Shark Tank Long Table Pancakes Update 2023 | Season 14

Samuel is seeking $140,000 for a 15% equity stake in his company, Table Long. If he can convince the sharks on Shark Tank Season 14, he may be able to sway their opinion and secure an investment in his company, which produces waffle and pancake mixes made out of nutritious whole heirloom grains.

Long Table Update

  • Businesspersons: Samuel Taylor.
  • Business: Complete heritage grain pancake and waffle blend.
  • Seeking a valuation of $140,000 in exchange for a 15% ownership stake.
  • Outcome: No agreement.
  • Sharks: None.
  • From his website, the majority of sales originate directly, making up a small proportion of total sales. Since its launch, his healthy pancake and waffle blend has been showcased in local grocery stores in the Chicago region. Samuel acknowledged that Long Table reached its highest point with approximately $20,000 in yearly earnings from 2015 to 2019.

    He informed the sharks that social media marketing was one of the weakest aspects of his business.

    Lori Greiner confessed that she was not particularly fond of pancakes and lacked ultimate enthusiasm for the company, thus leading her to withdraw from the negotiations. Barbara Corcoran, too, decided to drop out of the negotiations due to her lack of faith in the business’s potential for growth.

    In the absence of an agreement, Samuel was compelled to depart and eventually all of the sharks withdrew. Kevin O’Leary had multiple apprehensions, such as the absence of a social networking presence, which led him to withdraw, although he was intrigued. Mark Cuban withdrew because he did not appreciate the company’s name.

    Let’s see what’s new with Long Table after their appearance on Shark Tank.

    Samuel started posting updates on his company’s Facebook page after receiving over 10,000 orders for the Long Table shared three days ago. The episode of skyrocketed sales in the following weeks has led to Samuel’s waffle and pancake mixes being widely recognized as some of the best-tasting pancakes ever.

    We will keep you posted on any future updates. There is a reason to believe that 2023 could be the best year ever, and Samuel’s current business trajectory is better than it has ever been.