Stephen A. Smith Explains Why He Kicked Max Kellerman Off ESPN’s ‘First Take,’ Twitter Reacts

Stephen A Smith is finally acknowledging the substantial modification he implemented to First Take in 2021.

Regarding this matter, he expressed his thoughts during a recent interview on the Dan Le Batard Show, questioning why Smith abruptly dismissed him, which left fans of the pair surprised by the sudden departure of fellow analyst Max Kellerman.

The show’s success was all about the assurance that there was no beef and everyone cleared the air on Smith’s split.

Smith started, “I didn’t bring it to the table when he was sitting opposite of me because I don’t believe that certain things require a debate to show what it is. That’s not what I want anybody to assume about Max Kellerman. Max Kellerman should not be assumed to be somebody that doesn’t want to work hard. Max Kellerman is not a bad person.”

The First Take frontman says that Kellerman has no clue about how the split feels and he said that the chemistry between the two hosts on-air wasn’t just its potential to live up to.

He stated, “In the following years, it was not a program I desired to participate in. Max Kellerman and I did not collaborate successfully, from my perspective.”

The performance could have achieved triumph if Kellerman had been discussing with his companion and former NFL player Marcellus Wiley, and he claims that their lack of compatibility was solely responsible.

In 2016, when Bayless departed for FS1, the two charismatic figures would bring exceptional ratings to ESPN. With Smith not joining until 2012, the program commenced in 2007 with the polarizing Skip Bayless in charge. Max Kellerman subsequently assumed his position for five years before Smith’s choice resulted in him hosting his own show, This Just In with Max Kellerman, and the ESPN Radio morning show he co-hosts with Johnson and Jay Williams, Keyshawn, JWill and Max.

Discover Twitter’s sentiment towards Smith’s explanation of the breakup down below.

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