Stories that made 2022: The loss of Coy Gibbs

During the championship weekend in Phoenix, Kelly Crandall, a NASCAR writer, ponders over how the paddock dealt with the unexpected passing of Coy Gibbs. The writers at RACER.Com were requested to contemplate the narrative from this year that deeply impacted them, according to their own chosen criteria, as we bid farewell to 2022.

There are numerous headlines and personalities to enjoy. In terms of the race, there are three distinct categories and a brand-new vehicle introduced in a series. In December, there is a lot to absorb, with only one weekend off in a sport that holds 38 competitions annually.

Having the rare excitement of a story that lasts beyond the next batch or moment can be given to all. It’s a never-ending cycle of much-welcomed chaos, frankly trying to keep on top of the race cars, telling a great story, and chasing the next small moments of the story. They become just moments in time, but they are much more than that.

Coy Gibbs is not one of those occasions.

How cruel it was for the Gibbs family to lose them, the closest ones. Gibbs was gone. It was shocking and unexpected. After celebrating with his son for less than 10 hours, sitting in front of the media to discuss Ty’s triumph, he died in his sleep just hours after winning the Xfinity Series championship at Raceway Phoenix on November 5th. His mother and father, pictured above, Heather and Gibbs, were devastated.


It is undoubtedly true that life can be unfair, but it is a cliché. Then came the ultimate high of rising to a career milestone, with the occasion being the hot topic of conversation in Phoenix when Brandon Jones, Ty Gibbs’ teammate, wrecked earlier at Martinsville Speedway, where there were seven low days.

It was difficult to transition from reporting on and experiencing the pain of the loss while covering a championship race. The conclusion of a lengthy season and the crowning of a champion had generated enthusiasm and hope, with four distinct and captivating contenders. Despite the presence of a Cup Series championship race to cover, it was challenging to simply move forward from the news that occurred on Sunday. The day had begun with great potential.

Christopher Bell expressed his thoughts in a heartfelt manner following the race, highlighting the significance of his comments. Bell, who was one of the four championship contenders and not just a driver for Gibbs, captured the sentiment perfectly.

Certainly! Here is the reversed rendition of the given paragraph: “Absolutely! What we’re accomplishing here is not the broader view. It simply provides a different outlook that receiving such news a few hours prior to embarking on a journey is exceedingly challenging, considering the circumstances. You start your day feeling immensely enthusiastic and exhilarated about life, and then you wake up.”

The confirmation arrived just before the start of the race, diverting focus from pre-race celebrations to arranging coverage and anticipating. The announcement started to circulate, transforming the lively and energetic race morning into a highly solemn and grave one. The ambiance at the track altered precisely in that manner, creating a palpable sensation.

After completing the job, everyone needed to deal only with the emotions. It didn’t make any day easier, it just became easier for everyone to get through. The show must go on, as it has done many times before, even after experiencing a loss.

Gibbs’ loss was the trigger that opened the floodgate of already impending emotional breakdown, after a year of denying and suppressing the overwhelming emotions, honestly wanting to just go home.