Rhamondre Stevenson, Jakobi Meyers explain what went wrong on the Patriots’ final play against the Raiders

In the final quarter of the tied game, with the score at 24, the New England Patriots came to a spectacular end, presumably to out run the clock and head to overtime. This game was crucial for their playoff hopes, as they played against the Las Vegas Raiders in Week 15.

Mac Jones, the quarterback, attempted to throw the ball back across the field to Jakobi Meyers, the wide receiver. However, instead of making the throw, he decided to laterally handoff the football to Rhamondre Stevenson, who initially received the handoff. Surprisingly, not everyone received the memo about this unexpected play.

However, ex-Patriot Chandler Jones, the Raiders linebacker, ended up with the ball in his hands as he returned the football 48 yards for a game-ending touchdown, not clocking the time on the left.

Following the match, the athletes responded to inquiries — inquiries that were brought up. It was an intense game, culminating in a breathtaking conclusion.

In his post-game press conference, Stevenson expressed, “The coaches provided us with a play specifically designed to consume the remaining time. Simply kneel down. There were only a few seconds remaining on the clock. I sense that I have successfully executed that strategy and promptly ended the play.”

When speaking about the play itself, there was no element of him pitching the ball back to Meyers or any other teammate.

He stated, “The performance titled was simply a draw performance. Nothing additional, nothing reduced than that. I’m expected to be aware of the circumstance, and I’m expected to be aware of the amount of time on the clock in crucial circumstances. I didn’t succeed in doing that today, so that’s the reality. … The performance commenced with me possessing the ball, so if I didn’t pass it back to him Jakobi wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do that.”

Regarding Jakobi Meyers, he also took responsibility for what happened.

He stated, “I suppose, attempting to act as a hero, I was simply attempting to accomplish an excessive amount. I should have simply surrendered. I was merely overexerting myself.”

It should be well known that he acted accordingly and understood the situation, and it was also pointed out that the plan did not include any laterals for wide receivers like Stevenson to take their place later.

He stated, “I acquired the ball, and I attempted to execute a maneuver. Simply advance the ball and descend, and reach overtime. That was my doing. I assure you, that was solely my attempt to execute a maneuver. That was solely me.”

Chandler Jones, who should have made the tackle, was mentioned by quarterback Mac Jones during his post-game interview. Mac Jones also indicated that he himself played a role in the play. It appears that Stevenson and Meyers, the Patriots’ top performers in terms of skill positions this season, bear the blame for the failed play.

The sophomore quarterback expressed, “I have to bring down the opponent. It is my responsibility. I take him down and we strive for overtime. It is my fault. I did not perform adequately.”

Ultimately, the Patriots did not make enough positive plays to begin with or find themselves in a situation where they would not have to deal with all the matters that end up being the result of the seventh season of loss.