The Review

The Story

The story revolves around a woman named Ayako, who becomes the guardian of her orphaned niece, Miu, after the tragic death of her sister and brother-in-law. At the memorial service, Ayako witnesses the relatives arguing over who will take in the little girl. Frustrated with their excuses, Ayako decides to step up and adopt Miu herself, despite just graduating from college and entering the workforce.

Fast forward ten years, and Ayako and Miu have built a happy and comfortable life together. Miu now considers Ayako her mother, and Ayako has arranged her work life to accommodate her daughter’s needs. They have also developed a close relationship with their neighbors, particularly their son Takumi, who has been tutoring Miu.

Takumi’s Infatuation

The series, as indicated by the title, explores an unexpected romantic twist. Ayako assumes that Takumi has a crush on Miu, but it turns out that his feelings are directed towards Ayako herself. The story hints at Takumi’s infatuation from the beginning, as he is awed by Ayako’s decision to adopt Miu when no one else would.

However, the creator of the series, Kota Nozomi, takes a questionable direction by introducing a bath scene between Ayako and Takumi from ten years ago. Although there were no sexual intentions on Ayako’s part, the scene is uncomfortable, especially since Takumi’s discomfort is not addressed. This scene casts a shadow over what could have been a charming romantic comedy.

Ayako’s Struggle

The story primarily revolves around Takumi’s persistent attempts to convince Ayako of his genuine feelings for her, while Ayako is reluctant due to their significant age difference. Despite his mother being supportive of their relationship, Ayako struggles to see herself as a potential partner for Takumi.

Ayako’s hesitation stems from the fact that she has known Takumi since he was a child, and it is difficult for her to see him as a grown man. Additionally, raising Miu for a decade has made Ayako feel older than her actual age. She assumes that Takumi sees her as a motherly figure and is surprised to discover his serious intentions towards her. This difference in perception becomes a major obstacle in their relationship, leading to humorous attempts by Ayako to discourage Takumi’s advances.

Flaws and Escapist Fantasy

If age-gap romances and uncomfortable scenes are not to your liking, this series may not appeal to you. The bath scene, in particular, could be a deal breaker for some readers. However, if you can overlook these aspects, there is a decent and sweet story at its core.

Ayako’s self-perception as an old lady at only thirty-one or thirty-two years old adds a touch of sadness to the narrative. The supporting characters in the story are incredibly supportive of Ayako’s choices, which adds a positive element to the storyline.

The inclusion of a short story from Takumi’s perspective in the series adds an interesting dimension. It would be intriguing to know if the novels are written in the same way or if this was a special addition for the short story.

All in all, this series may not be a perfect adaptation and has its flaws, but it has the potential to be an enjoyable escapism romance fantasy for those who can look past its shortcomings.