Serena Williams Just Gave Birth To Baby No. 2: What To Know About Her Pregnancy And Due Date

The footage is extremely delightful. Serena Williams, 41, announced on Instagram that her husband, Alexis Ohanian, has welcomed their second child. This is not a joke! Another significant celebrity pregnancy birth announcement happened this week.

Before the event, Serena Williams excitedly announced her pregnancy to us in a subtly worded caption, as she shared an adorable family portrait with Gala Met. Anna Wintour had invited her to the event, and Serena was so thrilled to have the opportunity to make the announcement.

Serena’s post quickly garnered a million likes, and people in the comment section were freaking out (including Ziwe, Ciara, and Lindsey Vonn). The post featured a few other poses that clearly accentuated the bump, followed by a second slide that showcased Serena, the professional tennis player. If you didn’t catch it, the first photo didn’t quite capture Serena’s drift. In the full Met Gala glam, Serena’s husband was also featured in the photo.

Don’t worry, you have covered Women’s Health. Since Serena is a mega-famous tennis player and entrepreneur, she wants to dive into all the natural details of her pregnancy.

The Williams-Ohanian family appears to be happy and content, but the specific date of Adira’s birthday is currently unknown. The newest addition to the family, a daughter named Adira River, was born in August, although Serena has not yet provided a confirmed date.

Alexis expressed his gratitude on his Instagram, stating, “I am appreciative to announce that our home is filled with love: a joyful and thriving newborn girl and content and thriving mother. I am feeling appreciative. You have bestowed upon me another unparalleled gift — you are the greatest mother of all time, Serena Williams. I will always remember the moment I introduced Olympia Ohanian to her new sibling. I am grateful to all the exceptional healthcare professionals who provided care for my wife and our daughter 🙏.”

Serena has been attempting to conceive another child for a while.

Alexis Ohanian, her spouse, and Serena revealed to Vogue in August 2022 that she would be stepping away from her tennis career and endeavoring to expand their family.

“Serena informed Vogue,” Serena stated, “[Alexis and I] have recently received certain details from my physician that alleviated my concerns and made me feel confident that whenever we decide, we can expand our family.” “I must fully commit to tennis or fully step away,” Serena added, “I certainly do not wish to become pregnant again while being an athlete.”

Does Serena have any other offspring?

According to Us Weekly, the news was inadvertently leaked when Serena uploaded her baby bump to her Snapchat story. Although the announcement of Serena’s pregnancy with Olympia didn’t go as planned, she gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr., In September 2017. And now, this is Serena’s second baby! Yes.

In a profile published last year in Vogue, Serena openly spoke about her relationship with Olympia, expressing her hope to grow her family in the next few years and the difficult choice she faced in leaving tennis to retire.

Serena informed Vogue, “Similar to the lessons my mother imparted to me, I aspire to educate my daughter on the art of tying shoelaces, the skill of reading, the origins of newborns, and the concept of God. It all resonates perfectly. The truth is, when it concerns Olympia, nothing feels like a compromise to me. Although I found pleasure in making it, I believe that tennis, in contrast, has always felt like a relinquishment.”

Olympia also possesses her own Instagram account, @olympiaohanian, and occasionally posts adorable Olympia material on her Instagram. Serena (clearly) adores spending quality time with her daughter.

Serena has also mentioned that Olympia has been asking for a little sister, but there is no word yet on the gender of baby Serena.

Serena spoke candidly about the experience of delivering Olympia.

In her most recent post, Serena once again recounted the story and shared it once more, discussing her near-death encounter while giving birth to Olympia. Serena candidly revealed her experience in an op-ed for CNN back in 2018. Furthermore, Serena expressed her vulnerability on Instagram with a post regarding her childbirth journey during Black Maternal Health Week in 2023.

In 2017, Serena had to undergo an emergency c-section to deliver her daughter, but later, when she suffered from a pulmonary embolism, her condition led to an intense coughing fit which caused her c-section scar to rupture.

According to the Center For Disease Control and Prevention, African American mothers are three times more likely to pass away as a result of childbirth-related reasons. Serena recounted her experience to increase consciousness regarding African American maternal well-being. Additionally, her medical practitioners identified and treated a blood clot when they took her back into the operating room.

Serena wrote, “[The medical professionals] knew precisely how to manage this intricate twist of events. I wouldn’t be present at this moment if it weren’t for their skilled attention.”

Serena and Alexis Ohanian have been in a relationship since 2015.

As reported by PEOPLE, the duo has been associated since approximately May 2015. Nevertheless, a couple of months after they joyfully embraced Olympia, the couple formally exchanged vows in November 2017.

In 2017, he asked Serena to marry him while they were sitting together at the table. According to reports, Alexis unexpectedly joined Williams at the hotel table. PEOPLE magazine states that the couple initially crossed paths at Cavalieri Hotel in Rome two years prior, in 2015. Alexis is a businessperson.

During a press conference that took place shortly after their engagement, as reported by PEOPLE, Serena expressed her admiration for Alexis, stating, “It’s truly heartwarming to witness. And it’s exceptionally impressive. I believe he genuinely treats everyone with equal kindness. He is an exceptionally kind individual. He is truly remarkable.”

Serena adores being expecting a baby.

In regard to Lincoln, she discusses the act of being photographed with her soon-to-be delivered daughter and makes mention of her newborn “Jellybean.” Serena experienced a remarkably smooth pregnancy and thoroughly enjoyed carrying her daughter Olympia, although she didn’t extensively share details about her subsequent pregnancy.

“In an interview with Vogue, Serena revealed, ‘Every second of being pregnant with Olympia was a cherished and loved experience for me, despite the annoying comments from some women. I continued to work until the day I had to report to the hospital.’ Serena then informed Vogue about her pregnancy and how she dealt with the criticisms from certain women.”

I am eagerly looking forward to witnessing Adira’s growth alongside her sister!