The 11 Best Pickleball Paddles, According to Instructors and Racket Sport Experts

The TS-5 Bantam, a high-grade polymer composite paddle with a textured hybrid epoxy fiberglass surface, is a great option for players who value quality. Not only is it easy to maneuver and lightweight, but it may also be a fantastic choice for individuals with smaller hands, including kids. With a smaller 4.25-inch circumference grip and weighing only 7 ounces, the TS-5 Bantam from Paddletek in Jacksonville, Florida, is a paddle worth considering. According to Andy Zarka, the owner of Pickleball Jax store, it is known to provide a better grip for those with smaller hands. Additionally, most pickleball paddles are fairly lightweight, ranging from 8 to 7.5 ounces.

Ideal for novices

He states, “if it doesn’t feel pleasant in your hand, it will never feel appropriate to you.” Zarka asserts that the primary concern is the paddle’s comfort in your hand. Particularly for novices, you have the option to select between a lightweight and a moderately heavy paddle. The Amped Epic paddle is available in four different colors: red, blue, purple, and black/white. He suggests that entry-level players opt for the square shape as it offers a more forgiving sweet spot and a more maneuverable frame. He advises new players to purchase the Epic size, which features a standard shape and a long handle. He mentions that these thick, fiberglass paddles are “extremely comfortable and forgiving” and they provide “a simple way to enter the sport.” Rafi Cartagena, an experienced individual in the racket sports industry for ten years and currently working as a sales associate and master stringer at NYC Racquet Sports, highly recommends the Selkirk Amped series of paddles for beginners.

Top affordable paddle option

He states that the Slam Master paddle is the “best value for your money because the heaviness is satisfactory and the paddle is sturdy–it’s not going to shatter,” adding that his daughters, who participate in high-level competitions, utilize the paddle. Zorano Tubo, also known as Coach Z, a certified teacher of pickleball and the founder of Southern Tier Pickleball Academy, favors the $65 Slam Master PRO Paddle, which is constructed from graphite and weighs 8.3 ounces–and is affordable. “It is suitable for individuals of all age groups, ranging from children to professionals and everyone in between,” he remarks. He also strongly recommends Slammaster’s individual-play practice paddle, which is a contemporary version of the traditional paddle ball with a pickleball twist and will assist in refining your abilities from the convenience of your own residence.

Top mid-range paddle

If you’re more into the minimalist style, you might want to try the Night N’ Day white and black Court Centre or SoHo styles. Zarka also mentions that the paddle’s solid core polypropylene and carbon fiber-graphite blend face are great features, and the colorful graphics on the paddles actually look good. He says, “You’re not gonna quickly outgrow this paddle, but it’s certainly more expensive than something you can pick up at Target for $90.” Zarka says that the Performance Holbrook’s paddle series is a great starting point for someone who wants to play recreationally, not necessarily at a high level.

Traditional with a burst of vibrant hue

We also included these paddles in our best gifts for pickleball fans list. The handle provides an extra comfortable grip with a cushioned feel. The textured fiberglass face helps generate optimal spin for precise and powerful shots, while also helping to maintain control of the ball. The paddle is midweight, which is perfect for players who want to earn their way to becoming a competitive player or pack their bag to travel to a beachfront resort. “The paddle is great for anyone,” says Gainor, “from casual players to those looking to become professionals.” Gainor’s go-to favorite paddle for vacation is the Classic Curve, which comes in eight color combinations including a special edition Palm Tropical design in Northern Sky and Tangerine Bubblegum. Gainor says her favorite paddle is the one from Rokne. According to Laura Gainor, the founder of Pickleball, the sun is in the

Ideal for players with intermediate skills

At that price range, and it possesses a handle size and circumference that caters to the majority of individuals,” Zarka also favors the Selkirk Halos: “I genuinely believe it is the finest paddle. The Halo paddle is also available in Control and Signature variations, which showcase larger paddle cores for an exceptionally sizable sweet spot. To commence, he advises the Power variation as the optimal choice. For an unrefined carbon fiber paddle, he suggests the Selkirk Halo paddle series. For pickleball enthusiasts who are already acquainted with the sport and are prepared to progress, Cartagena proposes transitioning from fiberglass to carbon paddles.

He also mentions that intermediate players, like Cartagena, enjoy the Power MNSTR Babolat paddle, as it offers a nice response without dampening the technology and sacrificing the carbon face, making them feel comfortable.

Ideal for professionals

Perseus, a highly ranked men’s singles pickleball player, praises the Perseus carbon fiber paddle for its increased shock absorption, optimal comfort, and excellent grip. The paddle’s increased durability and strength promise to generate a significant amount of power, while still allowing for good control and a tremendous amount of spin. The paddle feels great and offers great responsiveness, thanks to its core foam and carbon fiber edge. Despite the higher price point, the paddle is well worth the cost, making it a top choice for experienced players like Ben Johns who want to upgrade to a pro-quality paddle.

Top-notch seamless paddle

The Diadem Warrior V2 model is said to be the best paddle for people who want an aesthetic choice. It has a unique edgeless design in the marketplace, but also performs well as an edged paddle. Zarka says that when hitting with the paddle, players can feel the edge of the paddle in a way that gives it a little more responsiveness.

Top-notch gentle paddle

Rather than being far away, so that they do not always require a powerful paddle for strong hits, he finds pleasure in using gentle paddles, which are lighter in weight and suitable for players who prefer playing near the net. “It is a paddle that provides a soft impact while still maintaining power, allowing for a slight pop,” he explains, and suggests the Head’s Gravity Tour paddle. Even after transitioning to pickleball, he remained loyal to the brand and always used a Head tennis racket. Following the footsteps of many other pickleball players, Robert Wright, the Director of Racquets at the Omni Amelia Island Resort, initially began his journey in tennis.