Steps to Providing Proof of Insurance After the Violation

undefinedCA is a compulsory insurance state. Proof of Insurance or financial responsibility is required in all vehicles. You must provide it when asked by a law enforcement officer (LEO), when renewing vehicle registrations, and when the vehicle is involved in a collision. For these instances, it is important to have your proof of insurance on-hand. How many times have we seen on TV and in the movies, the LEO pulls a car over and asks, “Can I see your license, registration, and proof of insurance?”

When engaged in a collision or stopped for another violation, motorists are required to furnish documented evidence of insurance or monetary obligation when requested by law enforcement officer (CVC) 16028, CA Vehicle Code. In lieu of an insurance policy, monetary responsibility may consist of a deposit of money or guarantee bond (typically $35,000-60,000) in a fiduciary account established to cover costs associated with collisions.

Many law enforcement officers desire to receive an official document, not just a picture but rather a pdf directly from the insurance company itself. It is important to emphasize that the officer is only permitted to examine the evidence of insurance and no other data on the mobile device, as specifically stated by the law. Ensuring that the insurance on your phone adheres to the law is crucial. “The proof of financial responsibility can be presented using a mobile electronic device,” despite the allowance in CVC 16028, there is no obligation to physically print it out anymore, as individuals now store it on their smartphone. It is convenient to provide and keep on their person, whether in their purse, wallet, or in the glove compartment, so that it is readily available in the car when requested by law enforcement during a traffic stop.

Those who are unable to provide proof of insurance at the time of requesting to appear in court or submit written proof can request the office clerk for an extension. This will result in a violation of insurance laws, which is considered a correctable offense for which you will need to pay a small fee.

Generally, a conviction for driving without insurance will not necessarily prevent you from appearing in court. However, if you do not have insurance at the time you receive a ticket, you will need to demonstrate that you have rectified the deficiency and at least have purchased insurance.

Costly Penalties with no Proof of Insurance

Following a period of 36-39 months, until the citation is expunged from your motor vehicle driving record (MVR), a single conviction could lead to fines exceeding $2000 and heightened insurance premiums. Due to the expensive penalties and elevated insurance rates, which are undesirable, it is advantageous to seek advice from and employ a traffic ticket lawyer to handle the situation. Additionally, if you fail to provide proof of insurance when stopped by a law enforcement officer (LEO), you may receive an additional ticket apart from the initial one issued for the original offense.

It is advisable to seek guidance from a traffic violation lawyer in case you are stopped by law enforcement without possessing valid insurance. Adhering to traffic regulations is highly recommended, as it reduces the likelihood of receiving a citation. In situations where the officer is unfamiliar with the recent legislation or if any issues arise with your mobile device, it is prudent to carry a tangible evidence of your insurance or financial accountability.

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