The Summer That “I Don’t Know Her” Became the Most Crushing Celebrity Shade

Who? Weekly, a podcast that was introduced earlier this year, categorizes individuals into two groups: “whos” and “thems.” Bobby Finger and Lindsey Weber, the two most knowledgeable authorities in the realm of celebrities, fearlessly delve into the realm of unknown celebrities. In gossip magazine headlines, “whos” are the names that elicit the response, “Who?” Conversely, a “them” is someone who would make you exclaim, “Oh right.” For instance, Bronte Blampied would be considered a “who,” whereas Angelina Jolie would be classified as a “them.”

Weber recently expressed to VF.Com over the phone, “Shade is an aspect that is cast upon individuals, independent of their actual actions.” It is likely that they did not intentionally throw shade; it is merely your perception that they did so when you say phrases like, ‘This celebrity threw shade.’ The act of throwing shade may seem proactive.

Pass! Initiating a conflict or sparking rumors of a feud poses a genuine risk of receiving actual criticism. I wouldn’t dare say anything unfair about her. I don’t know her. It wouldn’t be wise for someone to claim they have a good understanding of what celebrities are like, as I have never met her in person. If you can imagine Britney Spears in the hot seat, you can picture the button being pushed to eject her. In a recent interview with Britney Spears, she was asked about her rumored rivalry with Taylor Swift or Katy Perry, and she would rather hang out with someone else. It’s not polite to interpret or project what readers and writers of tabloids often do, as it may be seen as an insult to celebrities who choose to keep their personal lives private. In other words, I don’t know her.

Despite their meeting at the VMAs in 2008, it seems that Britney Spears has forgotten about the time she met Taylor Swift.

Weber states that it is not like Britney Spears to set popular music aside and be up to that stuff. It’s not actually strange, if you think about it, that people meet a bajillion times a day who are not like Britney Spears. But it’s pretty strange, if you remember that Taylor Swift met her and not Britney Spears.

It is pleasantly surprising how Lopez appears to be mean, but Carey did exist as all, even though they only know each other in the sense of having met. So when people don’t know them as another celebrity, they don’t realize that they have collaborated or watched out for each other. White House-style briefings about up-and-comers, who publicists would keep in the know, would be helpful for those who want to keep up with them. It’s easy to start thinking that even stars who claim not to use the internet in this long and chaotic environment are actually using it. The internet is like a deep cavern where headlines about famous people seem to ricochet and echo indefinitely, making celebrity journalism on the internet insane.