‘SIIIUUU!’: How Cristiano Ronaldo made iconic celebration his personal calling card

You’re familiar with the drill. It begins when Cristiano Ronaldo nets a goal.

Ronaldo is looking for something big to set himself up when he’s looking at a camera – not just a clenched fist this time. He realizes that the Big Celebration is coming, so he finds the TV camera. Then, he tells the camera that’s the big one.

Then, there is the method, usually accompanied by the rotating hand. This is the introduction; the “prepare yourself” to the audience.

Then follows the jump and twirl: the part that transforms it from a customary festivity to a unique signature move.

He has the power in his leg to fling himself higher than anyone else in the football world, making him one of the highest leaping players in football.

Ronaldo’s ability to jump and score headers, especially from the back post, makes this part of the match even more memorable. Even if you try, you wouldn’t be able to replicate his power and height on his leap.

He is big, and initially he is small: he also aids in shaping X by crossing his arms across his chest.

The peak moment happens as he completes his spin and lands. Arms stretched out. With his back turned to the camera, giving you a clear view of “Ronaldo 7”.

The exclamation “SIU!” Is likely to be shouted back at him by thousands of fans in the stadium, while watching television with plenty more to see.

Football fans relish uttering it after he fails to seize a chance to score, whether in a show of solidarity with Ronaldo or as a sarcastic taunt. The act of imitating the celebration brings joy to children. There are numerous similarities between a WWE wrestler’s final move and the Siu, a refined method of establishing one’s personal image.

Arguably, it is the most renowned and frequently replicated scoring celebration executed by a player in the present day.

Here’s a concise guide to how the Siu became integrated into football culture.

What is the reason behind Ronaldo’s involvement in the SIU?

Ronaldo mentioned in a 2019 interview with Soccer.Com that during his time at Real Madrid, he began using the word ‘Si’ which is similar to saying ‘Yes’.

“When we would win, everyone would say ‘Siiiii’ and so I started to say it. I don’t know why, it was natural.

“The festivity is approaching from an unknown location, and we competed against Chelsea (before the 2013-14 season) in the United States and I participated.”

‘Siiiiiiuuuu’, as if they’re enthusiasts and the followers, perceive it and I sense it. Often, I began doing it since it felt completely natural. Suddenly, it emerged and I simply scored the goal.

“I’m thinking ‘Wow! Individuals are reminded of me because of it!’. So it’s great, and I’ll continue pursuing it in the same manner.”

Siu’s shout is an important part of Ronaldo’s branding. Siu’s shout is an important part, “Yes, remember me!” Of his winning speech for the Ballon d’Or 2014. He later explained it as a ritual for Real Madrid, closing it off after the team wins or he scores.

During the Europa League match in Moldova tonight, when he scored against them from a penalty just before halftime, he joined the fans of Sheriff Tiraspol in celebrating, which is now widely known and he continues to do so. Those who watched the game on television or at Old Trafford may remember him celebrating it with Elanga Anthony or Siu. But in April 2022, when he scored his first hat-trick goal against Norwich, few United fans will remember how he did it. Siu often works to make Ronaldo’s celebrations more exciting, memorable, and less messy.

During his first stint at Manchester United, Rene Meulensteen, the coach, implored Ronaldo to focus less on tap-ins and scoring goals and more on learning and aesthetics. Some may argue that Ronaldo’s career, which includes over 800 goals, does not lack entertainment or lack goals in any way, shape, or form.

If you happened to overlook the actual goal, “Retrieve your phone and capture the climax of this celebration,” also functions as a cautionary message to the spectators, the lengthier “I am about to leap at this moment.”

Like many performers, the Siu is not a favorite for the CR7 enthusiast when he repeats it; it is a rare and distinctive item that symbolizes Ronaldo.

Ronaldo’s lifestyle before joining SIU

In February 2022, Crouch Peter wrote, “He goes here again: ‘saying, turning round, you don’t want anybody often, too. It is not doing it well, but I think this needs to be said as a good celebration key: a public service announcement.”

Ronaldo, after speaking broadly, is likely to do four things, but he opts for a particular celebration where he has been seen over the past 20 years. The consistency and frequency of his goals have been seen in the short space of time. However, Ronaldo does not celebrate every goal with a pirouette leap.

  • Dashing towards the spectators, he would frequently rejoice at Real Madrid with his arms extended. Ronaldo’s initial tenure at United was often marked by celebratory moments, where he would raise his arms in triumph and let out a triumphant cry. It was a jubilant gesture, a display of sheer euphoria.
  • Ronaldo used to execute a brief sequence with a colleague (usually Marcelo while they were at Real Madrid), in which they would exchange a gesture of accomplishment saying “Yes we achieved it”.
  • An intense outburst of feeling where Ronaldo would frequently take off his shirt.
  • Yes, I consider myself to be a very “special and final tier” footballer, as I have scored goals of the highest caliber, just like the greatest goalscorer of all time, Ronaldo.
  • It often seems like he apologizes. He wants to celebrate Ronaldo. Instead of opting to show his world in the group stages of the 2018-19 season for Juventus, he scored against United and did not refrain from celebrating. He offered a small apology after scoring against Real Madrid for United in the Champions League knockouts of 2012-13, but he did not opt for a restrained celebration when he was a player for Manchester United against Sporting Lisbon. In addition, this is an interesting case of muted celebrations for Ronaldo. In 2011, during a short period of time, Ronaldo celebrated his goals by performing a claw-like gesture with both hands in honor of his newborn son.

    In a highly intense Clasico match, Ronaldo initially executed the “Calma Calma” celebration on April 21, 2012, gesturing towards his heart and reassuring the supporters of Real Madrid that Barcelona would be overcome. It is in that last category where Ronaldo’s most unforgettable celebrations — including the Siu — take place.

    In 2012, the forward for Real Madrid scored a long-range goal against Osasuna, while also joking with the backup goalkeeper, Antonio Adan, who apparently skipped leg day at the gym. He flexed his thigh muscle to show off to the rest of the Madrid Real bench.

    It is a rare accomplishment for any contemporary soccer player to replicate all of these celebrations within the FIFA video game series. In November 2016, Ronaldo drew inspiration from Auguste Rodin’s sculpture “The Thinker” to commemorate his hat-trick against Atletico Madrid.

    However, no other festivities have been replicated in real life as extensively as the Siu.

    Marko Grujic informed Bild in January 2019, “It simply occurred in that manner, I had no power over it. Genuine sentiment.” The Siu was employed by the Serbia national player in commemoration of a goal achieved against FC Schalke. “Due to his relentless dedication to his progress, he serves as an excellent exemplar for me. I admire Ronaldo.”

    Marko Grujic on his Cristiano Ronaldo celebration:

    “It was pure emotion. I could not control it, it just happened like that. I look up to Ronaldo.”

    😎 pic.twitter.com/XIAhxZLyQu

    — GOAL (@goal) January 28, 2019

    “After that, everything else takes priority and it is possible to professionally live and love. Ronaldo has worked it all out, but Messi may be an even more talented player.”

    Grujic is one of several players to have imitated Ronaldo’s celebration throughout the years.

    Sergio Ramos had a go with Siu and scored goals against Osasuna and Atletico Madrid. The defender opts to point his name back towards the leap when he completes it.

    Paulo Dybala added his “gladiator mask” celebration to the Siu after opening the scoring for Juventus against Frosinone on February 15, 2019.

    Ronaldo, who was on the sidelines, flashed a slight grin when he saw the homage given at the amicable match. This came after a goal against Juventus, followed by a collective cheer from players of an All Star Team hailing from South Korea’s premier league, during a pre-season friendly in July 2019.

    K League All Stars drew 3-3 with Juventus, and after scoring their second goal, their players did Ronaldo’s celebration! 😂pic.twitter.com/WP6KOywajY

    — GOAL (@goal) July 26, 2019

    In October 2019, following his goal against Real Madrid, Emmanuel Dennis utilized the commemoration to introduce his Club Bruges team to a wider European viewership.

    James Ward-Prowse from Southampton utilized the commemoration throughout the 2019-20 campaign.

    Federico Chiesa also joined in the festivities after Ronaldo scored against Napoli on April 7, 2021.

    Jesse Lingard added #JLingz to his flourishing after scoring for England during the World Cup qualifier against Andorra in September 2021.

    One week later, Joao Palhinha utilized the jubilation to score a goal for Portugal against Luxembourg.

    They will tell you the importance of moving finished goods and speaking to those within the professional wrestling world. Other companies and WWE practices are the result of more than 100 years of harking back to fun carnival attractions and fairs, as well as art performances.

    Every good wrestler needs a good finishing move — a moment where the crowd grasp that something important is about to happen.

    Siu The is the only originator who has perfected an action that has inspired numerous imitators; finishing Ronaldo’s move.

    A teenage boy would imagine what a teenage boy would like to look like, and Shazam is a hero with the gifts of ancient gods. Shazam can transform into a musclebound hero with the call of “Shazam”, young hero Billy Batson in DC Comics.

    Ronaldo works hard to maintain his place on the football mountain, insisting that football is fun. He imbues his game with circumstance and pomp: his celebrations, many goalscoring non-Siu, his routine free-kick, and his physique. Ronaldo has gone to great lengths to market himself as a superhero.

    The Siu is a minor method for Ronaldo to further enhance his reputation. Ronaldo labels himself as the G.O.A.T – Greatest of all Time. It is insufficient that he is regarded as one of the most exceptional soccer players in history and holds the record for the highest number of goals achieved in professional football (we assume).

    While there may be only a few players who have showcased memorable goal celebrations to the world, it is important to note that not every player who finishes the league campaign with the golden boot will always be the best football player.

    The Siu is his signature move. A goal celebration inspired by WWE and amateur theater.