The 13 Best Sticky Bras Will Be Your Best-Kept Secrets

If you find yourself unable to enjoy an occasion because you are heavily bandaged or taped up, it doesn’t matter how amazing you look, according to Mystere Le, Vice President of President Vice Pfister Jessica, “Comfort is the number one rule when shopping for sticky bras.” Wearing a second-skin-like attire that hides even the slinkiest and most skin-showy outfits, such as tape, boob covers, and adhesive breast petals, is not a painful experience to remove at the end of the day. Indeed, sticky bras provide undetectable support and coverage for everyone, making it a better option than going braless or feeling despair. However, when dealing with plunging or strapless, backless silhouettes, bras quickly become a pain point.

Pfister mentions that using products like plunge dresses and sticky bras has become easier to find at retailers such as Target, Amazon, and department stores. She notes that advancements in technology have allowed brands to create more comfortable and safer options, including breathable and moisture-resistant sticky bra alternatives that are often latex-free and hypoallergenic. She emphasizes that switching from duct tape to these designs is a major step in protecting the skin and reducing damage. Additionally, she highlights that most companies rigorously test their products, often undergoing testing from external consumer safety agencies.

If you need a more discreet option, Mystere Le Executive recommends a low-back bustier or bra for genuine lift and support, as tape can manipulate your breast tissue and not provide proper support. Real feedback from someone with a similar size and images can be priceless, so try to find the best reviews from your friends who are shoppers. Sometimes, if your breasts are larger, covering the nipple with a smaller cup size can do the trick. When deciding what type of bra is best for you, an expert in lingerie says that a backless adhesive bra with enough flexibility and support is the way to go.

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If you are looking for larger busts, whether you want to avoid slipping, nip slips, or simply boost your cleavage while seeking extra fullness, there are 13 comfortable options for the best sticky bras to scroll on.