Rose Montoya apologizes for topless stunt at White House

In 1969, it was a fateful summer night when drag queens were fighting on behalf of our patrons against yet another police raid, and they noted “how.” It is ironic that we are where we are today, as Kelly, the vice president, pointed out.

This year has seen the rise of numerous biased bills in conservative states that specifically target drag shows and performers.

“Yes, I know,” Harris responded. “It’s outrageous.”Output: “Yes, I’m aware,” Harris replied. “It’s scandalous.”

I was honored to perform some of the first same-sex marriages in our country back in 2004. I look at these young teachers in Florida in their 20s, and I am afraid they might lose their jobs or feel fearful if they are in a same-sex relationship. There are over 600 bills passed or proposed that are anti-LGBTQ+.

The decision of a teacher to display a photo of their LGBTQ family could violate the law, resulting in termination and penalties, according to critics who argue that the language used in the law is overly broad. The law, known as “Gay Say Don’t,” was signed into law last year by Ron DeSantis, the Republican governor of Florida and a potential presidential contender for 2024. It criminalizes discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity in the classroom.

Harris mentioned that although we can’t take for granted the progress we’ve achieved in terms of symmetry, it also reminds us of the efforts involved. So, we should ponder about it.

“I’m here to address the gathered reporters outside the bar,” said the vice president, “and not only celebrate what we understand in terms of the fighters who fought for freedom, but also to acknowledge that I don’t fully comprehend the significance of this fight.”

“I strongly feel that one should not be made to fight alone,” Harris said, adding, “We all need to stand together and be vigilant. These fundamental issues are the point that people should not be afraid. People should not live in fear for their lives. A policy approach that bans anti-LGBTQ books is not the right way to go.”

She expressed, “Pride in fighting for one’s country is essential and honorable.” After concluding her comments on how one should work towards a better nation, Harris left for the departing route to the East Upper Side.

After taking the stage at the 24th Annual LGBTQ+ Leadership Gala Council, following the Victory Fund’s campaign reception supporting Biden, Kamala Harris proclaimed, “There is nothing more patriotic than celebrating the freedom that includes loving and being loved by those who love and accept you for who you are.” She continued her remarks by stating, “Pride is a form of patriotism.”

In 2004, upon her initial election as the city’s district attorney, Harris acted as campaign manager for Harris and played a pivotal role in the successful election of Harvey Milk, an iconic figure in the fight for gay rights, to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1978. During her visit to Stonewall, she expressed admiration for individuals such as Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson, highlighting their unwavering determination and dedication. Subsequently, she proceeded to share her own experience of visiting Stonewall with the audience.

“To advocate for and to ensure liberty,” she stated, “narratives regarding uniting individuals from the civil rights campaign, labor rights campaign, and women’s rights campaign, Jim would inform me about the initial stages of the LGBTQ+ rights movement.”

Harris then turned to acknowledge another anniversary that marked the eighth year since the U.S. Supreme Court decided Hodges v. Obergefell, establishing same-sex marriage as a constitutional right nationwide.

She stated, “Jim Obergefell, similar to individuals consumed by devotion and resolve, is a kind person. Devotion and resolve are qualities that he firmly possesses, and it is not something that simply occurs. It does not happen easily. Progress is not an inevitable outcome.”

In our nation, LGBTQ+ individuals and households, as well as their freedoms and fundamental rights, are being targeted. It deeply saddens me to contemplate and discuss the current circumstances we find ourselves in, following expressions of gratitude towards Obergefell – who was present among the audience, receiving a round of applause – Harris conveyed.

After hours, Nancy Pelosi, the former Speaker of the House, issued a statement echoing Harris’s warning about the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage equality in 2015.

Despite the progress that has been made, the fight against LGBTQ+ discrimination remains more urgent than ever as right-wing extremists across the nation seek to undermine legal precedent and strip away basic freedoms. Pelosi said.

Earlier this month, Kamala Harris pointed out the rise in anti-LGBTQ sentiment in America, noting the urgency for a state of emergency proclamation to address the violence and threats targeting the LGBTQ community, while also acknowledging the extreme rhetoric.

A decision in the case of 303 Creative v. Elenis, which could potentially allow businesses to deny service to LGBTQ Americans, may be reached this week. This ruling would be significant, considering the court’s history of championing equal marriage rights, as established by Justices Thurgood Marshall and RBG. Harris remarked on the importance of this case, highlighting the current vulnerability of the community’s rights and freedoms, as demonstrated by recent developments within the same institution.

Extremists on the right, as cautioned by the Vice President, are actively striving to regain rights and liberties in all areas. According to her, they have devised a strategy to undermine hard-fought rights and freedoms, aiming to promote their agenda extensively and extensively. Their objective is to undermine the freedom to make choices regarding personal bodies, the rights of workers to form unions, the right to vote, and the right to live genuinely.

Harris added, “And by the way, a year after Dobbs, it is clear these extremists also plan to ban abortion nationwide. Nationwide.”.

“Leaders who possess curiosity, compassion, and attentiveness towards the hardships of others,” she stated, “have fortunately received support from voters in light of these difficulties.”

Harris exclaimed amidst a boisterous ovation, gesturing towards Democratic Governors Kathy Hochul (N.Y.) And Gretchen Whitmer (Mich.), Both present, “They chose governors who rejected legislation that could harm transgender youth and who endorsed legislation to safeguard LGBTQ+ individuals against prejudice.”

“The Biden administration is committed to expanding the freedoms and rights of the LGBTQ+ community, as promised in their 2020 platform. Unlike many others before him, President Joe Biden fearlessly proclaimed his support for marriage equality in 2012. This demonstrates his leadership and dedication to this cause.” Said she, referring to President Joe Biden.

In December, according to Harris, Biden enacted the Respect for Marriage Act, which legally safeguards same-sex and interracial couples, in preparation for the potential challenge indicated by conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s expressed desire to review Obergefell.

Harris said, “I was honored to declare my friends Kris Perry and Sandy Stier partners for life,” as California’s attorney general, after declining to support the state’s constitutional amendment prohibiting same-sex marriage ten years ago this week.

During the signing ceremony of the Respect for Marriage Act, she mentioned that there were Sandy and Kris, alongside their four sons, on the lawn of the White House, representing people from every background and every walk of life, who understand the significance of having a president who has an administration that respects and supports the meaning of marriage.