If you read Interspecies Reviewers and thought, “This is fine, but I’d really like to read it from the ladies’ perspective,” Call Girl in Another World may be the book for you.

If you are a fan of the manga series Interspecies Reviewers and have been longing for a similar story from a female perspective, then Call Girl in Another World might just be the perfect book for you. While both stories revolve around the theme of sexual encounters, Call Girl in Another World offers a fresh perspective by showcasing the experiences of a female protagonist. This manga takes a light-hearted and sometimes goofy approach to the isekai genre, making it an enjoyable and fun read for fans.

Yuzuki’s Adventures in a Fantasy World

The story centers around Yuzuki, a human sex worker who finds herself summoned to a fantasy land by a sorcerer. Her main task is to fulfill the conditions listed in her magic book, which requires her to bring different types of men, or rather, fantasy races, to orgasm. This peculiar mission serves as her only ticket back home to Japan. Yuzuki’s enthusiasm for her job shines through as she eagerly embraces the challenges of catering to the diverse needs and desires of the fantasy races she encounters.

Call Girl in Another World

Positive Depiction of Sex Work

Call Girl in Another World stands out by offering a positive and empowering portrayal of sex work. Yuzuki takes pride in her profession and is proud of the skills she has acquired while working in the red-light district of Ikebukuro. One of her biggest accomplishments is her ability to please her clients without engaging in penetrative sex, which fascinates her new co-workers in the fantasy land. This unique aspect not only adds depth to Yuzuki’s character but also allows the creators to explore various aspects of sexuality and desire without resorting to explicit content.

Body Positivity and Acceptance

One of the refreshing elements of Call Girl in Another World is its approach to body positivity. In one chapter, Yuzuki encounters a dwarf who prefers bigger women. To satisfy his desires, Yuzuki uses magic to temporarily gain weight. While the sudden transformation might be disconcerting for her, the story treats it as a different body type rather than something to be ashamed of. This portrayal challenges societal norms and demonstrates that different body types can be attractive and desirable.

Limited World Building and Plot

While the manga excels in its portrayal of Yuzuki’s adventures and her positive attitude towards her work, it falls short in terms of world building and plot development. The isekai setting and the origin of Yuzuki’s magic and summoning are not adequately explained, leaving some readers wanting more depth and context. Additionally, the world-building is patchy, with bits of information about the fantasy world scattered between chapters. While the story doesn’t necessarily require extensive world-building, a more cohesive and well-developed setting would have enhanced the manga’s overall appeal.

Exploring Unconventional Fantasies

Call Girl in Another World delves into various sexual fantasies and fetishes, providing a lighthearted and playful exploration of unconventional desires. The manga introduces readers to a wide range of fantasy races, each with their unique preferences and needs. This diversity adds an element of intrigue and excitement to Yuzuki’s encounters, making the story unpredictable and entertaining.

Art and Censorship

The artwork in Call Girl in Another World strikes a balance between sensuality and tastefulness. While the manga does depict intimate scenes, it refrains from crossing into explicit or hentai territory. The art cleverly avoids showing genitals while still showcasing both male and female nipples. Some fluids are depicted, but overall, the manga maintains a level of modesty that sets it apart from more explicit works in the genre. This approach makes it accessible to a wider range of readers who may prefer a less raunchy experience.


Overall, Call Girl in Another World offers readers an enjoyable and light-hearted take on the isekai genre. Its positive portrayal of sex work and exploration of unconventional desires make it a refreshing read for fans who seek something different. While the manga lacks in-depth world-building and plot development, it compensates with its energetic and enthusiastic protagonist. If you’re looking for a fun and sexy manga that doesn’t shy away from embracing diverse fantasies, Call Girl in Another World is certainly worth a read.