The Rugrats Movie

The film Rugrats: The Movie, which was based on the same Nicktoon and produced by Nickelodeon Movies, became the first non-Disney animated film in the United States to gross over $100 million. Despite receiving mixed reviews from critics, the film became a box office success, grossing $140 million worldwide against its $24 million budget. It was released in theaters on November 20, 1998, and distributed by Paramount Pictures.

Dil, the baby boy, eventually turns out to be born. Didi and Stu will forget all about him, even though Angelica warns them about having a younger sibling. Tommy is initially enthusiastic about having a younger sibling, but warns that everyone will forget about him once the baby is born. Afterward, the Rugrats are chased out of the temple by a boulder, while Didi is pregnant with her second child, a girl. The film starts with a fantasy sequence, parodying the 1981 film Raiders of the Lost Ark, where Tommy and his friends are trying to obtain the artifact, an actual ice cream sundae, from the refrigerator.

Tommy gives Dil a locket with a picture of Tommy and Dil taped together, and also gives him a responsibility term called “sponsitility” which Tommy calls his “sponsitility” his inside, to watch a and be happy to have Dil as his little brother. Tommy assures him that one day he will be happy and Dil will be his brother. Tommy has a conversation with Stu about being a big brother and assures him that he has the responsibility now. Tommy also takes the attention of Stu and Didi, leading to Tommy feeling ignored. Unfortunately, when Dil quickly becomes selfish and cries non-stop for attention, refusing to share and keeping all the toys for himself, Angelica’s true words appear to be true.

Reporters arrive to interview them and the news gets leaked. The parents quickly realize that their children are missing and contact the police and rangers for assistance. The Banana Brothers make an effort to locate the group of untamed monkeys that escaped from the wreckage of a circus train that had an accident in the same forest. At the same time, Dil secretly takes Angelica’s Cynthia doll, causing her to bring Spike along on a journey to find the babies. During their adventure, they end up driving recklessly through the streets in a Reptar Wagon, which was constructed by Stu for a toy-design competition. Despite Tommy’s objections, they decide to bring Dil back to the hospital as he pushes Chuckie, Phil, and Lil too far. Meanwhile.

The babies eventually crash in the woods where they realize they are lost. They decide to go to the ranger’s cabin, believing that a wizard lives there, who can take them back home. Soon, the monkeys from the circus come upon Dil, who vows to find Tommy by himself because Lil, Phil, and Chuckie agree that they are better off without him. Eventually, Dil finds shelter under a tree during a storm, but they are forced to take shelter under a tree. As Tommy tries to take care of Dil selfishly, drinking all their milk and keeping a large blanket for himself, he causes Tommy to fall into a puddle of mud, eventually tearing it in half. Finally, Tommy pours the baby monkeys’ food, a nearly empty banana, to scare Dil so much that he sees the error of his ways and reconciles with his brothers, and they all sleep peacefully.

The babies, who had actually survived the fall from the bridge, are then reunited with their monkey owners and their families at the circus. Spike, who finds out that the babies had survived, wishes to take them back home instead of going to Stu’s cabin. However, on his way back, Spike’s aircraft crashes and he lands in the ranger’s cabin, where he finally finds the babies. Meanwhile, Stu has been searching for the babies, who he believes have fallen from the bridge. When Spike and the babies arrive in the woods, they are scared off by a wolf who had been hunting the babies since their arrival in the woods. However, the wolf is scared off when Spike intervenes and fights with it. The babies then make their way to a bridge, where they are confronted by the monkeys. They run after Spike, Angelica, Dil, and Tommy, and the next morning, they all find each other.

In the final scene, Dil’s babies are portrayed as having the same imaginary adventure that he and his friends embarked on when they first started accepting him, ultimately leading to a successful outcome this time around.

In a post-credits scene, the Reptar wagon is being pushed down the street by Boris’ goat, while Grandpa Lou is sleeping, initiating another search from the beginning.

  • E.G. Daily portraying the character of Tommy Pickles.
  • Tara Strong plays the character of Dil Pickles.
  • Christine Cavanaugh portrayed the character of Chuckie Finster.
  • Kath Soucie portrays the characters of Phil and Lil DeVille and Betty DeVille.
  • Cheryl Chase portrayed the character of Angelica Pickles.
  • Jack Riley portrayed the character of Stu Pickles.
  • Melanie Chartoff portrayed the character of Didi Pickles.
  • Joe Alaskey portrayed Grandpa Lou.
  • Michael Bell portrayed the characters of Drew Pickles and Chas Finster.
  • Tress MacNeille portrays the character of Charlotte Pickles.
  • Cree Summer portrayed the character of Susie Carmichael.
  • Michael Bell portraying Grandpa Boris.
  • Melanie Chartoff portrays the character of Grandma Minka.
  • Phil Proctor portraying the character of Howard Deville.
  • Tim Curry portraying the character Rex Pester.
  • Whoopi Goldberg portrays the character of Ranger Margeret.
  • David Spade portrays the character of Ranger Frank.
  • Frank Welker portrays the character of the Wolf.
  • Hattie Winston portrayed the character of Dr. Lucy Carmichael.
  • Andrea Martin plays the role of Aunt Miriam.
  • Abraham Benrubi portrays the character of Sergei.
  • Busta Rhymes as the Reptar Wagon.
  • Roger Clinton, Jr. Serving as an Air Crewman.
  • Margaret Cho portrays the character of Lt. Klavin.
  • Edie McClurg in the role of Nurse.
  • Charlie Adler serves as a driver for United Express.
  • Gregg Berger as the announcer for Circus Television.
  • Tony Jay portrayed the character of Dr. Lipschitz.
  • The eighth season of the show, Sunbeams in the Ring and Jones-Dokey Okey, later inspired “The Tree” episode of Family Guy. This episode served as a parody of both the beginning and ending of the film Jones Indiana by Lucasfilms’ and Paramount. It aired as the twelfth episode of the show’s fifth season, two months before the release of the movie’s prequel.

    This movie was the initial Rugrats content to utilize digital ink and paint, instead of the conventional cel animation in the series.

    The DVD and VHS releases of the movie “CatDog: Winslow’s Home Videos” included a short film called “CatDog: The Different Ball”. However, in 2002, a slightly edited version of the original theatrical release resurfaced as an interstitial on the TV show Nicktoons. This short film was later broadcast as part of an episode from the second season of CatDog, with some slight edits. Additionally, the film “CatDog: The Different Ball” was released in theaters, featuring Cat winning a radio contest and attempting to claim his prize by chasing his tennis ball.

    The printed adaptation also contained both sequences. The sequences are displayed on the CBS and Nickelodeon television broadcasts of the movie, even though they were already animated at that time. These two sequences were omitted from the theatrical version and were not included in the VHS and DVD releases. The other sequence takes place as the Rugrats are maneuvering the Reptar Wagon through the forest, discussing what to do about Dil in a military-style chant. The first sequence centered around Stu and Didi in a nightmare scenario where Dr. Lipschitz criticizes their parenting through song. Two sequences were removed from the movie during production in order to shorten the film to 85 minutes.

    The Official Trailer of The Rugrats Movie.

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    The Creation of the Rugrats Film.

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    The Rugrats Film (1 10) Film CLIP – The Reptar Wagon (1998) HD.

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    Books, CDs, and cake advertisement in print.

    Books, CDs, and cake advertisement in print.

    Campbell's Soup labels advertisement in print.

    Campbell’s Soup labels advertisement in print.

    Advertisement for fruit snacks.

    Advertisement for fruit snacks.

    Voice actress Tara Strong interviewed in Nickelodeon Magazine, November 1998

    1999 VHS/DVD release promotional advertisement.

    1999 VHS/DVD release promotional advertisement.

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