The Super Bowl Drinking Game XLIV…Better Known As SuperDrinkmaster

Super Bowl Drinking Game XLV…More Famously Referred to As Super Drinkmasters.

The game was created around 3am after having a few drinks, where foul language was involved and no spell check was done to make any changes. This game is for all those people who want to enjoy that beverage while watching the game. Every American in this amazing country will have a part in the Super Bowl game in some way. 90 percent of those people will drink some form of adult beverage.

Allow me to introduce SuperDrinkmasters to you.


During advertisements, replenishing food and visits to the restroom are permitted without any consequences. If beverages continue to accumulate, a beer funnel will be equivalent to 10 drinks (this can only happen twice throughout the game). It is necessary to consume the drinks in a timely fashion. Any drinks that are missed while taking a break (such as using the bathroom or getting more food) will be considered a penalty and will be doubled after the break is over. It is essential to not chicken out and refuse to drink. Before the game starts, you must choose a team to support.

1 Consume a beverage each time…

Before the start of the game, the host decides that the funny commercial is not spoken as the letter A. Unless authorized, a higher amount of drinks or the previous Super Bowl player or highlights are not mentioned, shown, or discussed. The discussion is about Eli Manning or Archie Manning flexing and Reggie Bush talking about holding for Hurricane Katrina. Your team gets flagged for a play and the opposing team gets a first down on your 20-yard line.

Drink 5….

The Drew Brees trade is discussed. A commercial featuring a former athlete is shown. A Coaches challenge is confirmed. Tony Dungy or any former NFL coach is either shown or mentioned. A referee calls a time out and/or a player goes “down” with an injury. Either team is penalized for a False Start, Offsides, Delay of Game, or Encroachment. The Haitian Relief efforts are brought up. Drew Brees’ birthmark is displayed. Either team experiences a turnover. The retirement of Kurt Warner or Brett Favre is mentioned. Kim Kardashian is either mentioned or appears. Any team other than the Colts or Saints scores against the opposing team.

Drink 10 anytime….Output: Consume 10 at any time….

The possibility of a perfect season is being discussed, and it is mentioned that the flavoring or fruity taste should not be stronger in a drink that is intended for a man who doesn’t drink. During a play, if the referee mentions that John Madden scores a non-touchdown passing TD, or Brees or Manning attempts a fourth down conversion, and a safety is scored on a 40+ yard touchdown, or a turnover occurs in the red zone, coaches can challenge the overturned turnover. The team that wins the coin toss is the opposing team.

Everyone can enjoy a beer bong or chug in less than 45 seconds.

If the MVP is mentioned, it is not offensive to say that you are not an offensive player. When guys react to a chick fight with commercial beer, it is referred to as a redneck girl fight. If the governor of the state places a wager on the teams and presents the trophy before Goodell Roger shows it, and if a game-changer occurs inside the opposing team’s 4th quarter, such as a special teams touchdown or a turnover for a touchdown, then the record for the Super Bowl is broken or a first-ever happens. If anyone mentions the name Tim Tebow, it is uttered during overtime and the team loses.

Provide three beverages to another individual…

Displayed is a Hurricane Who Dat sign. Only college team apparel of Super Bowl COMPETITORS is permitted (must be confirmed by a drinkmaster) in the event that an individual in the audience is donning a jersey from a player’s previous team or other sports apparel, such as Drew Brees’ Charger Jersey or a New York Knicks Hat.

Well, I hope you have a great time because I know I will.