Remarks by President Trump in Meeting with Kanye West and Jim Brown

THE PRESIDENT: Jon, are you familiar with Jim Brown? He is considered the greatest of all time.

It’s a privilege, sir.

Do you believe that to be true? It is said that he was an even more skilled lacrosse player. However, it is said that he is primarily recognized as the top football player. What individuals may not be aware of regarding Jim — as they say — is that everyone is aware of Kanye, right? Everyone — Kanye, what individuals may not know, Kanye — everyone is familiar with, correct? And THE PRESIDENT:

MR. BROWN: Never considered it.


MR. BROWN: Never considered it.

THE PRESIDENT: I heard he was also — at Syracuse.

MR. BROWN: I adore the game. Yes, I adored it. I adored all the sports.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, it’s wonderful to have you, Jim. Wonderful to have you.

MR. BROWN: It’s nice to be here, Mr. President.

THE PRESIDENT: Kanye, it’s wonderful to be in your presence.

MR. WEST: It’s wonderful to be here.

The President is doing what I said, and Jim came out nowhere — Jim is just a friend of mine. Kanye has also been a friend of mine. These two are my friends, and they are very much appreciated.

Thank you. I would like to express my gratitude to you. And, Jim, we are fulfilling our commitment, if you consider all the relevant factors, if you consider the average earnings, if you consider the employment statistics, you are aware, and.

MR. BROWN: And I enjoy North Korea.

THE PRESIDENT: I also have a fondness for North Korea.

MR. BROWN: (Unintelligible).

The war was heading in that direction. There was no further progress. There were no more missile launches. There were no further nuclear tests. We were doing well, but there were no more meetings. We just came back from North Korea. Mike came back as well. We had very productive meetings with the Secretary of State and engaged in a little dialogue. The dialogue turned out to be beneficial. Well, yes. Yes. THE PRESIDENT:

MR. BROWN: Yes. I mean, it was — in my opinion, it appeared like that.

I believe that it is now well underway and headed towards war.

MR. WEST: You ended the war –.

And we have achieved significant advancements. Truly impressive. Chairman Kim has been incredibly cooperative. Countless lives would have been lost. Thirty million individuals who reside near the border; just 30 miles away from it. You cannot comprehend the magnitude. Seoul has a population of 30 million. Preserved numerous lives. We effectively halted the conflict. THE PRESIDENT:

President Obama said that his biggest problem was that there were a lot of problems and I don’t think I solved anything. And they were not very promising, especially when it comes to covering North Korea. These are big things that were not being addressed, and it’s nice that you say that.

MR. WEST: You, from the very beginning, resolved one of the largest issues.


MR. WEST: We successfully resolved one of the largest issues.

Thinks we’re making progress, but the issue hasn’t been fully resolved. Furthermore, it was a significant problem that was addressed.

MR. BROWN: (Unintelligible).

THE PRESIDENT: No, no. It’s — we’re making good progress.

MR. BROWN: (Unintelligible).

I appreciate everything with you, but hey, that’s one of the many things I look for. It’s very good, so we’ve made a lot of progress and I know I left Singapore three months ago. It’s a very short period of time. Jim, in a brief timeframe, Jim.

Mrs. Johnson, we managed to rescue her. Let me explain — Kim was involved. She was treated with great injustice. Moreover, there are numerous individuals in similar situations, who –.

This implies –. Engaging in the practice of 23 hours of confinement and 1 hour of exercise, they have positioned him in close proximity to the notorious Unabomber, and he has been sentenced to serve six life terms. He is an incarcerated individual who has garnered significant attention, and we are fortunate to have the presence of Larry Hoover’s attorney, namely Mr. West, among us today.

THE PRESIDENT: What actions did he take? Larry? What occurred?

MR. MOORE: What was the reason for his presence?

THE PRESIDENT: Yes, inform me. Inform all of us.

The statement was excessively extensive and excessively rigid, but we genuinely think that even if he did perpetrate those offenses, it’s claimed — from a correctional facility, for colluding. Supposedly, Mr. Moore.

THE PRESIDENT: What was the verdict?

Mr. Moore, also known as the “clean version of hell,” is sentenced to consecutive life sentences in the most secure prison in the world for economic crime.

MR. WEST: Which correctional facility is that? Identify the prison.

In Florence, Colorado, ADX supermax is the place where the Unabomber, al Qaeda members, individuals who commit mass killings, and the perpetrator of the Oklahoma City bombing are confined. They represent similar kinds of individuals. Mr. Moore.

THE PRESIDENT: What is his age? How old?

MR. MOORE: 68.

THE PRESIDENT: Sixty-eight years of age?

MR. MOORE: Yes, sixty-eight years old.

He could charm individuals, but he wasn’t merely a singular voice. He genuinely possessed influence, he began demonstrating that he started undertaking beneficial actions for the community. The rationale behind their imprisonment of him is because, And honestly, Mr. West.

Being an entertainer on stage, it’s not just about having a monolithic voice that forces you to conform to a specific party. I’m not only aware of how it feels to move back to Chicago, but I also know that it’s not just about the positive experiences inside Chicago. He was doing well inside Chicago, which is why I want to free him and allow him to go. In an alternate universe, I exist as an alternate version of myself. There are infinite amounts of universes and countless theories about them.

In the ’90s, we successfully closed down mental health institutions and as a result, we saw an increase in crime rates. To address this issue, the government implemented a limited welfare system, which aimed to provide financial assistance to families with children. However, some argue that this system has led to a dependency on welfare and has caused a lot of job loss among fathers in the black community. These are conversations I have had, where it is often expected that if you are black, you should be a Democrat.

The game of life, this beat helps you think of bravery. So, I met Michael Sacks, the right-hand man of Rahm, the superintendent. I just talked to him every year, and our murder rate is actually going down by 20 percent, which is what people now call “Chiraq.”

Superman Cape was my favorite superhero, that’s why I made you wear my hat and feel like a guy who could play catch with his son. It was something about when I put on this hat. But the “I’m with her” campaign didn’t make me feel like that guy who didn’t get to see his dad all the time. I know you love Hillary and I love her too, even though it’s beautiful. (Laughs) Also, I’m married to a family that has a lot of male energy, and I didn’t have that energy at home because my mom and dad were separated, you know. But this hat gives me power in a way, it gives me power. They tried to scare me into not wearing my own hat, you know.

I want you to do it, but I don’t want any delay – just five seconds. Also, I don’t want any nonsense or non-political stuff. Lauren Ralph looks like she is getting into the American guys’ industry, and that guy also resembles me.

“The impact of Yeezy is undeniable. It’s a market cap of $38 billion now. We were a $2 billion losing company in 2015, but when I went to Adidas, it gave me hope. Because Adidas captured my heart, we are now a $14 billion company. Right.”

We aim to build a resilient America. Chicago serves as the heart of the Midwest. Adidas is at the center, not just geographically but also in terms of its influence. It extends beyond the borders. We discussed the idea of bringing manufacturing back to the core. We had a meeting in Chicago. I traveled to Casper.

Correct? “Educated” us on that, didn’t they? No one, we possessed. Precisely, they didn’t educate us. They lacked the capabilities initially since it’s about enabling, not rehabilitating, for no prison reform when we possess. And not having homes in Chicago without fathers, it was more crucial for me to risk walking away from that agreement than to have forfeited $200 million. However, despite that, I could have become a billionaire, this Adidas opportunity. Because I possess sufficient courage to wear this hat, I had the courage. So.

The 13th Amendment places us back into the crazy trap of mental health affecting things. We have practiced meditation. The Waldorf establishment has a comprehensive curriculum. WeWork has an exquisite curriculum. We have experience with Montessori curriculums. Larry Hoover has a curriculum that he has worked on. Jim has worked on the Amer-I-Can education curriculum and we aim to provide a transition with mental health support and bring jobs into America – it’s more important than anything else, so no specific deal is more critical than that.

The outcome of accidentally falling into the outdoor trap is that you end up next to the Unabomber.

The 13th Amendment, written by four gentlemen who believed that African Americans should not be enslaved and that it should be illegal for them to be forced into bondage, would have been understood by you if you actually read it. It is also important to note that these individuals were in favor of amending the Constitution, and they did not want to look like people who did not want to make changes. It is worth mentioning that we do not have 13 floors in our perfect universe, which is the way I believe it should be. The 13th Amendment, written by the four gentlemen, is a perfect work that aligns with the way I perceive the universe.

Tesla and Freud are almost completely different from the rest. I will focus on one, so I’ll go back, counting eight numbers, but it was all people, 75 percent had. I had an IQ test score of 98 percent for you — some bombs drop ahead to go I’m. It’s three parts equally — my brain looked at it and I was connected with a neuropsychologist who works with athletes in the NFL and NBA. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. We need people to talk to; we need pardons for sentences; we don’t need sentences, that’s what I believe — again.

I wouldn’t be able to remember his name correctly, and I’m taking my son to the game of the Sox, and I have all the power to do so. I am in a situation where I can’t even remember my son’s name, which could cause dementia in 10 to 20 years due to sleep deprivation, as he mentioned that I wasn’t actually bipolar.

In Minnesota, I believe that Foxconn can be brought in as a factory setup, but we can only bring Adidas onshore and not any other brands. We can empower our factories, empower our industries, and empower our pharmaceuticals. I have never stepped into a situation where I made more money, that’s one thing I’ve never experienced. What we need is to empower ourselves and focus on what we require.

MR. KUSHNER: Wisconsin.

MR. WEST: Fifty-three thousand –.

THE PRESIDENT: Wisconsin. Yeah. Wisconsin.

The Ford car is set to be the most amazing, freshest, flyest, and universally divine lovely positive car. We should try flipping our words and not say “dope” or “really don’t say I”. The highest, dopest cars are the ones that Ford is making this year, costing $53,000. They are creating 4,000 jobs in Wisconsin. Yeah, Mr. West.

Look at this, Jared. (Laughter.) And this is the aircraft our President should be utilizing. It’s a hydrogen-powered airplane. This particular one is called the iPlane1. I have brought a present with me. And what we aim to begin with is.

No? You’re not fond of that concept. (Laughter.) Can we eliminate Air Force One? We’ll eliminate Air Force One. THE PRESIDENT:

MR. WEST: Well, we’re going to have Apple, a company from the United States, work on this aircraft with –.

The President is ours. If he doesn’t look good, I need to know what liberals need to improve on, what I need to improve on for Saturday Night Live, what I need to improve on for Saturday Night Live – it’s not that I don’t like it – it’s not about what I don’t like – it’s about what.

THE PRESIDENT: That is correct.

The correctional system, the most cost-effective manufacturing facility, ultimately engages in illicit activities, forcing individuals into compromising positions and betraying our nation. Subsequently, in the United States rather than China, we manufacture everything. Our greatest exports are ideas and entertainment, as we strive to generate employment opportunities within America. It is imperative that we excel in producing top-notch factories and the most advanced aircraft. Mr. West, our priority is to create the most exceptional and cutting-edge products.

What do you do next? (Laughter.) Jim, would you like to add something? (Laughter.) I must admit, that was quite remarkable, everyone. THE PRESIDENT: Let me tell you

PARTICIPANT: You don’t mind if I –.Output: PARTICIPANT: You don’t have any objections if I –.

THE PRESIDENT: You are — please, Jim. Please.

MR. BROWN: If he appears unattractive, we appear unattractive.

THE PRESIDENT: Fantastic, correct? Isn’t that an excellent declaration?

MR. BROWN: Yes, indeed.

THE PRESIDENT: And it’s absolutely accurate.

MR. BROWN: Seems very logical.

What? It’s a remarkable statement that is true. He was impressed. (Laughter.) I have never seen Jim Brown impressed before – it’s very rare in our country. THE PRESIDENT:

MR. BROWN: Yes, yes. It makes a great deal of sense.

It’s wonderful to have all of you here, expressing your desire to meet the President. We will have a pleasant lunch together and then proceed to our destination.

That was quite remarkable. That was quite extraordinary.

MR. WEST: It came from the heart. I simply connected with it.


Q Can I simply inquire a brief question of Kanye?

THE PRESIDENT: Truly quite fascinating.

Yes, sure. Please.

What is your interpretation of that? How would you react to that? Furthermore, you have encountered individuals who have expressed similar sentiments regarding this President. Regarding President Bush, you previously stated that he lacks concern for black individuals. Therefore, the question is:

I was conditioned to believe that I was a victim of mental well-being, and I was extremely emotional. I went on NBC and I believe that we all need to care about people. Mr. West.

We want to own our own blocks and have ownership of land because we want to have a greater sense of ownership. Additionally, we desire to have more brand recognition, specifically with brands like Obama and Polo-sporting. If people say that they don’t have land, we suggest settling for brands. I believe that African Americans and blacks really get caught up in the idea of racism within the industry.

Being racist is having the idea that someone is inferior because of their race. I disrespect someone by shooting them, which is wearing something as if someone is wearing something. If we focus more on the core, not on the soul; not about the patina, but about how it all looks, then you don’t have ownership when you have something.

Is it right that there is such major racial tension and hate-building about this thing? But we must strive to make our police officers more like us and bring nobility to the police force. We definitely need to have discussions about the police killings that we are aware of.

Shouldn’t you do that to people who are forced to? Power versus force is its distinction. They need to have the power of law enforcement in place. Sometimes they are in a position of power, but that does not mean that all police officers abuse their authority. It is not an issue of power, but rather a responsibility we all have to take for what we are doing. This responsibility applies to black people as well.

This is racist. This is racist. This is racist. This is racist. We constantly acknowledge that we are lacking in terms of overall reparations. We need to provide more opportunities and spread love throughout the entire country. We should enforce certain actions and make sure they are carried out, especially when it comes to the police officer who is currently being criticized.

An imperceptible barrier. That doesn’t hinder me. Oh, you believe racism could manipulate me? They’ll say, “Oh, but he’s prejudiced.” When I expressed my fondness for Trump to someone who identifies as liberal, so when I expressed my fondness for Trump to someone who identifies as liberal, sensitive individuals. We are exceedingly proud because they acknowledge our profound emotional nature. The liberal would attempt to manipulate a black individual through the notion of racism, the liberal would attempt to manipulate a black individual through the notion of racism, One of the tactics that I admire that liberals attempt to execute — and that’s a maneuver. We must initiate an extensive dialogue. We must initiate an extensive dialogue. Although we lack reparations, we possess the 13th Amendment. So.

Q But you don’t believe — you dismiss those who claim he’s racially prejudiced?

MR. WEST: Regarding your inquiry — and you had one inquiry; we’re going to address it with another inquiry.

Q (Chuckles.) Alright.

It’s complicated. That’s not as easy as it seems. Reporting on minority issues is similar to me playing chess in 4D, you play better. (Laughter.) It has multiple notes. You are participating in a sophisticated wine tasting. I don’t answer questions in simple soundbites. I answered your question: Mr. West.

Sir, I’m from the Chicago Sun Times and I would like to know what you would ask President Trump to do for Chicago. When would you like to ask him this question? You’re here to talk about crime in Chicago, right?

We’re discussing the primary issue at hand, which is “stop and frisk.” All those who were aware of my visit here advised me to inquire about “stop and frisk.” We believe that “stop and frisk” has a negative impact on the city’s relationships. The topic of discussion during my meeting with the police chief and Mike Sacks at Soho House last night was MR. WEST.

Producing goods is becoming excessively expensive for us, which is why the shoes are priced at $300. However, we have established a Speedfactory in Atlanta. Additionally, we need to secure some tax incentives as opening up industries is also a costly endeavor.

In Vietnam, Levi’s, the premier denim company globally, is manufacturing their jeans. Thus, neither China nor Vietnam can surpass us; hence, we require prototypes to stimulate employment opportunities.

We’re going to be able to take a few breaks and visit some places in the suburbs surrounding my hometown of Chicago, where we can create factories and have a population of 2.7 million to 9 million.

Curriculums need to be mixed to make it more exciting. This is not exciting. It was boring. School is boring. He doesn’t have ADD. This kid has ADD. Some people say that this kid has ADD, which gives them modern information and empowers people. I think it would be cool for Yeezy ideation centers to be a mix of education that gives people information and empowers them. I think it would be cool for Trump factories to be a mix of education that gives people information and empowers them because he is a master of the industry. And.

We have programs in the city that focus on art and mental health. In the morning, you can learn about music while meditating. And while you’re playing basketball, you can also practice math.

“Amer-I-Can.” I learned something from Jim Brown. When you have a block of your own, as they can, every single block needs a leader. He is a beacon for us, representing the family’s needs to see him. Is Larry Hoover a living statue? Don’t say you tear down the statues – say he’s a living statue. So, as soon as they hit him with six life sentences, he tried to turn his life around. Larry Hoover is also an example of a man who tried to turn his life around.

We need to put curriculums for people who really came from the streets, who were just trying to set us into a system of prison or work, which applies to what people really are going through, Jim Brown has created.

Q What about firearm-related violence? With all the discussion about the Second Amendment taking place, how do you address that issue?

MR. WEST: The problem is illegal guns. Illegal guns is the problem, not legal guns. We have the right to bear arms.

Can you alter his perspective? Do you believe individuals will engage in a conversation about that? President Trump has expressed his support for the policy of “stop and frisk.”

MR. WEST: Yeah. We’re going to talk about that. I didn’t intend to embarrass you like that, bro, but –.

THE PRESIDENT: No, no. It’s fine. (Laughter.)

MR. WEST: But this is surely a –.

THE PRESIDENT: Hey, I’m receptive. I’m present. I am open-minded.

Q Mr. President, do you want him to address at one of your gatherings?

Jim Brown — these two individuals. He has been engaged in this activity for an extended period. Intelligent. He comprehends it. Intelligent individual. He is an exceptional person. He is capable of representing me whenever he desires. THE PRESIDENT.

MR. BROWN: Yes, sir.

Q Is this a potential candidate for the presidency in the future?

THE PRESIDENT: It’s possible.

MR. WEST: Just following him. It will be 2024.

THE PRESIDENT: It’s possible. That’s good. I’m glad to hear that.

Wonderful United States create heading are we think finest but endorse and maintain operate West Kanye like badass insane a have not might he now correct adventure champion’s his on is Trump And once more repeatedly. Today have only we. Today have truly we all is return everlasting the once more. Repeatedly and repeatedly and repeatedly once more, today have only we. Concerning the future, let’s cease worrying is, the thing and — we have a good.

Today is the only time we possess. The present moment is the only time we possess. Myth is a concept that represents time because (inaudible), the manner in which everything progresses and evolves. I’m inclined to go along with the belief that another issue people of color encounter is the recurring use of the word “again” – it points to the perpetuation of the same thing. It is my personal experience, my own reality.

Today, in my opinion, it is crucial that we shift our attention towards our present identity as it causes us pain. Various issues such as racism and slavery do not inflict harm upon us solely due to the notion of repetition.

I actually brought some hats that have a bit of a transition in them. I’m not trying to put you in a spot, just that. The hat says “Make America Great” on it.

Once again, it seems like we need to stop working on this, as it may not be audible. We value other people as our greatest assets, and right now, we’re here together. However, before this moment, we might have been here before. We are one country, one unit, and we’re not on one side. We don’t stick to our own traditions, as we are beings that love and exist in the infinite universe. We can learn how to be malleable on this side and bend a little. We can also wear the “Make America Great Again” hat, just like Colin and Trump. I would love to see it at the Super Bowl.

THE PRESIDENT: Let me ask you this question. You’re in the Oval Office. —

MR. WEST: Alright. (Laughs.)

THE PRESIDENT: How does it feel to be in the Oval Office.?

MR. WEST: Oh, there is a positive vibe in this.

THE PRESIDENT: Isn’t it great power?

MR. WEST: It’s positive energy.

THE PRESIDENT: It’s a fantastic location. Jim, how do you feel?

Mr. Brown: I feel great. I genuinely feel great. And I appreciate it, as well.

Can I say that to Jon? Is that correct? This is the gathering. They desired this gathering. Nobody was concerned. And I must inform you, I had significant gatherings today with senators and with everything. All around the globe, they’re discussing this. And what Kanye is accomplishing has been extraordinary. You are highly regarded. THE PRESIDENT:

Q We also value other things.

THE PRESIDENT: The rest were satisfactory, correct? But this is what they desire.

MR. BROWN: (Unintelligible) it is an honor that you are present here.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, it’s my honor, Jim. I want to tell you. I’ve been a fan of yours for a long time.

MR. BROWN: Well, I really appreciate it.

THE PRESIDENT: It has been a considerable amount of time. There is no one else who can be compared to you. No other individual can match your level. There is no athlete who is quite like you.

MR. BROWN: Well, do you know the reason for my presence? I’m here to assist.

THE PRESIDENT: Yes. That’s really nice, Jim.

MR. BROWN: I’m not here to inquire about anything. (Inaudible.).

Something extraordinary, it’s a request for assistance that he desires. Jim has always been on the path that you know has been for a long time. The President: Furthermore

Jennifer, do you have a query?

Q I guess — just you — what do you feel about stop and frisk? Are you going to, you know –.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, we’re going to examine it.

Q — retract your comment (inaudible)?

THE PRESIDENT: I’m receptive to all possibilities. Hey, observe, I believe it’s regrettable what’s occurring in Chicago.

Q And what other activities are there to do in Chicago?

Certainly, here is the inverted rendition of the input paragraph: It is undeniable that action needs to be taken, as we all concur. I mean, Kanye, if there is an alternative approach we can pursue, I am completely receptive to it. Moreover, the issue of individuals being shot and killed, along with the corresponding statistics, is not exclusive to this nation. I am deeply saddened by the ongoing events, as you are well aware. Chicago, a city I hold dear, is also a place I frequently visit. Therefore, it is imperative that effective measures are implemented, and I am fully willing to explore all possibilities.

Q Mr. President, is it a matter of law enforcement? A legislation — a legislative matter?

It should not happen, but let’s say that in Chicago, your leadership or your mayor, let’s not say they are currently deserving of respect. This guy, he does not deserve respect. It’s probably a big issue and I think it’s a combination of both. I guess it’s a combination of both. Well, maybe it’s the President.

Steve? Please proceed.

Q Sir, what is your desired outcome for this meeting in relation to prison reform?

We’re going to have a conversation. We’re going to dine together. And I suppose they have a favorable opinion of me. And from our perspective, this was simply arranged as a meal between two individuals that I admire. Frankly, THE PRESIDENT:

MR. WEST: You mentioned — you mentioned, I suppose, you know I adore you.

THE PRESIDENT: I understand.

MR. WEST: Did I –.

THE PRESIDENT: But I don’t want to take — I don’t want to place you in that situation, but –.

In this very place, I adore this gentleman. (Laughter.) In this very spot, allow me to embrace this gentleman. That specific location, I am currently occupying it. Mr. West: Absolutely not.

Exceptional man. However, that sentiment is sincere. (Laughter.) I did not intend to place you in such a predicament. And that is truly kind. Approach me. That is genuinely kind. THE PRESIDENT:

Let’s go have lunch, Jim. I appreciate it when people like you and Kanye are there, whether they’re special or not.

Thank you everyone so much.