Review: If You Could See the Sun by Anna Liang

About If You Could See the Sun

If Alice decides that losing her conscience or even her life is worth it, she must escalate from petty scandals to actual crimes as her tasks. However, she hatches a plan to monetize her strange new power and discover scandalous secrets of her classmates, in exchange for a price. But when her parents drop the news that they can no longer afford her tuition, she starts turning invisible uncontrollably – actually becoming invisible. However, Alice has always felt invisible at her elite Beijing international boarding school, where she is among the most influential and rich students in China’s only student scholarship program.

In this debut YA genre-bending novel, a Chinese-American girl discovers her new and peculiar powers of invisibility, which she uses to monetize the scandalous secrets of her wealthy classmates.

My Review

One of my favorite things about this book is that Alice never learns to perfectly predict or control her ability to become invisible. She couldn’t guarantee that she would stay invisible when needed because she took a risky job that made extra tension, but she loosely made a plan and hoped for the best. She frequently knows how things happen, so she kind of hopes that she can become invisible when needed.

In this new book, titled “Supernatural Abilities,” I felt a sense of uniqueness and intrigue. It introduced Alice, a character with an extraordinary power that she had never liked before, but now she is determined to learn how to control her abilities. The inclusion of other books about teenagers with superpowers further added to the overall appeal.

I was really glad that she formed bonds with them and Henry, Chanel. I initially thought that she wasn’t always someone who liked people and she had realized how lonely it made her. Before, she hadn’t forced herself to open up in a way and make decisions about her own ability, but she is used to keeping herself to herself, which I liked. Alice is not in a prodigious way, but she is smart and driven.

I really enjoyed reading Gracia Anna by KNOW I BOYS or Zhao Katie by APART FALL WE HOW. I’m really glad I read it and it resonated with me. The book explored a lot of themes that I found interesting, especially if you could see the sun.

Content Notes for If You Could See the Sun

Recommended for individuals aged 12 and above.

The main characters in Representation are from China.

Extreme vulgar language content is used quite often.

Intimate/Amorous Material. A young woman and a young man sharing a passionate embrace. Another lady confronts a gentleman about his rendezvous with another person while Alice trails behind him.

Alice possesses an uncontrollable power to become unseen.

Violent ContentOne student plans to cause harm to another student and asks for Alice’s assistance. A man harms a student.

Drug ContentNone.

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