung 2 Industrial Park, Cat Hai Island – Lach Huyen Industrial Park (Lach Huyen 1 Industrial Park, Lach Huyen 2 Industrial Park, Lach Huyen 3 Industrial Park – Vinfast), Lach Huyen 4 Industrial Park – Industry combined with Logistics), Tien Lang Airport Industrial Park, Tam Hung Industrial Park – Ngu Lao.

Also according to the plan, in the period of 2020 – 2025, Hai Phong will establish 26 industrial zones, of which there are two expanding industrial parks, including: Tien Lang township industrial park and An Hong Shipbuilding Industrial Park.

President of Binh Dinh province accelerates the progress of three big real estate projects of Phat Dat

Specifically, for the project of a high-class hotel service and trade center project at 1 Ngo May Street, City. Quy Nhon, Chairman Pham Anh Tuan asked investors to develop a specific plan and schedule, and urgently organize construction from June 2023. At the same time, the investor must implement the project to ensure the schedule according to regulations; strictly comply with the standards, regulations and regulations of the State law.

It is known that the project of a high-class hotel and trade center project was approved by the People’s Committee of Binh Dinh province on September 20, 2019, with an area of ​​​​5,245 m2, total investment capital of more than 1,126 billion VND.

For the project of residential area combined with urban embellishment in Bac Ha Thanh (Phuoc Thuan commune, Tuy Phuoc district), the leader of Binh Dinh province assigned the Department of Natural Resources and Environment to direct the Provincial Land Fund Development Center to urgently push speed up the implementation of compensation and site clearance for investors to implement the project (phase 1 in August 2023).

The President of Binh Dinh province also requires investors to fully comply with legal procedures and financial obligations in accordance with regulations; develop a specific plan and schedule to start the first phase of the project from August 2023.

It is known that the residential area combined with urban embellishment in Bac Ha Thanh has an area of ​​​​more than 43 hectares, with an investment of more than 1,700 billion VND.

For the urban development investment project in subdivisions 2, 4, 9 of Nhon Hoi eco-tourism urban area (Nhon Hoi economic zone), Chairman Pham Anh Tuan requested investors to urgently invest invest in the construction of the remaining items of the project; at the same time, coordinate with the Economic Zone Management Board and related agencies to research and propose solutions to overcome the limitations and difficulties of these projects, and report to the Provincial People’s Committee in June 2023.

According to Nhon Hoi Economic Zone Management Board, Subdivision No. 2 has an area of ​​more than 36ha, total investment capital of more than 7,130 billion VND, the investment progress is from the third quarter of 2019 to the fourth quarter of 2022; subdivision 4 has an area of ​​more than 34ha, total investment capital is more than 7,494 billion dong, investment progress from quarter 2/2019 to quarter 3/2023; subdivision 9 has an area of ​​​​nearly 46 hectares, with a total investment of more than VND 8,550 billion, the investment schedule is from the third quarter of 2019 to the third quarter of 2022.