The Best Beach Coolers of 2023

The RTIC 65 Cooler is known for its exceptional ice retention, making it the longest-lasting cooler on the market. The Igloo Trailmate Cooler offers some fantastic additional features, while the Anker EverFrost Cooler is powered and considered the best in its category. The Maelstrom Cooler Backpack is a top choice for those on a budget, and the Boss ICEMULE Cooler is a portable option that can be easily transported. Finally, the YETI Tundra Cooler is widely regarded as the best all-around cooler available.

Top Beach Cooler for Every Occasion

YETI Tundra Haul Rolling Cooler ($450)

Yeti Cooler

The capacity of the rotomolded plastic insulation is 82 cans (without ice), and it weighs 37.5 lbs. Some advantages include being easy to maneuver and having a legendary reputation. However, one downside is that you’re paying for the brand name.

The Haul is a tire with puncture-resistant and impact-resistant construction, making it almost bomb-proof. It has single-piece solid wheels that are rotomolded, which adds to its durability. One downside is the lack of a handle on the other side, which is a drawback in terms of portability and makes it difficult to pick up.


Top-rated Backpack Cooler

ICEMULE Chief ($375)

A waterproof cooler with plenty of extra room for storage is the icemule boss

The insulation of the 24 cans capacity is made of foam. It has extra pockets and weighs 6.6 lbs, with a capacity of 30L. The advantages include excellent ice retention, durability, and ergonomic design. However, it is considered expensive and the size to capacity ratio is not ideal.

The Boss ICEMULE is an amazing backpack that can carry a ton of stuff. It has a main compartment that can hold up to 24 cans (with ice) and is fully waterproof. The back padding and shoulder straps provide great support, making it easier to carry heavy loads. Additionally, it has two side compartments and a larger compartment on the back, giving you plenty of room to add additional supplies such as sunscreen, dry storage food, and a first aid kit. The backpack also has unbelievable ice retention, so you can fill it to the brim and feel free to load it with heavy items without worrying about the weight. Overall, it would be great if you’re limited by the strength of your shoulders and back, as it provides both comfort and functionality.

The competition is incredibly impressive and formidable, this entity. Offering a wide range of cold beverage solutions, it features 16 loops on the side and a clip on the bottom for attaching to a rain jacket, as well as external storage options in the form of webbing. However, our favorite would still probably be the cooler backpack, as it would even suffice for a full day’s worth.


Top-rated Electric Cooler

Anker EverFrost ($799)

The Anker EverFrost was our pick for the best powered cooler in our review of the best beach coolers. Here is a product shot showcasing it against a white background.

Pros: Comes with a power bank for charging devices. No need for ice. Cons: Bulky. Requires a power supply for recharging. Insulation: Plastic Capacity: 38 cans (33 L) Weight: 49 pounds

We have been testing it for three months on a remote west coast beach, including salt and sand. You can hook up a solar panel to keep things cold for an unlimited amount of time. In fact, you can even use it as a freezer with a temperature setting as low as 4°F. Anker has entered the market by providing a product that can keep things much more chilled than a regular cooler, giving people more space. Anker is known for their mobile charging units and power stations. When it comes to powered coolers, it seems like there are new ones popping up every day, but none of them seem to check as many boxes as the brand-new Everfrost cooler by Anker.

We had to dock the score portability on points, so the compressor, even though quite heavy, makes it quite easy. It even has a built-in bottle opener when you need it the most. The unit comes with a fold-out shelf that can be used as a cutting board or food prep, and it has durable wheels. The accessories are not glossy at all. Even when you’re out in the wild, you can use it to charge your devices, not just as a cooler, because Everfrost has a removable 299Wh battery.


Top Affordable Cooler

Maelstrom Backpack Cooler ($40)

our pick for best budget cooler was the maelstrom backpack cooler

Pros: Spacious capacity for a backpack. Waterproof.Cons: Ice doesn’t stay frozen beyond an afternoon. Materials aren’t extremely sturdy.Weight: 0.95 poundsCapacity: 35 cans (32 liters) + front pocket for utensils + platesInsulation: Polyester

Properly handled, it will endure for a considerable amount of time. Nevertheless, what do you anticipate for the cost? Nothing on this cooler can be deemed “high-quality”. That ideal beach rendezvous has room for dishes and utensils. The front pocket possesses thoughtfully designed additional compartments. You will have an enjoyable day out there if you incorporate a small amount of ice. However, bear in mind that this is only applicable if you refrain from opening it! It asserts a duration of 7 hours without ice and effectively maintains the coldness of beverages for a substantial afternoon, as it is expected to do. We discovered that this particular one possesses a satisfactory combination of the essentials needed for a pleasant day at the beach, but there are numerous other coolers available within the low-budget range.


Top Affordable Hard Cooler

Coleman Xtreme Durable Cooler ($79)

our pick for the best budget hard cooler was the coleman xtreme hard cooler, shown here with a white background.

Insulation Capability: 70 Quarts Weight: 12.3 lbs Advantages: Excellent value, Impressively effective ice preservation. Disadvantages: Lacks a secure latch, Less durable compared to high-end models. Insulation: Coleman Keep The Ice™.

If you need a good cooler for under $100 that can still hold plenty of drinks and/or food, this is a great option. It’s lightweight and does a great job of keeping things cold for up to 48 hours, with minimal melting. We can say that it’s pretty lightweight and does a great job of keeping things cold, thanks to their proprietary insulation. While we don’t know the exact details of their insulation, we can say that Coleman has had plenty of opportunities to fine-tune their design and has been around for a very long time.


Other Coolers We Enjoyed

Highly Maneuverable Hard Cooler Yeti Roadie 48 ($450)

our most maneuverable beach cooler was the yeti roady 48

Pros: Simple for an individual to transport independently. Cons: Extending handle may accumulate sand and cause blockage. Weight: 28.3 pounds Capacity: 48 quarts Insulation: Molded Plastic.

The latest release from Yeti is a bit of a game-changer when it comes to large coolers. Fans of the brand have given feedback over the years on what was missing in their line, and what was important for a cooler with a higher-profile wheeled design – making the laws of physics easier to live with.

You’ll want to be able to feel safe wherever you may come for a long time, and of course, YETI comes with all of this with a 5-year warranty for performance and quality, along with an industry-leading reputation. Additionally, this allows you to keep food and beverages separate with ease, as it has dividers and additional inserts. It also allows wine bottles to sit upright, thanks to its height. Surprisingly, it’s easy to wheel this fully-loaded rig around, thanks to the extra-long handle and the carry wheels. Simply tilt and lift one end of the rig to move it around, requiring cooler other coolers. Having another cooler can do wonders and make it easier to move around.

The Roadie is the perfect large-scale mobile unit. Otherwise, every time you attach it, you definitely nod in agreement that Pelican and YETI coolers are all true. However, the drain plug does not stay attached, which is a major drawback. If your primary destination for your cooler is the beach, where you might want to fold out a handle like the Elite Pelican or Tundra, then the telescoping handle that can be filled with sand is a great feature. There are two important drawbacks though, which could prevent this cooler from being the overall best choice.

We found Qt 48 to be in the sweet spot for portability vs size if you need something a bit bigger, but not fear, Qt 60 also comes in as a version.


Top-rated Portable Cooler ICEMULE Jaunt 15L ($90)

a great portable cooler and drybag is the icemule jaunt.

Ice retention is not impressive after a full day. Some drawbacks include its ability to float, being waterproof, and its ability to pack up easily for storage. The weight of the product is 2 pounds and it can hold up to 15 cans with ice. The insulation used in this cooler is called Muleskin and it is a proprietary feature of Icemule.

Yes, it is important to have an enthusiastic attitude and be prepared for any situation that may arise. Additionally, this backpack is not only waterproof but also comfortable and stylish. We believe that if we were to create a category for such products, this cooler could also win the title of “Most unpretentious”.

ICEMULE has established themselves in their own category by creating exceptionally high-performing cooler bags that are well-built, waterproof, and can keep your drinks cool for a long time. The Jaunt 15L version of their series even has a pocket with premium insulation and an inflatable air lining, making it easy to fit a 12 pack and even 4 wine bottles with ice.

While on the move, this product will meet your requirements. Safely store your keys, wallet, and phone in an additional front pocket, keeping them protected and dry. You can conveniently roll it up and store it in your surfboard bag during surf trips when space is limited. Once you arrive at your destination, you’ll be all set to go. Whether you’re heading to the beach, going on a boat, or embarking on long hikes, you can trust this compact and inconspicuous cooler to never leak. It can be easily carried on your back and conveniently rolled up and stashed away when not in use.

However, we found that the 15L capacity and size are suitable for the sweet spot. If you are also looking for a more portable option or even something eco-friendly, they also have a smaller 9L version.


RTIC 65 QT Hard Cooler with the Longest Ice Preservation ($250)

Rtic CoolerInsulation: 3 inch foam Capacity: 65 qt (64 cans + ice) Weight: 36 lbs Pros: Long lasting ice retention, lower price than comparable models. Cons: Can be tough to move single-handed when fully loaded.

The RTIC Cooler Hard QT 65 is claimed to be the best cooler on the market, with features such as a rotomolded construction which is super tough, insulated walls that are three inches thick, and a design with no hinges, no-fail T-latches, and heavy-duty tie-downs and molded side handles. It also has a cool exterior that stays cooler than your surroundings, a sweat-free exterior, and a gasket grade freezer with no hinges. With all these features, the RTIC Cooler Hard QT 65 is designed to keep things cold for a really long time, literally freezing your ice for days. Additionally, it comes with wheels for easy transportation.

The 65 offered a slightly more favorable offer, but in terms of getting the most value for your money, we felt that carrying the 65 was excessive. However, they do offer a 45 QT option as an alternative if the 65 is too cumbersome to carry.


Top-notch Additional Igloo Trailmate Wheeled Cooler ($280)

Igloo Cooler Insulation: Foam Capacity: 112 cans (without ice) Weight: 34.7 lbs Pros: Easy to maneuver, great for attaching extras such as a fishing rod. Cons: Size to capacity ratio isn’t great.

The Igloo cooler has a glide handle, thanks to which it makes it 50 percent easier to pull your load, providing leverage and comfort. The Trailmate cooler not only has 10-inch oversized wheels that give it a rugged off-road icy look, but it also makes it extra well, cooler. They know how to keep things cold. Igloo has been the forever game cooler.

The Trailmate cooler is the only one we tested that has features such as a bottle opener and holders on top. It also has a place to hold a fishing rod, which is a reason some people might be inclined to choose it. Additionally, it has a tray to keep hotdog buns and a tray under the lid to store items when you want to use the handle. The cooler can retain ice for up to four days and keeps food trays from getting soggy.

Set yourself up for an amazing day at the seaside and perform the task proficiently. Apart from that, we had to deduct points based on the proportion of size to capacity, so it might be a little inconvenient to transport, but other than that, it could have secured a prestigious position.


Top-notch Durable Hard Cooler

Pelican Elite 65 Rolling Cooler ($520)

our pick for best heavy duty large cooler was the pelican 65w wheeled cooler.Insulation: Injection-molded polyurethane Capacity: 65 qt (64 cans + ice) Weight: 53 lbs Pros: Wildlife-proof closure, virtually indestructible. Cons: Bulky, still heavy even with wheels due to its length.

Pelican’s products go far beyond just coolers. They are some of the toughest coolers out there, built to send you whatever through the toughest of conditions. At the end of their journey, whatever is inside will still be there due to the reliability of Pelican’s huge fans. With 40 years of innovation in a variety of fields, they recently dove into the cooler market. The company started out in the 70’s providing reliable storage for enforcement and military gear, steadily building a reputation for housing everything from camera gear to scuba diving equipment cases.

We have tested the Wheeled 65 Elite cooler and it has lived up to its reputation. This cooler has rugged wheels and 2″ polyethylene insulation, ensuring that it will keep your items cold inside for days. Whether you need a large scale cooler for a deep-sea fishing mission or a massive beach party, this is an excellent option. Sure, the price tag might be a tough pill to swallow, but you can be assured that this cooler will last for years on the boat or on the beach.

Pelican also has a whole host of accessories where you can customize their coolers even more. It’s definitely worth taking a look.


Two Sections

Pelican Dayventure Backpack Cooler ($290)

the best cooler for dating winner was the pelican dayventure backpack cooler.Insulation: Closed-cell foam Capacity: 19 qt Weight: 3 lbs Pros: Durable nylon exterior. Able to keep drinks cold and food hot. Cons: Bottom compartment, although the most insulated, is also the smallest.

When it comes to keeping your drinks and food separate, the bottom compartment of the backpack is designed to hold a six-pack with ice, which is enough for your choice of sparkling waters, seltzers, lagers, or whatever else you prefer to take on your sunny outdoor adventure. In fact, it’s padded to withstand heavy loads, and you’ve got the shoulders to handle it.

At the seaside, whether it’s for a lengthy day of indulging in delectable cuisine and refreshing beverages or for a romantic sunset rendezvous, a beach blanket can be enhanced with ample space to accommodate straps and attachment points. Additionally, a separate, roomier insulated compartment positioned above can keep sushi chilled or burritos warm. Moreover, until you arrive at your intended location, the beverages will remain refreshingly cold due to the presence of densely-packed closed cell foam.


Trendiest Cooler

The Pouch by Kanga Coolers ($70)

The Pouch by Kanga Coolers Iceless Cooler

Pros: Convenient to transport, can effortlessly slide a 12-pack directly into it. Cons: Will not retain coldness for more than an afternoon. Insulation: Neoprene Capacity: 12 cans Weight: 1 lb.

The Pouch is capable of keeping a 12-pack of cool cans or a 6-pack of cool bottles for up to seven hours without the need for ice. If you only need your drinks to stay cool for a few hours and don’t want to deal with ice, this is the option for you. Aside from doing a great job of keeping cold things, they also make a nice looking accessory if you’re looking for that type of thing. Another favorite from Kanga’s line of iceless cooler bags is here.

Naturally, if you desire your beverages to remain chilled for an extended period, you have the option to include ice. Furthermore, if you wish to transport more than a 12-pack of cans, I recommend exploring the Kase Mate, capable of accommodating up to 30 cans. Additionally, in an effort to counterbalance carbon emissions, a tree is planted with each purchase, and the coolers are available in an assortment of fashionable hues.


Comparative Chart

For under $100, you can get a durable and long-lasting cooler that is perfect for tight budgets. The 70qt Xtreme Coleman cooler is a great option. It comes with gear loops and has a front pocket for dishes and cutlery. If you’re on a tight budget, the Maelstrom 34 qt cooler backpack is a stylish and affordable choice. The Kanga Coolers 10 qt cooler, called The Pouch, is perfect for taking a whole 12 pack without the need for a separate box. It has thick walls that provide the longest chill time. The 65 qt RTIC Cooler is a great option if you need a cooler with fishing rod holders, cup/can holders, and a bottle opener. The Trailmate Igloo cooler is a wheeled cooler with a 70 qt capacity, making it perfect for outdoor adventures. The Dayventure Pelican backpack cooler is a bit more expensive at $290, but it offers separate compartments for better insulation. The EverFrost Anker cooler is a 30L cooler that can be powered by a removable battery, making it extremely versatile. The Jaunt ICEMULE cooler is a packable 15.8 qt cooler that is waterproof and well-insulated. If you need a heavy-duty cooler, the 65 qt Cooler Wheeled Elite Pelican cooler is a great choice, though it does come with a higher price tag of $520. The Boss ICEMULE cooler is a backpack cooler with extra gear loops and three pockets. It has a 31.7 qt capacity and is waterproof and well-insulated. The Roadie YETI cooler is a hard cooler with a cube shape that is easy to maneuver. It has a 48 qt capacity and is priced at $450. Lastly, the Cooler Wheeled Haul Tundra YETI cooler is a rotomolded cooler that is perfect for the beach. It has a 62 qt capacity and is priced at $450.

How We Established the Top Beach Coolers

In search of a quality beach cooler, we assumed you would consider it significant to evaluate the coolers based on a few criteria. Whether your parents are attending a Doobie Brothers concert at the state fair on the grass, or if they are tailgating, camping, or anywhere else besides the beach, people anticipate having refreshing drinks. Each year, it appears that the number of available coolers continues to increase, and there is an abundance of choices.

In order to test their ability to maintain cool temperatures, we ventured outside and proceeded to fill the containers with ice and beverages. The duration for which ice remains frozen is also a clear determining factor. By taking into account the internal and external volumes of each cooler, we also evaluated the storage capacity. The ease of transport is a significant aspect to consider, therefore, the features are impressive, however, their significance diminishes if the cooler cannot be easily moved.

When we rate them among their classmates, we tried to compare things in a way that figures out better. Instead of the whole population, we focused on their rate among classmates. The durability of backpack A won’t be the same as a cooler that scored similarly. It’s important to consider another important point when we rate these subjective categories.

Our Testing Process

In reality, it is rare for most of us to actually do that because, to be honest, we did not follow the advice given by manufacturers to “pre-cool” the coolers before adding anything. However, we covered them with a towel to ensure that direct sunlight would not be a factor, as most coolers recommend shading. Then, we simply left the coolers there to experience the summer heat. But this was the best we could do to make the study as free of variables as possible, even though it is not a completely comparable comparison to a cooler filled with food or drinks. The easiest method we came up with to test the coolers was to fill them with ice.

In order to assist you in selecting the most suitable beach cooler for your requirements, these queries aided us in distinguishing the superior options from the less desirable ones. Does the presence of sand impact the wheels’ capacity to roll? Will the shoulder strap cause any markings? Will the handles easily slip out of our grasp? Additionally, assessing the overall ease or difficulty of the entire process, there are other factors involved besides just ice retention, such as transporting it to and from the beach.

What Kind of Ice Should I Utilize in my Cooler?

There are three primary categories of ice: Cubed, Solid, and Synthetic.

Ice cubes are commonly used by most people. It is usually found at any corner store for a few bucks. It can also chill the contents of your cooler quickly. However, if left unattended for too long, it can result in a soggy mess. So, drinks should not be left unattended for too long, as they will end up being the messiest.

The ice block that remains frozen the longest. When going on long camping trips, I like to use this for keeping things cold for multiple days. If you wrap the block in a garbage bag, it will stay even longer, preventing flooding in the rest of the cooler.

If you’re looking for the best thing to find inside when your cooler half melted, treat them nicely and they will last long enough. It’s pretty darn well that most fishing shops sell gel packs that work nicely to break if you treat them well and they won’t melt easily. If you just want something easy and cheap, you can buy Pelican or Yeti from our favorites, but all major brands sell their own versions. The blocks or cubes that cool things to a similar room temperature can take it out and chill while you’re on a fishing trip, but you’ll need extra freezer space for it and you’ll have to pay for it. After a few times, the fact that it’s reusable is a nice bonus. Still, the price can add up, but if you’re using the cooler regularly, the best option is Artificial Ice.

The best option is to use a combination of artificial ice blocks and ice cubes, as this will distribute cold and insulation better to fill the gaps and make it last longer.

The greater the duration of coldness, the greater the capacity within the cooler, thus air becomes the adversary of coolness. Surprisingly, water aids in lowering the temperature, although it is a commonly made error. Avoid emptying the water as soon as the ice begins to melt.

What Qualities Define a High-Quality Beach Cooler?

When buying a seaside cooler, here are a few of the important aspects to think about. Selecting the appropriate one can either enhance or ruin your day at the beach. Seaside coolers are available in different dimensions, forms, and styles.

Consider how far you will have to carry it from the car to the beach and how much space you have in your vehicle for the cooler. If you are going alone, a smaller cooler will suffice. However, if you are planning a day trip with friends or family, a larger cooler may be necessary. The capacity of the cooler will determine how much drink and food you can carry with you to the beach.

ICEMULE designs coolers with pockets of insulation, which helps to keep the cold in and the heat out. Some coolers also have additional layers of insulation to ensure maximum insulation. Look for coolers with thick walls and lids to enhance insulation. The insulation is what keeps your drinks and snacks cold.

Portability can be challenging and coolers for the beach can be difficult and heavy to move around. You can also make it easier to carry with a backpack-style cooler or a cooler with shoulder straps. Look for coolers with handles or wheels for easy transportation.

Many coolers are designed to prolong the lifespan, and they are also rust-resistant. Look for coolers made of durable materials like high-density polyethylene, which can withstand the elements. Durability is important for coolers that are often exposed to water, sand, and the sun at the beach.

To ensure a tight seal, maintain the cold by using thick lids and walls on coolers. By doing so, you can keep your snacks and drinks colder for a longer period of time, and even prolong the freezing of ice in your cooler.

Prior to making a purchase, contemplate the features that hold the utmost significance to you. Additionally, bear in mind that these features may contribute to the overall cost of the cooler, although they can offer convenience. Certain coolers are equipped with supplementary functionalities such as integrated bottle openers, cup holders, or even Bluetooth speakers.

Prior to making a purchase, take into account your budget and the frequency with which you intend to utilize the cooler. Beach coolers can vary significantly in terms of cost, spanning from the expense of a few cinema tickets to the cost of an airplane ticket, as exemplified in this instance.

Look for reputable brands when shopping for coolers. These brands are likely to produce durable, high-quality coolers that will last for multiple beach trips. Check customer reviews for positive feedback.

Look for beach coolers that come with a warranty, which covers manufacturing defects and other issues. This warranty can give you peace of mind if something goes wrong.

Taking Care of Your Beach Cooler

Here are some suggestions to guarantee that your beach cooler enjoys a prolonged and joyful existence: A high-quality beach cooler is a valuable expenditure in maintaining the freshness and dependable icy drinks following a surfing session or a lengthy day at the beach. Ensuring that you properly maintain it will assist in extending the lifespan of this investment for many years to come.

To ensure that your cooler remains clean and free from any mold or bacteria growth, it is important to thoroughly clean it after each use. If your cooler has any stubborn stains, you can use a mixture of water and baking soda to effectively remove them. Additionally, make sure to avoid using harsh chemicals, as they can potentially shorten the lifespan of your cooler.

Prior to storing your cooler, ensure that it is fully dried: Thoroughly dry the cooler. You have the option to employ a towel or allow the cooler to air dry in a shaded location, which will prevent the growth of any mold or mildew inside the cooler.

To prevent any damage to the insulation or components of the cooler, it is advisable to store it in a dry and cool area, away from direct sunlight or any dampness that might cause mold and mildew to form.

Your spine will also express gratitude. Adhere to the weight capacity recommendations provided by the manufacturer. Refrain from excessively burdening your cooler with an excessive amount of weight, as this may result in harm to the insulation or other elements of the cooler. Do not exceed the weight limit of your cooler.

How to Achieve Optimal Ice Preservation

If maintaining a lasting state of coolness is of utmost importance, here are some suggestions. Before going to the beach, you can take a few measures to ensure optimal performance of your cooler.

In order to lower the temperature, it is advisable to chill them in advance before placing your food or beverages in the cooler. Pre-cooling the items will guarantee that the ice does not exert excessive effort (and melt).

Add Drinks/Food before having ice to ensure that the top and bottom of your items have an additional barrier of insulation that acts as ice.

Consequently, the ice will dissolve at a significantly reduced pace and you achieve the maximum capacity of the cooler. Therefore, ensure that you minimize the presence of ice in the cooler as much as possible, as air hampers the cooling process. Completely fill the cooler.

If you notice a significant disparity, you should give it a try and see for yourself. It may seem counterintuitive, but trusting us a bit is recommended. If you are looking to keep the cooler cool for several days, it is not advised to drain the water. Instead, you can use a tray to elevate the cooler and prevent it from getting soggy. If you have things that tend to get soggy, it is helpful to resist the temptation to drain the water out. As previously mentioned, draining the water actually helps keep everything longer and colder.

The more securely the lid is closed, the fewer times you will open it. This occurs more rapidly in hotter weather. Coldness quickly disappears when the cooler is opened. Enter and exit as quickly as possible. Ensure that the lid remains closed.

Use two coolers if you have the budget and space. It’s a great idea to have two coolers for keeping your drinks and perishable food cold. This way, you can keep your beers and other perishables separate and ensure that they stay cold and fresh.

To extend the duration of the cooler’s life, it will also retain coldness for a longer period. In addition to the contents remaining colder for a longer time, ensure that it is not exposed to direct sunlight. Simply place a towel or shirt on the top of it, and if that is not possible, attempt to cover it with a towel or shirt. If feasible, leave it beneath your beach umbrella or in a shaded area. It is advisable to keep it shaded, despite coolers claiming to have excellent insulation. Remember to keep your cooler away from the sun.