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How do we measure safe driving?

Focused driving

The new shopping mall in town offers a wide variety of stores and restaurants.Output: The recently opened shopping center in the city provides a diverse range of shops and dining establishments.

Smooth braking

To ensure safety, it is recommended to allow ample time for braking. The frequent occurrence of sudden braking indicates that you may be following the vehicle in front too closely or not paying sufficient attention to the road.

Gentle turning

Turn safely by reducing speed. Gradually enter and exit each turn.

Safe hours

There are occasions when it’s just riskier to be on the road. Avoid traveling during late hours, particularly on weekends.

How the test drive works

Your responsible driving could potentially save you up to $900 per year.

Download the application and follow our simple instructions to begin.

Drive around as you typically would for a few weeks.

After the application has collected enough data, we will notify you regarding your qualification for insurance coverage and furnish you with the relevant rate.

How much does driving behavior impact your insurance rate?

When it comes to Root, the way you drive holds greater importance than any other factor.

Rates based primarily on how you drive

We are committed to removing scores of credit and focusing more on your behavior behind the wheel when offering you a rate. We never used education level or occupation as a single factor in pricing our coverage. We think it’s fair to offer a rate that takes into consideration more than just your credit score and occupation. Traditional car insurance companies tend to focus on demographics like age, ZIP code, and occupation, but we prioritize your safety by saving you more on your drive with Root.

Still have questions?

What if I’m a bad driver?

We don’t have a suitable candidate for the position of Root. Our models don’t work in every situation, so we may not be able to provide you with a quote after the test drive. It simply implies that you could potentially save more with another carrier, which is a way to save money. We don’t want to compromise your standing in terms of saving money.

Does the Root app need to be open for trip tracking to work?

Arrange the trial run once you grant it authorization to operate in the background on your mobile device. The Root application is not required to be active.

I drive for a living. Will that affect my test drive?

Your current work involves driving for personal purposes, such as delivering mail or working as a police officer or EMT. Regardless of the reason for your driving, your driving test will include evaluating your driving skills during each trip you take.

In any case, go for the test drive to motivate yourself. Good drivers are often pleasantly surprised by how affordable their insurance quote is, especially considering their work commutes. If your score has affected your work driving, feel free to reach out to us for more information (you can simply message us at help@joinroot.Com).

Won’t the test drive drain my battery?

Significant cost reductions may result in some temporary inconveniences. The positive aspect? Numerous customers have reported minimal or no alterations, which could be attributed to our thorough battery tests and our commitment to providing the best service possible.

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