StubHub seller won’t give girls Taylor Swift tickets purchased 6 months ago. See what happens next

StubHub seller won’t give girls Taylor Swift tickets purchased 6 months ago. See what happens next


For Taylor Swift fans, there’s little more coveted than tickets to her latest concert tour. They sold out before the general public could even try to buy one. However, two Bay Area moms managed to score tickets on StubHub for their 13-year-old daughters, and excitement ran high – until it turned to heartbreak.

The Excitement and Purchase

The young teen, Olivia Schuman, and her friend, Sasha Malek, have been Taylor Swift fans nearly their entire lives. Their mothers, Isabelle Schuman and Jessica, are fans too. So, when they heard that the superstar was going on tour this year, the two moms decided to take their daughters to see her in concert. Isabelle Schuman purchased four tickets to the Los Angeles show on StubHub, with their seats not far from the stage. The girls were already planning their outfits and hairstyles for the concert, eagerly anticipating the experience.

The Letdown

However, six months later, Isabelle Schuman received an email from StubHub stating that the seller was unable to provide the tickets she had purchased. She was shocked and wondered why they were only informing her now, after such a long time. Suddenly, they had no tickets and no explanation. The disappointed teens and their mothers were left with wasted airline tickets and no concert to attend.

The Fan Protection Guarantee

StubHub’s Fan Protection Guarantee promises a full refund or “comparable-or-better tickets” if a sale falls through. However, the definition of “comparable” means tickets of a similar price, and Taylor Swift ticket prices had skyrocketed since Isabelle Schuman made her purchase. She had paid $3,400 for four seats, including fees, back in November. Currently, comparable seats were listed for anywhere from $13,000 to $17,000, including StubHub fees, for the same Los Angeles date. Isabelle realized that while she might get her money back, there was no guarantee of getting the tickets she had originally purchased.

Complaint and Response

Isabelle Schuman expressed her frustration to StubHub through a direct message, questioning how she could tell a 13-year-old that they might not get tickets. StubHub replied, stating that they were required to follow their policies and that the price of the section she had purchased had gone up significantly. They claimed that they could not issue replacements and had no control over the situation as it was the seller’s responsibility.

The Disappointment

Isabelle had planned to surprise Olivia with the tickets at her bat mitzvah, but now there were no tickets at all. She contacted ABC7 for help, and the 7 On Your Side team asked StubHub how a seller could renege on a ticket sale. StubHub acknowledged that sellers faced penalties for removing tickets from the platform after they had been sold or canceling a sale and then raising the price. However, the fan guarantee did not include replacing tickets at a higher price.

ABC7’s Intervention

After ABC7 contacted StubHub, Isabelle Schuman received a phone call from the company just an hour and a half later. StubHub offered four seats in a section similar to their original seats, closer to the stage, at no extra cost. Isabelle was relieved and grateful for the assistance.

The Surprise

At Olivia’s bat mitzvah party, Isabelle handed her and Sasha an envelope. Excited, the girls opened it to find the precious tickets tucked inside. Joyful shrieks erupted from the group, and the moms expressed their gratitude to ABC7 for their help in resolving the situation.

StubHub’s Lack of Explanation

StubHub did not provide any explanation for why the seller did not release the original tickets or if they were hoping to fetch a higher price. The company did confirm that they penalize sellers who fail to provide tickets after they have been sold or who cancel a sale and then raise the price.


Thanks to the intervention of ABC7, the girls were able to attend the Taylor Swift concert and have an unforgettable experience. However, this incident highlights the risks involved in purchasing tickets from secondary marketplaces like StubHub. Despite the Fan Protection Guarantee, there is no guarantee of receiving the exact tickets purchased at the original price. Fans should be cautious and understand the potential challenges they may face when buying tickets from resellers.